The Morning Report 7.21.2015 | Mets Prepping for Trades, Prospects Not Named Conforto on the Table, Conforto Unlikely to Replace Cuddyer


Matt Cerrone | Metsblog- My hunch is the Mets are trying to acquire two players, one more prominent than the other. It could also be they’re setting up for one deal, with a back-up option being lined up as well, but I prefer to think it’s two moves not one. In either case, I’ve heard from multiple sources saying they’ve checked in one a variety of guys, but they clearly have an ideal target. On the other hand, I’m equally skeptical they’ll get a big hitter, mostly because they’ve been talking about this caliber of a deal for years and never seem to do it. I like that I’m hearing they think today is different, but, I’ve got to see it to believe it…

(Chris Soto: Matt Cerrone is about as close to the team that a blogger can be so while I'm not a huge fan of the editorial work nor the fanbase on Metsblog, I do value the reporting that comes out of there. Lately, he has become increasingly chatty about the possibility of not only 1 but 2 potential trades in the works for Sandy Alderson. Ben Zobrist, Justin Upton, Jay Bruce, and Carlos Gomez are all names that have been mentioned over the past few days and it seems like the level of trade rumor activity is really picking up indicating that something could happen soon.

Jeff Todd | MLB Trade Rumors- Despite entering the [Nationals] series just two games back in the division, New York faces a lot of scrutiny due to its scuffling offense. Michael Cuddyer‘s knee problems are an increasing concern for the Mets. Any missed time from Cuddyer will also increase calls for the team to promote well-regarded outfield prospect Michael Conforto. All said, it seems as if GM Sandy Alderson is looking more for complimentary pieces than “one transformational bat." New York might be willing to deal well-regarded youngsters Brandon Nimmo, Gavin Cecchini, Jhoan Urena, and Matt Reynolds.

(Chris Soto: Do not mistake Sandy's inactivity to this point for an indesire to improve the team. The market took a while to take shape and now that it's finally active, trade rumors are flying around left and right about who Sandy is calling, who's available, and who he's targeting. It is clear, believe it or not, that the Mets are in a clear buy mode as all of their prospects not named Conforto are on the table to be traded.) 

Nick Ziegler | Empire Strikes Back- The recent knee issues with Michael Cuddyer have enhanced the rumors that if he is placed on the disabled list, Conforto may get called up. Manager Terry Collins and the Mets seem to have other plans, as they don’t plan to bring up the talented young Conforto if indeed Cuddyer goes to the DL. The Mets might look to trade for a bat sometime before the trading deadline, but they also don’t want to fall behind in the playoff hunt before then There is very little risk to the Mets bringing up Conforto, as if he struggles they can easily send him back down in order to gain more experience.

(Chris Soto: I wouldn't go as far to say that there is little risk. We have seen many times, a prospect get rushed to the MLB, struggling mightily, and it causing him to change his whole approach which only further deepens the hole he is in. In fact, the Cubs are experiencing that right now with Addison Russell who was rushed up to play 2B. Instead of hitting .300 with decent pop and a solid K rate in AA, Russell is hitting .233 with an atrocious 30% K rate at the MLB level and has not show any signs of improvement.)


Anonymous said...

It is great to here about the mets trade activity. I am concerned , how they are handling Cuddyer. The inflammatory medicationwill take time to work so ineffect , they will play with a short bench and no fielding back ups. The medical vagueness in total is crazy considering guys go on the 15 day DL and disappear for months.

Ernest Dove said...

Akeel morris hasn't exactly shined in aa ball after his christening to mlb hitters.
Never really know how anyone would react to such a huge promotion and then demotion again.
Perhaps its a weird feeling to possibly have in back of your mind somewhere "hey, I was terrible up there, so what's the point".

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the "ruined" scenario and I don't believe that Russell is an example of it.

This is something that people say all the time and I just don't see any evidence of it. David Clyde with the Rangers? Yes, I'll agree there.

Yes, Russell may have been brought up before he was "ready" to succeed (though he may have been "ready" for the next challenge, if I may draw that distinction). And yes, he's struggling. So they can send him down to AA, as you suggest, where he'll do great. Or not. But I don't think it's at all clear that by struggling this year at a more challenging level it is going to hurt him as a player in 2016, 2017, etc.

The only real point is that it didn't work, short-term. And it could be that Russell may not be that great of a hitter.

Honestly, please name some guys who have demonstrably hurt by early call-ups. I can't think of any. Not one. Strawberry was rushed but he turned out okay.

What I don't understand is the mentality that prefers losing Fulmer & Nimmo for an okay, short-term outfield bat . . . over simply giving Conforto some time in the bigs. He should have been up weeks ago to help the organization 1) win games; and 2) better understand their predicament.

James Preller

Ernest Dove said...

Hey James I can definitely understand both sides of the argument here regarding Conforto. I mean, shit, lets be honest. The Mets had the balls to force Terry collins to pencil in 3 baseball players hitting under .180 in the lineup. ......together. .....
Conforto, Nimmo and Cecchini right now can probably all hit over .180 if called up. Hell, I bet my man Jeff Mcneil could catch a plane straight from st Lucie and hit over .200.
I guess the big questions remain the same:
Where would you bat Conforto in the lineup? 8th. 3rd. Would you bat him against opposing lefties? What happens if he hits .400 for a week, and then .100 the next week as teams game plan and adjust. What expectations does Conforto put on himself to save this aweful offense.

Reese Kaplan said...

If they promoted Conforto for the "jolt" to the offense, then yes, I would agree you're putting undue pressure on him. He might flop completely like Dilson Herrera.

However, if you position it as a 15 day fill-in for Michael Cuddyer's necessary DL stint (or Juan Lagare's necessary DL stint) then you have set a low bar of simply helping out.

Anonymous said...

I wrote about Detroit selling, yesterday.
Today Jon Morosi did the same .
I think the Mets should go after Price and Cespedes?
Yes being rentals, but gaining Draft picks.
Sandy can also resign Cespedes,in the off-season?
Making this trade you will have the majors best rotation,a very good bullpen. Some help offensively till Conforto is called up.
DeGrom-Price-Harvey-Syndergaard-Colon, also gives Sandy a chance to trade Niese for another bat
There are plenty of prospects or players to deal from?
But they have to find 13 hitters to get 4 runs a game

Christopher Soto said...


Players traded in season no longer come with Draft pick compensation.

I am all for bringing in Cespedes as he would not only improve the line-up and defense but also bring an added marketing element to the Cuban communities of NYC

I have no interest in Price...

A) we don't need him
B) He has a TON of mileage on his arm.

Anonymous said...

The Mets are actually in a weird race for Game 163. The Holy Grail. They have a shot.

So the question for me is: Might Michael Conforto help the cause, this season, right now?

If you think the answer is no, then that's your position. I'd question the certitude of that, but I can understand the logic that says, "He won't help, better to leave him down."

That's how I feel about Nimmo, for example.

With Conforto, I think he would help. I think it's absurd to not, at least, find out the answer to that question.

I have two concerns: 1) Is this really about Super 2 for next season? Not starting the clock? If so . . . Yuck; 2) Is this the mentality that says, well, it's really about 2016 anyway. Be patient!

I have absolutely zero concern that Conforto would be negatively affected if he comes up and struggles. In fact, there's a real scenario where that could be a positive for him, since it's all been very easy for this young man so far.

When did the Braves bring up Andruw Jones again? Oh, right. He was 19. Ruben Tejada was 20.

James Preller

Reese Kaplan said...

Doc Gooden, Daryl Strawberry, Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Kris Bryant, etc...

Hobie said...

Let's say he is going to struggle for his first 100-150 PA's whenever he comes up -- is it better to have those 25-35 games this year, or next? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

With Conforto im sure Sandy has a number of at-bats he wants him to reach before he gets called up?
Could be 200 AA at-bats could be more, not sure?
But I do remember Sandy talking about how he wants to see ,his pitchers have a certain number of innings above A ball.
so im sure he has the same in mind for hitters

James Preller said...

Hobie, I still have this primitive idea that the NY Mets should be trying to make the playoffs this season. I want that to drive what they do -- within reason, of course, as the team has to consider the long-term as well.

If Conforto comes up, and does not help the offense, I would first try to sit him, rest him, work him into the lineup. Or send him back down.

My answer is that the playoffs are on the line right now. He either helps that cause, or doesn't. If he doesn't help, then the Mets need to find someone who will.

I just think that Sandy might be going for the Syndergaard route on this one, trying to save a year of team control, the here & now be damned. Because, obviously, Noah could have started the season with the Mets. This could all be about short-sighted cheapness.

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