Tom Brennan - Minors Amazins


Tom Brennan - Minors Amazins

The Mets have been losing in dreadful fashion and all too frequently despite high quality starting pitching.  Casey knew this day would come, and wasn't afraid to say it.

Tom Brennan's OLD MAN HITTING TRACKER series of articles, tracking the hapless plight of current oldtimers Jose Reyes and Curtis Granderson, got a day off, just like the players themselves, so I am not going to remind you just how futile the two of them have been this year.  After all, I told you on Monday how their hitting .126 so far has not helped.

So, what to write about?  METS MINORS AMAZINS!!

That is, guppies in the Mets' farm system right at this very moment that are doing amazingly well so far.  Casey is looking for at least 5 good men, but we have more for him.
In AAA, we have the young duo of Amed Rosario and Dominic Smith, hitting .403 and .338, respectively, through Sunday.  The former in my opinion is ready for the bigs right now, and I'm sure Casey would agree.  He might like Paul Sewald, too, a guy who'd certainly hold his own against the likes of Jay Hook.

Dominic Smith likely needs a few months' more seasoning, although it might not be the worst thing if the headline in this Friday's papers is "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" for the Mets' series with the Nats this coming weekend.

In AA, PJ Conlon continues his lefty lucky leprechaun ways, although he lost in a not-terrible start last night to fall to 2-1. Luis Guillorme and Kevin Taylor are scrappy. Rumble Pony dudes Casey could love.  He'd also like pen idols like Tim Peterson, Big Al Baldonado, Scarlyn Reyes, and Kelly Secrest who are totally getting it done.

In high A, St Lucie Mets hitters Jeff Diehl (.333) and Anthony Dimino (.471 in 11 games) are outshining their first rounder pitching teammate Justin Dunn, and Diehl was clocked faster than Dunn in an emergency relief outing too. Wuilmer Becerra still is pushing to be the third Dickey trade dividend.  And Pat Mazelka is still hitting and not quitting hitting, coming in at .314/.400/.490 and very hard to fan.

In Full A ball Columbia, fans are drawn to hard hitting Tim Tebow like a firefly.  Hits in South Carolina has been hard for many on the Fireflies squad to come by (Casey told me he is not surprised), despite the Fireflies not also having the impossible task of trying to hit against the marvelous Merandy Gonzalez and the terrific Jordan Humphreys.

The 2 combined are 7-0! Humphrey has fanned 30 and walked 2 in his last 3 starts spanning 19 innings.  Deadly Duo. These 2 do not give up hits or runs or walks.  Which makes opponent say, "I give up." 

And Ron Guidry-sized fireballer Matt Blackham is fanning the flames in the Fireflies pen.

So, as you see the Queens lads struggling ever so mightily, look for something Amazin' in the Mets' minors.  You'll certainly find some talented guppies.  I'm sure Casey could find some Metsie guppies to love down under in minors land.

One negative note: Binghamton, St Lucie, and Columbia are hitting very poorly overall (.234, .233, and .222, respectively) because MANY guys on those squads are hitting below, or barely above, .200.  Draft better, Sandy.


Thomas Brennan said...

Jordan Humphreys has stepped up to claim the mantle of 2017 starting pitcher stud in Mets minors. He has been simply overpowering in the S. Atlantic league.

Mack Ade said...

Some news this morning...

Matt Reynolds is on a plane heading to New York.

The speculation is that the Mets are going to announce today that Yoenes Cespedes has been placed on the DL

News at 11...

Mack Ade said...

On to my thoughts this morning on some of the more talented guppies...

I'm not a big fan of rushing prospects but I hate holding them back too, especially if they are being blocked by less talented players that have no chance of making it to Queens.

I always like June 1st to be the time to get guys moving up.

Some I would make:

I would promote starter P.J. Conlon to Vegas to see if he could handle the air there.

I would promote both Humhpreys and Merandy Gonzalez to join Dunn in St. Lucie. This will probably push one or two pitchers to either Binghamton or Columbia.I don't care. Get out of the way.

I would fill a starter hole in Columbia with either Sixto Torres, Cameron Planck, or Jake Simon

I would clean out the dead wood in the Vegas bullpen and fill it with 2 or 3 of the Binghamton crew (Peterson, Regnault, Scarlyn Reyes, Baldonado, Secrest).

I'd fill one of the Binghamton pen open slots with Justin Brantley.

I would send 2B Luis Carpio to St. Lucie

I would send outfielders Beccera and Diehl to Binghamton.

I would send OF Desmond Lindsay and Tebow to St. lucie

I would send OF Ricardo Cespedes to Columbia

Thomas Brennan said...

I agree with most of your suggested changes, Mack, except Lindsay ain't hitting a lick, so he needs to conquer Columbia first.

Ricardo Cespedes should definitely be in Columbia. Demote someone if necessary.

Moving Humphreys and Gonzalez to St Lucie would have to help stir Justin Dunn's competitive juices. And give them a vaunted threesome, like the Mets have in Queens.

Tebow? Why not? he may get stoked by the greater challenge.

Thomas Brennan said...

oddly, one of the pitchers against Las Vegas last night? A guy named Matt Reynolds.

Thomas Brennan said...

@ Reese, Collins is so much younger than Casey was when he managed the Mets!

Thomas Brennan said...

Columbia shut out AGAIN today?? And 11 innngs, to boot. It is a good thing Tebow started to hit :)

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