The Morning Report 7.20.2015 | Plawecki Making Improvements, Mets NEED Justin Upton, Niese not on the Trade Block but Nimmo is?, Conforto is MLB Ready NOW


Nat Latsch | MLB.com- The Mets' lineup has gotten a nice boost recently from a surprising source, Kevin Plawecki, and the rookie catcher earned some praise from his manager on Sunday morning.  "He's done very well," Terry Collins said. "He works hard at game preparation, how to prepare for each and every day and the different pitchers. I thought his defense has improved and he's starting to swing the bat like we know he can. He's going to be good, I'll tell you, and he's gonna hit, too." Since June 3, the rookie catcher has reached base in 17 of 21 games and is hitting .302 (19-63) with five doubles, five RBIs and a .352 on-base percentage. 

(Chris SotoThere is a large amount of hard data that shows that Rookie Catchers have the hardest time translating their offensive game to the MLB level. Plawecki was no exception to this as he hit only a .206 AVG with a .552 OPS and a 26.6% K rate during his 1st 30 career games. Since then, in his last 21 games, Plawecki has been hitting a robust .286 AVG with a .676 OPS and a much more manageable 12.6% K rate. He's still not showing much in terms of his publicized gap to gap doubles power, but, he has been making excellent improvement.

Jacob Kornhauser | Rant Sports- For as good as their rotation has been this season, though, their offense has been equally bad. It’s no wonder the Mets are in the market for a bat this trade deadline. One of the players that has piqued their interest is current San Diego Padres outfielder Justin Upton. The power-hitting outfielder is likely to move given that he will be a free agent after the season and the Padres are essentially out of the playoff race. If the Mets hope to make the playoffs through the division or wild card, they need to land Upton. Upton has 15 home runs and 49 RBI this season. The Mets’ team leader in home runs has 14 and their team leader in RBI has just 38. Even when the power has been there, the run production has not been.

(Chris Soto: I am 100% with Mr. Kornhauser here...the Mets need offense and Justin Upton is the highest profile bat available this month that WON'T cost you one of the stud pitching prospects the Mets have, due to the fact that he will most likely be a 2 month rental player before hitting Free Agency this off-season. Will he be cheap? By no means he will not.....but we are talking about a cost of a Michael Fulmer or a Dominic Smith, not Syndergaard or Matz.) 

Mike Puma | New York Post- Jon Niese is probably more valuable to the Mets taking the ball every fifth or sixth day than serving as a trade chip. With Steven Matz on the disabled list at least into mid-August because of a torn lat muscle, the club isn’t eager to deal Niese before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline, according to an industry source, and they may hinge hopes on acquiring an additional bat on prospects at Double-A Binghamton who can be dealt. Such prospects include the likes of Brandon Nimmo, Gavin Cecchini and Michael Fulmer, according to the source.

(Chris Soto: We are seeing a transformation here....no longer are trade rumors circling around which MLB contributor is going to be shipped out for prospects. Today the talks continue to circle around, which minor leaguers, which prospects, are the Mets willing to part with the grab that piece that could help them make a run at the playoffs. This is a welcome change in thinking and organizational strategy. From everything I've heard over the past week or so....I am getting a very strong feeling that the Mets are dangling Brandon Nimmo in front of multiple teams in an effort to acquire a big bat. With Lagares signed till 2019 with a 2020 option and Conforto seemingly on the cusp of an MLB debut, this leaves the only future RF spot open for Nimmo. However, Nimmo's offensive profile is not really a value as a RF as his OBP skills, gap to gap power, and plus defense in more valuable in CF.) 

Andy Martino | NY Daily News- A lineup this bad provokes a range of emotional responses. The best reactions typically belong to Keith Hernandez, whose extra inning sighs on Sunday, and singing of “Where have all the hitters gone?” made for most inspired moments of this awful game. It is understandable that fans would wish that a talented kid in Double-A could save the Mets’ offense, but don’t expect it to actually happen. According to people with direct knowledge of the Mets’ thinking, the team remains unlikely to promote Conforto any time soon. That information comes with a caveat, and a new one: We’re told not to totally rule out a Conforto appearance in the near future. While nothing was in the works as of Sunday evening, the Mets might be entering the “try something, anything” phase, and could reverse course with this process.

(Chris Soto: [In my best Buster Olney voice] Guys....I personally attended the Binghamton Mets game this past Saturday and had an exclusive look at Mets top prospect Michael Conforto. Let me tell you something....this was not some ordinary AA player. The sound this guy's bat has when he makes contact with a baseball is major league quality. Even his outs have a different sound than fellow prospects like Brandon Nimmo and Gavin Cecchini. Conforto hit a go ahead 2 R HR in Saturday's on what was a smooth, effortless swing, and he CRUSHED the ball to right CF. Over his last 14 games, he is hitting .333 AVG with a .949 OPS, 3 HR, 11 RBI, and a 14.5% K rate. This kid is ready for THE SHOW and he is displaying it on a nightly basis. The Mets should place Michael Cuddyer on the 15 day DL, move Buddy Carlyle to the 60 day DL to open up a 40 man spot, and call up Conforto. Not only for the team's sake....but for this fanbases sake.....back to you guys in Bristol, CT.


Thomas Brennan said...

Call up Conforto. ASAP. Trade Nimmo. Throw in Luis Cessa. Throw in Dave Roseboom. Throw in a shortstop prospect not named Amed.

bob gregory said...

Granderson has to have some value now.
14 hrs this year in Citifield. Some team with a smaller ballpark must see potential and value in his veteran leadership/experience.
Moving Granderson opens up another OF position that can be filled with a lead off hitter that the Mets need just as much as an rbi producer.

Zozo said...

If Texas falls out a bit more, how bout a Grandy, Nimmo and Fulmer for Elvis Andrus? I think money evens out yearly, but just few more years for Elvis.
Then u find yourself a left handed platoon partner for Cuddyer in right field and bring up Conforto ASAP...

Christopher Soto said...

Did I miss something? Why are we trying to trade one of our only offensive weapons?

Grandy's .777 OPS is 16% better than the MLB OF average.

Also Andrus is flat out terrible....so no thanks. .243 AVG, .624 OPS. Only a .300 OBP so he's not even a leadoff candidate AND a -8 DRS at SS.

Statistically he's worse than Wilmer FLores at SS.

Anonymous said...

Morning Guys:
Yesterdays game was laughable, listening to Keith was made id bearable. I agree Upton should be the main target! Sandy has traded with SD already this season. Maybe they can work out an agreement, to be able to speak to Upton's management team about an extension? Upton for Fulmer, if he resigns then ad another piece to the trade?
I don't think Sandy will trade any of his 1st round picks though! So I don't see Nimmo or Cechhini going anywhere.
There is another player I want the Mets to go after though?
Ketel Marte Shortstop in AAA, with Seattle! Played in the futures game,has speed. Seattle is looking for bullpen help?

bob gregory said...


The only reason I mention Granderson is because he is not really a leadoff hitter, he is older, and many people point to his contract as holding the Mets back from acquiring other players that cost money. Additionally, the OF position offers more players that can fill the leadoff role

The way I look at it; if Granderson is traded, that leaves a position and money open to acquire a player like Carlos Gomez.
I figure acquiring a leadoff hitter and RBI producer will benefit the club more than keeping Granderson and only acquiring an Upton (for example).

just a thought and my reasoning.

Zozo said...

Elvis numbers might not be that good this year, but he has speed and can get to balls that Flores can't. To me if you are a leadoff hitter you need to steal some bases, manufacture runs on your own and get the pitcher distracted. Granderson does get on base but he goes base to base and doesn't manufacture as many runs as you would like.

Kevin S said...

Elvis doesn't get on base. That's the main quality of a leadoff hitter, not speed. Granderson isn't perfect but he's the best option they have.

Christopher Soto said...

Just heard that teams are asking the Mets about Zack Wheeler's trade availability and the club is making him available.

Gary Seagren said...

Look for me it's finally coming to the point where we will know very shortly if our front is really looking at this year or next year to go for it. With the innings limits on Harvey, DeGrom and Thor how are they going to have any innings left when we need it the most. I would love to see us go all in at the right price for a player but I don't know, unless their willing to push them, how this works for this year.

Lew Rhodes said...

Grandy is the only offense going right for this team this year - dealing him would likely offset any gain bringing someone else in.

I think Nimmo gets dealt because he seems to be at risk of hitting a "stall" point in his development - that means this is a "sell high" time on him.

If Conforto keeps hitting, he likely comes up in August - hopefully we are still hanging in the play-off chase by then

Buddy3 said...

It is amazing that players with TJS now have value. Given the fact that Wheeler also has elbow problems, and the medical team has said 15 month recovery rather than 12, I would add him to a deal for a premium outfielder. I would not trade him for a rental.

Adding a Parra to leadoff and Ben Zobrist to play 2B would be great, even if that means moving Flores back to SS, but it all depends on what it costs in players.

I am a minority, but I leave Conforto in Bingo. With this pitching staff the Mets will compete every year and FO knows it. No reason to rush him.

Christopher Soto said...


I'm usually not one for rushing prospects....but after seeing Conforto on Saturday....he's not missing anything that pitcher's throw at him.

He is crushing AA pitching....at the very least send him to AAA.

bob gregory said...

Please no Parras or Zobrists as their only moves.
If the Mets are going to upgrade, get better quality.
Difference makers.

Ernest Dove said...

I guess im honestly not suprised by Wheeler possible reported trade value.
Hell, didn't a college kid currently out following TJS just get drafted in the first round or something? Wheeler has shown what he can do at the major league level.
And again, since I've finally jumped over the fense on this issue, I'll now continue to say that its just not realistic, or even that manageable, to field 5 aces on a team. Especially with Mets payroll.
Lets get more hitters.
By the time wheeler would be available and off restrictions, Mets may have guys like a Meisner or Fulmer anyway.

Regarding Conforto, I've said my piece about having seen him play LIVE 3 times. He wasn't afraid of mlb calibur pitchers in that spring game. And A ball was too easy for him. But it still sounds like a huge jump to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fella's thought id chime in:

There is a team Detroit that is close to being open for trading, without Cabrera they might be looking at a retooling?
I mentioned to Mack last week that Cespedes would be a good fit for the Mets, but the more I think about it? and after watching baseball tonight ,last evening, I think the Mets should be calling the Tigers?
Here is my deal To the Mets Price and Cespedes both rentals
To Detroit Gee Parnell and Nimmo

That trade also gives the Mets a chance to qualify both players at the end of the season to collect draft pick compensation.
Also if the Mets are looking at trading for another hitter they, can also trade Niese

Let me hear your thoughts


Michael S. said...

Trading Nimmo because of Lagares and for a short term fix is a mistake. So is dealing Cecchini. Fulmer makes the most sense.

Ernest Dove said...

Yeah if seems like Fulmer, meisner and a low level SS not named Rosario can be in play here.
Nimmo and his age, plus injuries, can be a simple way to have him stay in aaa level all of 2016 with no issue or ruined development. See what happens with both him and lagares next year.

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