Mack’s Morning Report – 7-24-15


Good morning.

Well, that was a particular gut wrenching loss Wednesday night in Washington which placed the team three games back of Washington for the NL East title. 

Luckily, they remain that way after last night's loss to the Dodgers and the Pirates beating the Nats.

The Mets are playing three more games against the Dodgers while Washington takes on Pittsburgh twice this week. . My guess is the Mets could enter the weekend four or five games back.

My worries go far past this.

We’re going into the last week of the trade deadline and, let’s face it, the team wouldn’t still be in contention without the likes of Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, Jeurys Familia, and Noah Syndergaard.

I know how much this team is hitting starved, but I can’t imagine dealing off one of these four for any bat less than a Mike Trout or Bryce Harper.

In my world, the 2015 Mets were the ‘Bad Luck Bears’, not the ‘Bad News Bears’. I believe there was enough talent on this team to easily win the division, especially after Washington has had so many key players on their disabled list.

God knows the Mets have had enough pitchers. Try to imagine this staff with a healthy Zack Wheeler, Steven Matz, Rafael Montero, Victor Black, Bobby Parnell (all season), Jenrry Mejia (minus suspension), Josh Edgin, and Jerry Blevens?
Add to this a healthy David Wright and Travis d’Arnaud and things could have been much different.

There will be a special show all next week on MLB.TV covering all the trades that the Mets don’t participate in while other teams in pennant races increase their talent pool.

I’m as frustrated as the rest of you this season, but I don’t remember this team being in a pennant race at the All-Star break in a very long time. In fact, I think our emphasis the past three years were where the Mets were ranked in the ten worst records and would they quality for a protected draft pick come the following June.

Am I happy?  Yes.

Would I be happier if TC pulled Parnell with the runners on first and second? Hell yes.

And would I be thrilled if the balance of this team played injury free in 2015?

I don’t think I need to answer that.

I agree with Terry Collins.

The Bobby Parnell fiasco was all on him.

First, Ricky Bones should have had Jeurys Familia warming up after the first runner got on base in the 8th.

Then, TC should have pulled Parnell while there was only runners on first and second.

Help my memory here… wasn’t there already two outs by this point in the inning?

One more out and you’re out of this inning with a two run lead, going into the 9th, with your closer on the mound.

These are automatic things you do, especially during a pennant race.

Some of you might have missed this…

The Mets signed ex-San Diego Yankees minor league IF/OF, 24-year old Jonathan Galvez, and assigned him to AA-Binghamton.

He was originally signed in 2009 by San Diego and had a great year last year for AAA-El Paso (23-years old, 343-AB, .280/.354/.449/803, 10-HR, 52-RBI. Maybe Reese Kaplan remembers him and can add some insight here.

The Yankees signed him up for the 2015 season where he had been hitting .237 (139-AB) so far this season.

Originally a second baseman, he’s been playing primarily third base for the past two seasons.

Mets pitcher, Rafael Montero, continued his rehab this week for the GCL Mets. So far, he has pitched two times for a total of  four scoreless inning. More importantly, three of these innings came in the last time he pitched on July 20th.

This could become very important if someone like Jonathan Niese is trades to a team like the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are really down to only two decent starters. Niese, package with someone like Amed Rosario, would be perfect for someone like LA bad boy, Yasiel Puig (yeah, I'm dreaming...). 

Top scouts from the Oakland A's organization were seen behind the plate last night at the Binghamton game. Any trade for either Ben Zobrist or Josh Reddick is going to be made for players in a deal that could include Michael Fulmer, John Gant, Gavin Cecchini, and/or Brandon Nimmo.


Thomas Brennan said...

Morning, Mack. I am not crazy about the Galvez pick up. We already seem stuffed with minor league IF prospects (e.g. Herrera, Reynolds, Mazzilli, Cecchini, Rosario). Maybe an indicator that one or more of them will be traded, making Galvez more needed.

Bob Sugar said...

The loss against the Nationals the other night with Parnell was such a blow. Stating the obvious. There is so much pressure to for Sandy to deal I'm weary he makes a bad deal. Don't make a deal if the guy can't truly get you over the top. The SS from Bingo Cecchini is raking in double A- makes me nervous to deal a guy like that. Shortstops like him as we have seen are super hard to come by.. Nimmo and only Nimmo from that team would be the choice.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday there was a report out of Pittsburgh?
Pirates are looking at dumping Pedro Alvarez, do you think he fits with the METS on the short term, at 3rd?
Conforto is still not coming up till August 1st!
So I hope Sandy gets his Elite pitching staff some run support before that? Reddick would look good in NY

Christopher Soto said...


3B David Wright has been cleared for FULL Baseball Activities.

Michael S. said...

Mack, thank you for posting something that has been forgotten or at least overlooked by a great deal of people - injuries have done this team in as well as the poor performance of Duda this year. Considering where the Mets are in the standings, it's easy to see that a fully healthy roster plus last year's Duda would likely be in 1st.

Ernest Dove said...

..................................David. ........

..........................trade Rosario over my dead body.........

IBfromWhitePlains said...

There's nothing in the Alderson/Wilpon resume that gets me thinking (again) they're really going to make any kind ML impact trade by the deadline. Every year I watch and wait and it doesn't happen. The rumors are grist for the blogoshere - the annual ritual that goes nowhere. Until the Mets brass actually does something I'll expect the worst and hope for the best. Self preservation.

I just read they're not willing to take on the 3.5 million Zobrist is owed. Not that Zobrist is a game changer - maybe Alderson doesn't feel he's worth it and is willing to spend on someone else......but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Three thoughts for today:

* Mets are offering their #1 overall picks from 2011 and 2012 and the rest of baseball yawns.

* When Sandy arrived, he anointed himself batting coach and immediately installed an organizational "hitting philosophy" -- with reams of statistics to support his belief system. Well folks, it's been five years, and we are looking at a massive failure. Maybe Sandy Alderson isn't the expert of hitting that he portends to be.

* Mets need a new GM.

James Preller

Thomas Brennan said...

On why we really need a trade;

As dismal as the stats for the following 3 are, remember that it is always good to remove anomalies when considering true performance. That said:

When you take out their one fluke big game, how are the following 3 doing? The word is so awful it has not been invented yet.

1) Without Kirk’s 3 homer game, he is 11 for 84 with no homers.
2) Without his 4-5 game June 4, Mayberry is 14-104 with 5 RBIs.
3) Without his 2 HR game, Anthony Recker is 5-50, 1 RBI

(Johnny Monell hitting .365/.425/.547 in Vegas - my duty to mention that)

Good to hear about Wright.

So remove their one big game each, and they are 30 for 238 (.126).

Dallas said...

There has to be guys on the waiver wire better than Mayberry/Kirk/Campbell/Recker right? Campbell cant hit or field. That dive last night was ill advised and led to another run. No joke I would rather see Harvey/Niese/DeGrom/Thor hitting cleanup over Mayberry. If they just take anybody from anywhere I dont see how its not an upgrade to the bench.

Sandy needs to seriously evaluate how he and his team evaluate hitters. He is consistently getting killed on every hitter he has traded, let go or brought up. Outside of Byrd has anyone he brought in been successful? (Grandy is playing decent now). Its crazy that Justin Turner has a higher WAR than any Mets hitter as a part time player. He would probably be a better upgrade than Zobrist would be and we could have had him for cheap.

On the positive side we miss Greinke and the worst of the schedule should be over...Mets desperately need the next 2 games though.

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

I don't understand signing all these minor leaguers either that doesn't seem to have any future for the system... unless they just feel they ran out of players and what to leave things on other affiliates where they are for the remainder of the season.

Otherwise, I assume, eff McNeil would be promoted.

Mack Ade said...

Anonymous -

I think a Pedro Alvarez signing would be based on how serious the Mets think that David Wright is coming back in '3 weeks'.

Mack Ade said...

Michael S -

And it's not just Duda.

What if the Mets had a healthy d'Arnaud, Wright in the lineup and Duda and Murphy hitting up their potential. Throw in what Cuddyer did a few years back and what Granderson is doing now and that's a pretty decent (on paper) top 6

Mack Ade said...

IB -

I don't see anything major happening this week.

Mack Ade said...

Dallas -

I still don't know why the Mets didn't go after Delmon Young when he was released.

Michael S. said...

Billy Beane, the most overrated GM in the sport yawns. If the Mets' top prospects were dirt, the overall system would be considered terrible. If Nimmo and Cecchini are worthless then the Mets system is as well...but it's not. It's a contradiction, it has to be one or the other. I'll trust the number of national scouts who have had great things to say about these kids.

If Billy Beane is posturing or (I can't even keep a straight face writing this considering some of the ridiculous deals he's made) doesn't want them the good luck to him.

Mack Ade said...

Cecchini could be hitting at the perfect time.

I'm really not sure if the Mets have any plans for this guys. They have fell back in love with the Flores/Tejada combo for now and they have better SS talent coming along behind Cecch.

You might see this guy moved this week.

Michael S. said...

The Flores/Tejada combo is no long term solution. Dealing Gavin for anything less than as part of a package for a bopper is a mistake. I hope you're wrong.

Michael S. said...

I'm back on the Tulowitzki bandwagon for now, even if it's as an offseason move. Herrera probably carries more trade value. I'd get Tulo to play SS and move GC to 2B. When Rosario is ready he can take SS and move Tulo to 3B.

Mack Ade said...

Michael S -

I understand what you are saying, but if you want to make the playoffs this year, and keep your Big Three pitchers, you may have to give up more than you get back for someone that can help you this year

Anonymous said...

I clearly believe Sandy considers everyone available to trade that isn't on the big league roster or currently on the DL!
Except Wheeler, I still think Detroit is a good match?
Nimmo Fulmer and Cecchini for Price and Cespedes.
If Pittsburgh is looking for Relief pitchers for Alvarez id give him a shot, coming home to play infront of his family and friends might be what he needs

Michael S. said...

It just wasn't meant to be. I just hope Sandy learns from this. Move towards a younger OF, acquire bats to replace Wright as well as add, move d'Arnaud off catcher.

Steve from Norfolk said...

Don't expect any trades this week. SA is too worried about looking silly (again) to make a move for a big bat. Maybe a bench player -Sandy just doesn't have the hitting acumen or the intestinal fortitude to make a trade that means anything. I'd rather see De Podesta running things - at least he's not scared to make a deal!

Michael S. said...

I'm willing to let the playoffs go this year if we're not acquiring a longer term player. People point to the pitching staff and say "the rebuild is done lets get on with it." I just don't believe it's done, nor is it time to start chasing unicorns year after year.

Michael S. said...

Any rumors on Jay Bruce, what he might cost, etc.? I've read his name out there but only a couple of times. He's someone I could see as part of a bigger plan.

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