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Good morning.

It looks like I am wrong again.

I’ve written a number of times that I never call for changes in the first month of the baseball season, other than ones that are necessary due to injuries to some of the players that come out of camp on the 25-man squad. I like to sit back and see what we have before I react.

I also wrote a piece recently that said that we could cool our jets regarding the relief pitching on this team and everything is going to be just fine when our closer returns.
Last night’s ridiculous loss, on top of the night before stupid loss, just before the night before than that dumb loss, and way ahead of the fourth game ka-ka loss has made me take a second look at what’s going on with this team.

Total change isn’t needed here. Tweaking is. As I’ve said before, there’s a big difference between a pain in the ass and total rectal destruction.

I immediately call for the following ‘adjustments’.

1.     Release infielder Jose Reyes. There will be some sad moments in the clubhouse, but this needs to happen for multiple reasons. One, Thomas Brennan could hit higher than this guy can at this point in his career and, two, other players in the system can hit and field better (and run smarter) than Reyes is doing lately. I loved the old Reyes and applauded the Mets for bringing him back last season for the minimum, but any combination of T.J. Rivera (recall him immediately) and Wilmer Flores is going to bat higher than a C-note at this position.

2.     Release reliever Rafael Montero. Montero has become this year’s version of Alay Soler. Everything we had hoped this guy would be, never happened. I truly believe most of his problems are in his head and I also hope the Mets just release him so he can get a clean start with another team. For now, bring back Paul Sewald until Jeurys Familia comes back. I would then keep Sewald up and return Sean Gilmartin to Vegas.

I can’t control what Terry Collins does. That’s Reese Kaplan’s job. 


bob gregory said...

Considering this past week:

Yes...the bullpen gave up the winning runs. Over and over again.

What about the offense?

Entering this season everybody knew the starting pitchers would be hamstrung due to health concerns.
Harvey's return from surgery, DeGrom & Matz's arm troubles last year. Wheeler returning from multiple surgeries. Even Syndegaard had arm concerns last year.
All of this should lead everyone to assume starters would not be going beyond the 7th inning often.

Add in the 16 inning marathon. Now the bullpen is spent. Multiple relievers pitching 3 even 4 days in a row. Salas and Montero are examples of this.

Where was the offense to pick the pitching staff up? The lack of contact and hits led to tight low scoring games when the starters left. Too much stress on a depleted bullpen.

I see the offense being much MUCH more guilty In being the cause for these losses.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, I could only hit higher than .100 with Tim Tebow's tutelage (he, by the way, fanned 3 times today, but other Fireflies added 12 more strikeouts - I guess Fireflies see better at night).

Reese is ready to stage a coup.

Reyes must go - he can play for a local Dominican team and earn the nickname Dominican Dandy.

@ Bob Gregory, yes, the offense IS the guilty party. It has had a few big games and a bunch of dreadful ones.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Don't worry... Bill O'Reilly is joining Tebow in thw Fireflies outfield

Mack Ade said...

Bob G.

You are right.

The other halfof my 'starters need to give up three or less runs in 7 innings pitched... is the fact that the bats have to score 5-6 runs in the same 7 innings.

However, that might not have been safe this fast week.

TP said...

Yes, it is definitely the vats. Montero was bad again but the pen gave them 4 innings of scoreless ball if Jose didn't pull a Luis Castillo. D'Arnaud was no help standing and watching so close with the winds blowing. Jose gets another week but I agree he is a shell of his old self. Montero will go on Thursday but a change of scenery may be best for him. I'd tuck him in AAA until at least Lugo and Matz return.

bill metsiac said...

I'm getting close to giving up on Jose, but I'm not there yet. Wilmer is something like 1-20 vs RHPs and Rivera is not eligible for recall unless the 10-day rule has been changed.

Once Familia is activated we can cut 2 RPs (Montero/Gilmartin) and bring up another IFer (Cecchini?), but we might as well wait another few days for TJ.

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