Mack’s Morning Report – 7-18-15 – Q & A


Mike asked -

I keep updated on the Mets minor leagues daily and I'm wondering what the deal is with Desmond Lindsay and Thomas Szapucki is.  Why haven't either of them played yet and is there a chance of them playing this year in any minor league level.  I see they're both listed on the GCL Mets roster but neither has an appearance yet.  

Thanks, Mike

Any word on when (if) our 1st draft pick, Desmond Lindsay and 5th pick, Thomas Szapucki will make their debuts? Thanks, Coney Island Eric

Mack –

Thanks for the questions, Mike and Coney.  

Honestly, I haven’t heard peep out of anyone about either one of these guys; however, they won’t be the first players that are shut down the day after the draft. It usually; however, is reserved for college players who have played a lot of games or pitched a lot of innings in college and the college playoffs.

Hopefully, there is an ‘anonymous’ reader out there that can fill us in on their whereabouts.

Bob Sugar asks -

Mack, in your opinion, who is the NY Mets starting outfield in 2016? And in your opinion is Terry Collins the manager? I know it depends on how the team finishes the season but what does your crystal ball tell you?

Mack – you’re not going to like my answer…

The Mets will not turn their back on the financial commitments they have regarding Curtis Granderson and Michael Cuddyer.

I also think the Mets are going to screw up the amount of healing time that Juan Lagares is going to need after his post season surgery and he won’t be ready for opening day.

This will be an opening for Michael Conforto, with Granderson probably moving to center.

Do I like it? No, But money talks and this is what it is.

Tommy asks two questions -

If you had to build a team for 2019 entirely from the minor league system, who would you have position by position? Who as starting 5? Who in the pen? How competitive do you think that team might be?

Mack – Kewl question.

My 2019 team would be: 

SPs: Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Stephen Matz, Casey Meisner, Chris Flexen

BP: Zack Wheeler, Rafael Montero, Paul Seward, Akeel Morris, David Roseboom, ??? (This is impossible. Most of the players currently in the Mets pen will have reached their free agency period and I don’t expect the Mets to work out a long term contract for any of them. Maybe a re-signed Familia. The Torres boys could still be around but I don’t expect so.)

IF: Dominic Smith, Dilson Herrera. Amed Rosario, David Thompson

C:  Ali Sanchez

OF: Michael Conforto, Wuilmer Becerra, Ricardo Cespedes

Rank the minor league relievers you think might have the greatest ceiling in the majors, or if you were a GM today, and could pick 5 relievers off the Mets hands, who would you take?

#1 – Paul Sewald
#2 – Akeel Morris
#3 – David Roseboom
#4 – Kelly Seacrest
#5 – Josh Smoker

Steve asked –

Should we trade for a CF to replace Lagares for the rest of the season and who should we get?  (Gomez))

Possible 2nd question” Is there anybody in the system who could replace him?  (Conforto to LF, Nimmo to CF)

Mack – Hey Steve.

This discussion may all be a moot point.

Let’s deal with the financial reality first. The Mets are already committed to $31mil more to Curtis Granderson in 2016-2017, $12.5mil to Michael Cuddyer in 2016, and $22.5mil committed to Juan Lagares through 2019.

I just don’t see the Mets committing to $9mil more in 2006 for Gomez, plus giving up a quality player.

The Mets also seem to be committed to allow Lagares to play through this injury. 

They’ll clean out the arm in the off season and he’ll probably not be ready until May 2016, but that’s how the Mets operate.

Just my opinion.

No, there is no one in the system that can step up in 2015 other that the usual suspects. Captain Kirk obviously has new life here and SA will try and secure a one-year, Marlon Byrd like player for the remainder of the season.

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Ernest Dove said...

I believe word on Lindsay is/was a hamstring issue.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -


Thomas Brennan said...

Nice l7st f8r 2019, Mack. My initial thoughts for the 2019 pen, as I am running out, are to add Matt Blackham and Chris Montgomery to that pen mid. Matt seems to hav3 a bulldog mentality, CM could be another Familia possibly.

Lew Rhodes said...

Granderson isn't the one hurting this team - actually based on his WAR, he is more than earning his contract this year - if anyone else was hitting we would be in business

Lew Rhodes said...

Granderson isn't the one hurting this team - actually based on his WAR, he is more than earning his contract this year - if anyone else was hitting we would be in business

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Yeah, it's so hard to predict the pen that far out.

Mack Ade said...

Lew -

I agree that there are bigger problems on this team than Granderson.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Szapucki is pitching today, per MILB (though they've been known to change that once the game ends)

Mack Ade said...

He's pitching the 6th inning

Bob Sugar said...

Granderson earning his contract?? Look at his low RBI's... He hits his home runs with no one on base and he is so not clutch in other situations with men on base. His RISP batting average must be shit

Ernest Dove said...

The Mets are who they are.
Terry Collins and company will continue to assume that "we're gonna hit" for the rest of the year without it actually happening.
Mets can make playoffs if pitchers continue to pressure themselves into being perfect and win games 1-0 and 2-1. That ls pretty much the only chance they have.

Ernest Dove said...

Welcome to professional baseball Szapucki. 0.1 innings pitched, 4 earned runs.

Mack Ade said...

Dove - agree

Metsiac said...

What else can Terry say? He's almost certainly even more frustrated than we are, but he can't express it. What'd happen if he said "We just don't have any guys who can hit their weight, but out dumbass GM won't get us any help, so we're stuck with what we've got"?

Joshua said...

Bob - I don't want to get into a whole statistics/small sample size thing, but you can look it up, there's no such thing as repeatable clutchiness. More importantly, how can you blame Grandy for lack of RBI?!? First of all, the man bats lead-off, so unless he's hitting a lead-off HR (which he's done a few times) he's got no shot at an RBI the first time. Then the rest of the game it's up to Wilmer, Lagares, Plawecki, Pitcher, Tejada to get on base in front of him. He may have the worst probability of coming to the plate in an RBI situation of player in baseball.

Thomas Brennan said...

Szapucki has Mr Wotell to look up to...3 scoreless before today, 6 Ks

Thomas Brennan said...

Szapucki may have struggled in debut, but Luis Mateo threw 2 hitless today and K'd 2. So now he has 5 scoreless, 6 Ks. Dark horse for 2016 bullpen?

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

It's good to see that Mateo has healed... they do need to fast track him though

Lew Rhodes said...

Complaining that a lead off batter does have more RBIs is a laughable argument

Grandy already was over 2 WAR - I think 3 WAR makes him worth his contract

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