The Morning Report 7.28.2015 | MORE TRADES!


Evaluating The Trade: Troy Tulowitzki | Chris Soto

  • Let's just get right to it shall we? At 12:14AM EST this morning, the Colorado Rockies traded SS Troy Tulowitzki and RP LaTroy Hawkins to Toronto for SP Jeff Hoffman, CL Roberto Osuna, SS Jose Reyes, and SP Jesus Tinoco. This deal was straight up with no money exchanging hands. So of course people are going to ask, "What is the equivalent trade for the Mets?" Well....there is none.....at least not a complete one. I'll do my best to re-create it though
    • SP Jeff Hoffman- The Blue Jays top right handed pitching prospect is a potential ace with 2 plus pitches in his upper 90's fastball and his power curveball. His 3rd pitch is a an above average change-up that keeps lefty hitters off balanced.
      • Mets Equivalent- Noah Syndergaard
    • RP Miguel Castro- Despite only being 20 years old, he displaced Brett Cecil from the closer's role early in the season but giving it up himself to another 20 yr old flame thrower in Osuna. With his mid 90's fastball and a devastating change-up, Castro could develop into one of the better closers for the next 2 decades. 
      • Mets Equivalent- Akeel Morris
    • SS Jose Reyes- The Rockies do not feel that prospect Trevor Story is ready for the MLB so essentially Jose Reyes is a SS replacement for Tulo. On top of bringing 30 SB wheels, Reyes still has some solid pop in his bat and could be a legitimate threat to hit 15 HRs out of Coors Field. Getting away from the punishing turf field should also work wonders for his legs.  
      • Mets Equivalent- .....ummm....I got nothing....Wilmer Flores?? just for the replacement part
    • SP Jesus Tinoco- A 2011 Venezuelan bonus baby, the 6' 4" 20 yr old has a ton of projectability. He already has a plus sinker that generates a ton of ground ball outs as well as swings and misses. He still needs to work on improving the breaking stuff and his change-up but if both of those pitches come around, the Rockies could have a potential #3/#4 guy here
      • Mets Equivalent- Casey Meisner
  • As you can see, the Blue Jays paid a HEAVY price to grab Tulo. A potential top starter, a potential top closer, a significant wild card piece, AND an MLB starting caliber player.

Evaluating The Trade: Tyler Clippard | Chris Soto

  • Now that the Tulo evaluation is out of the way....lets turn our attention to the Mets trade yesterday. Sandy Alderson agreed to send SP prospect Casey Meisner to Oakland in exchange for CL Tyler Clippard + cash. The deal utilizes the Mets current SP depth in the lower minors to not only bolster the MLB bullpen, but also provides Terry Collins with a solid weapon against left handed hitters.
    • SP Casey Meisner- Meisner is a very RAW prospect who could has some significant upside. When he was drafted out of high school his FB only clocked in at 86-88 mph, but he has since improved it to 92-94mph. He combines this with an ok curveball that flashes promise of being a plus pitch and a change-up that still needs some work but could potentially be an MLB average pitch. Meisner is the definition of the long term project as he still needs significant time to develop his "stuff." If he does improve he could have a solid ceiling as an 200+ inning #3 starter in the big leagues
    • RP Tyler Clippard- The former Nationals set-up man, is a battle hardened veteran with 2 years of high leverage bullpen experience in the playoffs. During his 8 seasons with the Nationals and A's, Clippard has a career 2.69 ERA supported by a 10.2 K/9 rate. His superb change-up makes him particularly dangerous against left handed hitters. In his career, lefties are only hitting .183 AVG with a miniscule .571 OPS. 
  • Clippard should immediately step into his familiar role as a set-up man in the NL East and knows the Nationals extremely well. He is going to a ridiculously strong weapon for the Mets who suddenly have 4 closer quality arms in the bullpen.


Kevin S said...

Chris you are right, there is no Mets equivalent here. Sad to see someone else get Tulo but just glad he's out of the NL and not on the Yanks.

Regarding the Clippard trade, it's a good deal. Meisner has some potential but that's all it is at this point. He's easily 2-3 years away from helping the major league team. Clippard should slide into the 8th inning role, where he's been more successful than closing through his career (both his All-Star seasons came as a setup man). The 4 guys at the end of the bullpen should help with the inning limit that our starters will be approaching quickly.

All in all, it's nice to be the team buying and going for it for a change. Next stop...Carlos Gomez.


Anonymous said...

Good analysis. Meisner was a high price for a rental, but that was the cost of doing business.

Now what about the bat, Christopher?

I personally do not aspire to a LH bat like Bruce or Gonzales if the immediate result is to put Conforto out to pasture. In fact, I'd rather just go with Conforto over either of those guys at this point, when you begin to consider the cost in dollars and players.

That said, I do think a RH bat who can play CF would be an asset. Does that guy even exist?

And what is the real, honest evaluation of Cuddyer? How does he get better by resting for two weeks? I still like him in a limited role. If he's not going to revive, the team need for a RH outfield bat grows even more acute.

Honestly, my hope is that there's someone we haven't even heard about yet. I'm more fixed on adding "a piece" rather than a "big bat" in the Puig, Cespedes category.

Again, I like Mike. Maybe that's crazy, but I don't want to call him up and then immediately make a costly trade that blocks his path.

Gomez continues to make the most sense to me, then Lagares can go get TJ surgery for 2017.

James Preller

eraff said...

Great Recap!...and an honest apopraisal that the Mets simply did not match up in the same way as the Toronto bundle did. All of the prospects seem to have a very high top side, and they received a premium talent in Reyes.

Interesting Blue Jay Approach--- it seems they need PITCHING more than Hitting... and that always appears to be the case. ...another trade in the works?

OK...I'll say it...LGBJ's!!!!...hahahahahaha

eraff said...

Gonzales, from Brews, would be my big wish.... I'm not up for a high cost rental.

Puig???? Mental Patient and all, he's cheap and productive. Niese and Wheeler???

Ernest Dove said...

Time for Mets to acquire Reyes and then win the division ;)

Christopher Soto said...


Let's not get nostalgic here....Reyes is not the same player anymore....less speed, his power won't play well in Citi Field and he's posting defensive numbers that rival Wilmer Flores.

I for one would not be willing to take on that $22M per year contract....nor would I be willing to give up a high end prospect to get the Rockies to cover some of the cost.

Plus the Mets are already stating that they are not interested in reacquiring him.

Christopher Soto said...

I will say this....The Rockies can not afford both Dickerson and Blackmon who are both starting arbitration this off-season.

If I'm Alderson, I'm going full steam ahead and trying to get Blackmon.

Send them Juan Lagares + Michael Fulmer + Ivan Wilson to get him.

Ernest Dove said...

Yeah im not sure that an outfield of Grandy, a broken cuddyer, a broken lagares and a pprospect straight from AA ball can help win the division.

Changing topics, does TDA really have to wait so many days at this point to return? He seems to have a hit in every game. Let him catch 9 innings and send him back please.

Christopher Soto said...


It sounds like the club wants to let d'Arnaud feast on inferior pitching in the minors in order for him to catch on fire so that they can bring him up when he's scorching hot in time for the Nationals series.

Can't blame them 1 bit....

Christopher Soto said...


It was just reported that Amed Rosario is currently at the Airport. Rubin believes it's injury related but until we get confirmation.....ya never know.


Ernest Dove said...

He's missed a good amount of games in past month. Might be an injury situation indeed. Something simply not getting better.

Kevin S said...

@ Chris

Or they could move CarGo, use the money they save on him to pay both those guys and open up a spot for one of their young minor league OFs to move up.

I'd prefer Carlos Gomez but I still really like the idea of adding Blackmon.

We have options in the corner OF now with Kelly Johnson. I don't want to see Kirk in CF and Lagares can sit since he's not hitting.

bob gregory said...

The thought of Tulo becoming a Met has always been like that dream you know has no chance of ever happening, but it's so nice you always talk yourself into thinking about the possibility, no matter how improbable.
Now it's like when harsh reality let's you finally realize improbable is and always has been impossible.

I'm still holding onto the dream of Gomez and Braun.

Buddy3 said...

I don't envy FO trying to figure out if Conforto can solve the OF bat piece or if they need to trade for another bat. If they believe Conforto can help then I see another right handed OF platoon player coming on like a Gomes type.

If they feel Conforto cant help them this year, then I believe Sandy goes for the multi year OF bat like Bruce or Gomez and pays up. He has been on record as saying he wants a controllable middle of order bat I don't see another rental like Upton for a high level prospect.

With all of the left handed bats in the line up. I would bet on Braun or Gomez with Lagares, Fulmer and Cecchini going the other way.

bob gregory said...

Sad thought:
If it is true, as reported, that Tulo requested NOT to be traded to the Mets and that Rockies honored that wish.

Sad 2nd thought:
How much of that request was due to the way the Mets have been run the past few years?

Kevin S said...

If he'd really rather be traded to Canada to play on artificial turf instead of coming to New York then good riddance.

LukasKubicek said...

Blackmon is a product of Coors. Relax and don't do it.

Mack Ade said...

Late Morning To All -

A wonderful comparison piece, Chris. This sort of proves that the Mets could never have put the pieces together to get Tulo.

It's hard for me to believe that someone like him wouldn't want to play along side this pitching squad so it must be ownership related.

Hopefully, this finally puts an end to all the Tulo posts (hey, I wrote most of them!) on this site.

Anonymous said...

What a shock, bob gregory couldn't remain positive for more then a day!

Seriously, bob? Maybe, the Jays simply made a better offer?

What proof does anyone have that Tulo said those things? Media chatter is just that.....as you pointed out, recent media chatter had Tulo not getting traded at all, so that's how accurate the "chatter" is.

But don't let that slow you down....take every possible shot at Sandy Alderson that you can. I would really like to know what he did to YOU, specifically. You are borderline neurotic when it comes to our GM.

Did he kick your dog, date your wife or "mean mug" you in line at the store?

Not getting Tulo is a blessing in disguise, IMO. WAY too costly in prospects and salary for what he will provide over the rest of his ALBATROSS of a contract.

bob gregory said...

What the heck are you yammering on about?

Did you actually read and think about the words I wrote? Or have written over the past few days?
Or are you needing to organize people into roles you create in your head.
Did you just skim a couple words and then insert or delete according to what your internal script needed to "hear"?
I never complained and/or said anything against the front office for not choosing to or being able to acquire Tulo at this time.
I did mention that it is sad that Tulo reportedly wrote off the Mets as an organization he did not want to be a part of.
I did mention wondering I'd his reasoning/thought was due to what has occurred in Met land the past few years. A wondering that has merit due to the fact that it has been reported that other players, free agent and trade targets were not wanting to join the Met organization.
For any fan of any team I would imagine any player not thinking enough of your teams organization to be a sad thing.

Please, do as you will. Please also though, realize I am not the one that did any of those things you mentioned to dogs, wives or such to you.

Enjoy your day Mr. Anonymousy

Michael S. said...

This is disappointing, we still need a RH hitter.

Mack Ade said...

Michael -

The day is young...

Michael S. said...

Justin Upton incoming in 3...2...1...

I just hope we don't overpay

Michael S. said...

Braun would be a great addition

Michael S. said...

Any thoughts on Wright? My personal feeling is that he's finished. I'd love to be wrong.

LukasKubicek said...


June: 19-97, .196, 2 HR.

July: 8-52, .154, 2 HR.

Oblique problems; 2-month rental; he's a dog in the field (and apparently it's hereditary?).

I don't think you'd have to give up much to overpay. And people wonder why every bat we bring to Queens flames out? Hopefully Sandy has access to http://www.baseball-reference.com/ like I do.

Anonymous said...


if you are going to overpay, I would prefer the premier young SS

Anon Joe F

James Preller said...

Leave Conforto alone. I believe!

But this is why I felt he needed to come up sooner, so the Mets could make a clearer evaluation.

I don't see the point of an expensive trade that sends this kid back down.

Get a CF who, ideally, bats RH and, even more ideally, is contracted through 2016 season.

Carlos Gomez, I am looking at you.

Mack Ade said...

Buster Olney - Sources: Mets will keep looking for possible matches, but it may well be that the heavy lifting -- w/Uribe, Johnson, Clippard -- is over.

Robb said...

Tulo was the white whale. its time to move on. Never had the correct pieces to get him.

I think he's done unless something falls into his lap. that being said, this team is better then it was. its closer to the nationals today then two days ago even if they get papolban.

Let conforto play, understand legares is your cf, worts and all. and pray for health.

dont just do something to do something.

Michael S. said...

I don't want him I'm just afraid we'll wind up with him.

Michael S. said...

This wouldn't surprise me but it is only Tuesday

Anonymous said...

My take is that while Gomez is the big prize and perfect fit, Parra could be Plan B. I'm not sure there is a Plan C.

In CF, it feels like Lagares has been throwing away ABs for two months. Kirkkkkk has a rocky track history, hard to consider him dependable. Only downside to Parra is that he bats left. Downside to Gomez is the price might be very, very steep. Just consider what the Mets gave up for two months of Clippard. To me, this feels like an 11th hour deal. A game of chicken.

Nothing else I hear makes much sense to me, unless there's a guy out there who hasn't been named yet.

James Preller

Michael S. said...

Manaea is an overpay for Zobrist...let KC have him.

LukasKubicek said...

This has been updated within the last couple days, in case anyone's interested: http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2015?list=nym

I also heard Nimmo was promoted to Vegas? But Idk how reliable that source is?

Michael S. said...

He's moving up

Stubby said...

At this point, I'd be concerned about acquiring Braun. He's on my fantasy team, so I've been paying attention. He's been sitting an awful lot...with back issues. I think we've already got enough back issues on the team.

That was a steep pricetag for Tulo. Being in Eastern North Carolina, I'm very familiar with Jeff Hoffman. But for the Tommy John surgery, he might have gone in the top three last year. Still went first round. He's a stud--certainly one of the best ever from around here. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the majors by next summer (too bad for him it'll be at Coors, now).

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