Gary Mack - Is Jose Reyes Finished And Other Thoughts


It seems ridiculous this early in the season to worry about a player's slow start, but the way Jose Reyes is playing , you have to consider the possibility that he is done.  It's not just that he is not hitting, but how bad, and lost at the plate he looks.  Reyes is swinging at balls and taking pitches right down the middle. The number of strikeouts he is accumulating is also frightening.  The Mets took the measure of dropping him in the lineup to see if that works.  If it doesn't then perhaps a few days off may do it.  If none of that works, well, I  think it may be time to say goodbye to Jose.

It’s just not Jose that is not hitting.   The whole darn team can’t hit.  They all wait for the big home run, and everyone is swinging for the fences. This is the team Alderson put together.  In my opinion, he is obsessed with big,  lumbering, power hitters that either strike out or hit a home run.  I may be wrong but those guys don’t win .  You need a combination of power and contact and frankly, the Mets do not have a lot of contact hitters.  And I do not agree that a strike out is just another out.  That to me, is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.   If you make contact, and put the ball in play there are a number of things that can happen .  Some are good, and some are bad, but there is a possibility.  If you strike out that it is, you go back to your spot on the bench.

It has been said that a team can’t win the division in April, but they can lose it.  The way this year has started for the Mets well, I’ll leave you to finish the thought.  I understand there is a lot of baseball to play, but it is frustrating to watch this team play. When I think about the run the Mets put together I seem to remember that it was sparked by the younger players that came up.  Nimmo, Rivera, Cecchini, Lugo, and Gsellman.  Maybe it’s time we see Rosario, Maybe Terry won’t sit Conforto, when the injured come back.  It may be time to release some players.  Reyes, Lagares, and maybe Walker should see their days with the Mets limited.  And maybe we should sign Kelly Johnson to fill in and provide some offense.

I’m off to the Baseball Hall Of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown NY and hope to file something about my visit.


Thomas Brennan said...

Jose must mosey along.

Gary, you and I are tied with Reyes in RBIs, at zero.

Amed should come up, and Jose should develop a mystery ailment and get a week off and then rehab in Binghamton.

This team is firing on no cylinders.

Frank Anon said...

My dad wanted to take me to Cooperstown and we never got the chance and he passed away so that chance is over. He loved baseball and the Mets.

Anyway, Reyes is my favorite all time met. The energy he brought was amazing and he always looked like he was having so much fun. That being said, I thought he was pretty much done last year. Not expecting Reyes of old numbers be he looked different at the plate to me. I still like Jose even with the domestic but he needs to retire. He's got enough money to live happily and find another hobby

Anonymous said...

Jose Reyes at this point is a bench player. I have been saying for years that the Mets should have played their young players but Terry always plays the veterans.

That's what another team across town is doing and already they seem better than these Mets.

I am beginning to think this team is cursed.
If they pitch well, they don't hit.
If they hit, they don't pitch.
There is no speed, bad defense up the middle and a bunch of one dimensional hitters going for the hr all the time.

Right now, as bad as it sounds, I expect the Mets to lose while holding hope that they will win. I bothers me less to think of it this way.

That Walker 17.2M contract sure looks good and so does Granderson's.


Reese Kaplan said...

There are several problems here.

First, Reyes needs to acknowledge he is failing.

Second, the Skipper needs to acknowledge he is failing.

Third, the GM needs to acknowledge he is failing.

Thus far none of the above have happened, though I have more faith that Sandy Alderson is painfully aware than the clueless manager and the inflated-ego player.

Here's a wild thought that makes so much sense that it would never happen. He has options. Send him to AAA out of the spotlight where hitters flourish and let him regain his confidence, mojo or whatever. I'd say do it whenever Matt Reynolds is healthy enough for a promotion. I can't see them yet bringing up Amed Rosario (too much sense) or Gavin Cecchini (trying to learn a new position and underwhelming at the plate). Reynolds can be an emergency backup shortstop. I'm guessing this scenario would have to wait until Wilmer Flores was back to fight it out with T.J. Rivera for the temporary 3B starting assignment.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reynolds was back yesterday with a 2 for 4, and a walk, performance. He is thus healthier and more ready than half the Mets and hence good to call up.

Gary Seagren said...

It's too much of the same old team...they just brought back the same team hoping for the same magic to happen from the 15/16 seasons but with better pitching. Well the starting pitching has held up but the competition in the division is much improved and if the Marlins still had Fernandez we'd be fighting for 3rd place. The trouble is we have a manager who insist's on playing the older guys to a fault and when our current wounded come back and he still platoons Conforto we'll know for sure were in trouble going forward. How long the FO waits to bring up Rosario and later Smith will probably depend on the dreaded service time scenario and where we are in the division race. I know it's early but I really don't like the current vibe I'm getting from this team. Thomas I'm putting some pine tar on an old bat of mine...who know's when I'll need it :)

Peter Hyatt said...

Jose Reyes has been in a steady decline, interrupted by the infusion of the 2nd chance with the Mets. He has now returned to his ongoing decline, it is just that it has accelerated greatly.

I would call for a change in managers too, but I think Sandy Alderson runs the field choices, at least when it comes to line up.

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