I was hoping this would be a very short series.  The old guys would start hitting and I'd shut up.
But even the Braves make mince meat out of the hapless Mets, so the Old man series goes on.

There is undoubtedly a strong correlation between losing 9 of 10 and the presence of two inept old guys in the line up.
President Trump tweeted, "Playing 7 against 9 every night is tough.  Believe me, believe me.  I wish North Korea had Duds like these two."

Jose Reyes & Curtis Granderson had huge years in 2011.  But we are in 2017.  How in fact are the oldsters doing in 2017, while the Mets as a team are hitting around .210.

Jose Can You See (your way back to the dugout) and Grandy Man, which refers these days only to the $100 grand he "earns" each game - how are they doing? 

Only the same old, same old:

Only 18 for 141 (a revolting .127), only 6 extra base hits, only 10 runs, only 6 RBIs (all of those few by Grandy, meaning Reyes still has no RBIs, the same number as Mack and me).

It's too early to panic, folks, so let's wait until at least the season's officially over on Sunday to start panicking.  Ask Terry, who no doubt would say,  "I'm sticking with my guys."
I know I know, I'm hitting a nerve here, but I'm hitting at least.

Sandy, make the phone call to Vegas.
Ask for a few young guys.


Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Have some patience...

A sweep by the Nats this weekend should get things going...

Thomas Brennan said...

True - like Custer's last stand - but in April

Thomas Brennan said...

Custer's last stand occurred on June 25-26, so he made it 2 months further than this Mets team.

Thomas Brennan said...

The old men finally had a decent game...3 for 7 and acwalk...but with Cespedes out now for what could be multiple weeks, and Thor dealing with an injury of unspecified length, the wheels on this swerving vehicle have fallen off.

One could speculate that the extremely poor performance of the 2 old men caused Cespedes to try to return prematurely to keep thecteamcfrom cratering....and that probably is exactly the case. Now he is out. Harvey was weak and Thor is out. Watch out below.

Gary Seagren said...

FLASH!!!! update the sky is falling....ok guys now what? Good call front office again on Cespedes hamstring as we all knew he'd be fine in a couple of days....NOT... dam when will they ever learn. Oh well maybe our captain can come back and help us...NOT ..and the beat goes on and on. Reese how long do you think Terry has left? I think a sweep this weekend in Washington could do it...oh well stay tuned.

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