The old guys started hitting in tandem yesterday, 3 for 7 and a walk.  The Mets still lost but managed 5 runs and 8 hits, which is easier to do when those two guys manage to do something and make it 9 vs. 9, not 7 vs. 9 as it has been in the prior 20 games.
Nonetheless, the hapless Braves made mince meat out of the hapless Mets.

The strong correlation is clear, between losing 10 of 11 and the presence of two inept old guys in the line up.
Jose Reyes & Curtis Granderson had huge years in 2011. But we are in 2017.  While the Mets as a team is still hitting around .210, we must ask again, "Jose Can You See (your way back to the dugout) and Grandy Man, which refers these days only to the $100 grand he "earns" each game - how are they doing?" 

Who knows, going forward, but the damage has been done:

Only 21 for 148 (a jump from .127 to .143), only 7 extra base hits, only 12 runs, only 7 RBIs (all but one from Grandy, as Reyes finally added RBI # 1 on the season).

Let's be clear - if the Mets were playing well, they would have put Cespedes on the 10 day DL so he would have healed better and not reinjured himself yesterday. 

Desperate teams make desperate gambles, and this team would not have been nearly as desperate if they had 2 guys playing 3rd and the OF other than Reyes and Grandy, who together have added less to the lineup than ANY TWOSOME in baseball by a long shot.

Terry's fault line was saying,  "I'm sticking with my guys."  He stuck with them to a fault, is about to go down with his ship, and the team has fallen into an abyss as a result. 

Unless you're a lot more optimistic than I am.
Now we get the Nationals, starting with Strasburg and Scherzer.  Root Canal Without Novocaine. Avert your eyes.
Almost time to call up the young guys.  Too late, it seems.


Mack Ade said...

Terry did not make the decision on not putting Cespedes on the disabled list.

Reese Kaplan said...

If they were truly "all in" then the young guys would be here already. Jay Bruce would go back to the OF and Dom Smith would be on 1B, Jose Reyes would be in the dugout and Amed Rosario would be on the left side of the infield.

However, as they rapidly descend into a battle for the basement I fully expect the club to double down on NOT promoting the young guys because they wouldn't want to squander some financial control when they're not going to win anyway.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese, if they do not start to win soon, they will call young guys up - because nothing is worse than watching a team of vets lose that you thought would win. Watching kids, even if they struggle, adds a degree of interest.

Mack Ade said...

Follow the attendance at home games, though most of the tickets have already been sold.

Still, there will be huuuuuuuuuuge loses in revenue for parking, hot dogs, sushi, etc.

Reese Kaplan said...

Guys, have you been watching some other franchise? You know, the ones who understand that winning puts fannies in the seats? Winning cures everything.

Inertia rapidly morphs into stupidity when you're losing. Then the revenue goes down. Fans are not coming here to watch Matt Reynolds. They might come if Amed Rosario was here. But what's the point? Even if he was, he'd bat 8th on the rare days he did get to play because Terry Collins has to get Jose Reyes going.

Thomas Brennan said...

Weather beautiful today here. If they were playing well, I would want to go to some games. Not now, tough. Ergo, attendance drops.

Thomas Brennan said...

Jose, the younger of the 2 old men, seems to be reviving. Grandy? His .139 is not keeping up with young Trea Turner's .352.

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