ROSTER MOVES - Binghamton


Please note the following transactions involving the Binghamton Mets.
July 14:
  • OF Eudy Pina was released
  • INF Dustin Lawley was released
  • INF Aderlin Rodriguez was released


Anonymous said...

This is odd?!? The timing of these transactions (mid-season) and the outright release makes you wonder if there is more information that we are not being told?

Legal troubles?

Mack Ade said...

I think they are just making room for promotions

Thomas Brennan said...

My guess is Smith and McNeil to AA to replace 2 of them. Maybe Cruzado to Binghamton and Becerra to Lucie, assuming he is off DL?

Shocked Gil Gomez still in AA, hitting .147, And not released.

Buddy3 said...

I can see ARod because he has not developed, but Pina and Lawley seem odd. Mack I believe that you had said great things about Lawley and had predicted that he would be a power hitter for the Mets as late as Opening day last year when you thought he was going to Las Vegas.

Mack, any thoughts or rumors that you have heard or did he just top out?

Ernest Dove said...

Perhaps mets as usual stay conservative and promote an Oberate instead of Dom.

Ernest Dove said...


Anonymous said...

Read that Eudy pina strikes out a lot but compare his stats and nimmos and there is little diference. I believe there is more than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

Sandy starting to bring up all that crap from his draft signings

Thomas Brennan said...

Not only was Lawley not hitting, they tried to make him a 3B. But he made 32 errors in 122 games at 3rd in 2014 and 2015. Untenable.

Just not very good overall player. I am all for clearing out those who under-perform to maximize playing time for those with potential. He already was in over 60 games this year. He actually made it pretty far for a 19th round selection.

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