Ernest Dove - Meet the Mets.....The Greatest Show on Earth


  It sure feels good to be a Mets fan, doesn't it?  Baseball, in and of itself, is meant to provide entertainment.  Tell me your not entertained?

  The 2015 season has been AMAZIN for the Metsies.  They didn't even break camp without losing a stud arm, an actual LOOGY and a fun storyline of a former 5 tool prospect literally disappearing into the witness protection program.

  We haved lived and died every day with this team.  From their 11 game magical winning streak, to losing what seemed like every game since for about a month or so, scoring maybe a run or two per game.

  The captain of the franchise added medical drama. Lagares and his elbow has created its own spinoff. Mejia the bad boy has added fuel to the fire on this reality show. As the Duda turns has become a melodrama of its own. And let's now forget the comedy, Everybody Hates Sandy....or is it Terry.....or is it Wilpon?  I think this is the Law and order of shows where there is plenty of spin offs to go around.

  How can anyone not love the Mets. They have so much talent.  They have so many terrible players. They have such a strong farm system.  They have so many overrated prospects. They have the worst manager in professional sports. They have Rodney Dangerfield managing this team. They have Captain America. They have Mr. Glass. What more can you ask for here?

  We're so busy being happy, excited, upset, floored, that we are missing one helluva season here. Grandy is the most overpayed, uselsss, waste of contract on this team.  Grandy is the best player on the team. Matt Harvey, depending on who you ask, is 'leaving the show' and heading to the Yankees........in 2018........2018!!!!

  Ruben Tejada should never start a major league game again because he is overweight, unmotivated and never to live up to his potention.  Tejada is the most consistent defensive force on the 25 man roster and has raised his batting average over 20 points in the past month.

  Travis d'Arnaud might as well become RoboCop because it's just not happening.  His understudy is quietly a .280ish hitter who's been calling a bunch of gem's behind the plate for about 2 months.
  Daniel Murphy............pulling a Murph.....pretty much every other episode, just to keep the audience on its toes. You simply can't go too many episodes without this.  You can just never 'jump the shark' with this, I promise you.  And, to be honest, its become an audience favorite to simply tag anyone as the episode's assiged Murph of the day anywan, as any true game show would do to keep it interesting and keep the Murph'd title alive.

  And let's not forget that Lifetime movie starring Wilmer this week. Stupid Lifetime, and their constant need to inflict pain on its lead/supporting character. Or is it The Bachelorette? Oh, but don't worry Wilmer, thankfully the show always makes the dude with the warmest story and emotions his own spinoff to lead into the next one.  It's all you baby.

  If you need flame throwers, there's plenty in this circus act.  We have actual Marvel characters on display.  We've got a Familia to close the show. We've got audience participation throughout in what is pleasantly called MetsTwitter, where you can throw balls at the characters, or pretty much whoever you want that is in any way related to the Mets or reporting of the Mets, and aim for the target to dunk them into water.

  The audience feels the show is over and is ready to walk out, as soon as one big incident occurs, regardless if its in the first 5 minutes or in the 29th.  We live or die off every run scored. Name a better show on television?  Name a show with this much insight, chaos, intrigue and suspense?  It's a soap opera where characters can literally be dead and taken off show, and somehow come back, as if we wouldnt notice or question it.

  Name a show in which you can talk so much about it before, during and after, day and night? Raise your hand if you feel aweful having seen and ending, and hate the creators for such a terrible ending, thus anxiously awaiting the next season.  And Sandy, oh Sandy, those vanity cards after every episode drive so many of us crazy. Yet we can't help but watch because the show is so darn entertaining. Damn you! 

  So, where does the show go from here?  It seems like they are overloading the audience with so much backstory, Everyone wants this Netflix show to add more episodes because there's just too much material that's been shot, so it simply MUST be expanded into extra bonus episodes. The audience demands a better ending, even if you have to re-write it on the fly, add characters, and make us hate and love the new ones before they even get their feet wet and get established on the show.
  What to make of the new kid Conforto? How do we feel about him?  Maybe he won't be more interesting and exciting until the end of the season.  And what's up with Cuddyer?  He's been on the ventilator all season, yet won't go away.  And did they seriously just show a clip of Cesar Puello on that Island?  Are you kidding me?  And why the hell do we keep seeing previews with Montero in them when they know darn well he's not on the show.  Must be poor editing.

  And for the life of me I can't figure out if they want the Dark Knight to be the good guy, or the bad guy.  Which comic book are we up to right now on the list?  And why can't the show decide on the fantastic four and stick to it?  You can't tease us with clips of one being sent off into the sunset, and they say, ha ha, just kidding, he's also still here.

  And why are so many of the evil villians joining forces with our beloved heroes?  How do we know they won't turn on us at the worst possible time?  I can't take it.  Oh, and is the evil empire in the Bronx or in DC, this main storyline remains confusing to me.  

  And why doesn't my DVR work on this stupid show?  Stupid money hungry networks just have to earn that extra money in advertising and disable the fast forward function on my on demand.  Stop being CHEAP!!!!

  Oh well, tune in next time.  Same bat time, same bat channel (fade to black)......................... LGM


Thomas Brennan said...

We're weeping too, Wilmer. I think that rainstorm yesterday was the accumulated tears of long time Mets fans.

If Donald Trump owned the Mets, what would he say to Sandy?

Mack Ade said...

I can't even imagine if Trump owned the Mets

Ernest Dove said...

Why not? He can start a new tradition. The miss America race around the field every game. Forget that stupid presidents race.

Reese Kaplan said...

If Trump owned the Mets it would spell the end of "Los Mets" forever, that's for sure. (I'm not advocating that, just pointing it out).

Adam Smith said...

Mr. Uribe. Mr. Johnson. How do you like New York so far?

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