Mack’s Morning Report – 4-27 – Revised Prospect List, Options, A Peek at Ponies, Christian Arroyo


Good morning.

Mack’s Revised Top Prospect List –

1.     SS              Amed Rosario
2.     1B             Dominic Smith
3.     SP             Justin Dunn
4.     SP             Thomas Szapucki
5.     OF             Wuillmer Becerra
6.     SP             Merandy Gonzalez
7.     SS              Andres Gimenez
8.     1B-C         Patrick Mazeilka
9.     SP             Jordan Humphreys
10.OF             Desmond Lindsay
11.SP             Anthony Kay
12.SS              Gregory Guerrero
13. OF            Ricardo Cespedes
14. OF            Kevin Kaczmarski
15. SP            P.J. Conlon
16. SP            Harol Gonzalez
17.IF               Gavin Cecchini
18.C                Tomas Nido
19. SS             Luis Guillorme
20. SS             Milton Ramos
21. 3B            David Thompson
22. 2B            Luis Carpio
23.1B             Peter Alonso
24. SP            Chris Flexen
25. SP            Rickey Knapp

Options - 

    The following active major league Mets no longer have options - 

        Josh Edgin, Wilmer Flores, Jerry Blevins, Rene Rivera

A Peek At Ponies –

            Prospect wise, there are five of them on this team.

SP P.J. Conlon, C Tomas Nido, SS Luis Guillorme, 3B David Thompson, and OF Kevin Kaczmarski have, in my opinion, a future in the majors. My guess is Guillorme could be the first to move on to Las Vegas, but only if Amed Rosario is called up by the Mets. I expect the rest of these guys to stay where they are for now.

Some players currently playing above expectations are starter Mickey Jannis, a bunch of relievers (Tim Peterson, Kyle Regnault, Scarlyn Reyes, Alberto Baldonado, Kelly Secret), 1B-DH Matt Oberste, and OF Kevin Taylor. Look for both Jannis and Taylor to move to Vegas soon. 

The guy that needs to get going here is third baseman Thompson. He's blocked in Vegas by emergency third baseman Phillip Evans and he is beginning to be pushed by Jhoan Urena in St. Lucie. The Mets love Thompson but they always expected more from Urena, who is finally starting to show why the Mets signed him for $425K in the 2011-12 draft signing period.

A great read about the ‘Founding of the National League’  

The Kingsport Mets new coaching staff

Let’s Go To The Telephone –

            The team has been struggling. It’s been a playoff favorite and some have predicted them to win their division this year, but they have gotten off to a bad start due to poor hitting, shoddy defense, and timely injuries to key starters.

            In addition, there has been pressure to call up their top prospect from their AAA team and hopefully shake things up.

            Sound like someone we root for?

            Well, it’s not and we’re not talking about Amed Rosario. It’s the San Francisco Giants and the rookie prospect that is now in the San Fran clubhouse is 21-year old infielder Christian Arroyo.

            Why does it once again seem that the only team that wants their top prospects to age a little more are the Mets?

            You know Michael Conforto is only here because others got injured and all he’s doing is posting a top 10 NL batting average.

            I just don’t know sometimes.


Gary Seagren said...

Were bad AND boring which is a terrible thing to be and we know management will wait to get another year of service time for Rosario and Smith before they call em up but will a sweep of us by the Nats this weekend force the issue? At least TC has confidence in Reyes at the lead-off spot so we can rest a little easier.

Mack Ade said...

And, if you think it is tough watching this stuff, trying writing about it!

Thomas Brennan said...

There is a fine line between good and terrible. The Mets have crossed that line. REALLY crossed that line.

I did an update on my Old Man Hitting Tracker series for noon today. Trump would absolutely fire Reyes and Grandy. We should at least cut Reyes, bench Grandy, and call up Rosario. Sandy fiddles, Rome burns.

I have comments regarding my Mets' Minors Studs and Duds, scheduled for tomorrow at 8 AM. Somehow Tebow made his way into the article!

Does anyone have a defibrillator for this sorry team? When the heck does Brooklyn Cyclones baseball start, anyway?

Richard Herr said...

Too many decisions about this club are made on the basis of money.

Rosario and Smith aren't called up; Sandy sticks with starting the high-salaried, low-performance players because, if he doesn't, he will hear much whining from the owners.

A winning team makes more money.

Reese Kaplan said...

The 12 days to guarantee another full year of service time for Rosario has already passed. Unless the plan is to keep him in the minors all year and the first 12 days of next season he's not saving any money by waiting.

Thomas Brennan said...

This team's first mission is to win. its second is to make money. The continued use of Grandy and Reyes greatly has increased the chances of lost ticket revenues that would make up for Grandy's salary easily. Pull the trigger, Sandy...at least bench Grandy.

WHY, OH WHY do we have to play these two every day, with their complete pack of offense, when the team is losing daily due to a complete lack of offense.

Play only one of the two, if any, each game. Let another hitter see if they can hit. Can't win if you don't hit.

Mack Ade said...

'A winning team makes more money."

This is far too sensible.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you all take a deep breath and let the professionals do there jobs without heckling them. Because as soon as they start doing good again you will be praising the guys your complaining about.It must be nice to be on top like you guys all the time.

Mack Ade said...

Are we on top? Wow.

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