INJURY UPDATE - P - Jacob deGrom


Starter Jacob deGrom was scratched from tonight's lineup with a 'stiff neck'.

Matt Harvey has been moved up and will pitch tonight.

The plan is for deGrom to pitch tomorrow...


Thomas Brennan said...


Anonymous said...

You can't make this manure up when it comes to this team. Without fail, when Duda gets hurt, so does Flores. When the offensive offense scores 4 runs, the leaky defense shows up. And when ahead, either the BP blows it or the Imbecile in the dugout shows up.

After 6 years of Sandy, the "Genius"in his own mind, the team has no defense, no speed and the youth movement is on hold while the old players play because their salaries says they must.

A team full of aces and an offense full of hitters swinging for the fences all the time. No small ball, no leader, no heart.


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