Tom Brennan - Mets Minors 50,000 Foot View


Tom Brennan - Mets Minors 50,000 Foot View

Signs of poor Mets drafting are, especially in the power hitting segment of the game, the primary reason for the Met farm's lackluster overall team results so far, in my opinion.  

See if you agree, after a 50,000 foot view:

Las Vegas 51's

Buoyed by Amed Rosario and Dom Smith, who combined are hitting about .375 (Amed up to .407 after Sunday...take that, Ted Williams), the 51's are hitting .285 as a team with 97 runs in 21 games.  Their 17 homers are, however, so-so for a PCL squad, and Rosario and Smith have only 2 between them in about 180 plate appearances.

Vegas has mediocre pitching, having allowed 118 runs resulting in a 5.14 ERA, hence their 10-11 record.

Binghamton Rumble Ponies 

Its sluggers have just 5 homers in 17 games (all stats thru Thursday April 27).  Not a misprint.  

Hitting just .236, too, partly because only 5 long balls avoided capture by the opposing team.

Nonetheless, they are 9-8 due to a 3.16 ERA, largely the result of stellar relief pitching.

St Lucie Mets

Like the Mother Ship Mets in Queens, St Lucie is 8-13, largely due to a 4.99 team ERA.  This is largely the result of poor starting pitching (its starters have ERAs ranging from 4.50 to 8.36).

Hitting wise, the team has 13 homers and a .241 average, the latter being 2nd worst in the league, due to 6 guys (who will remain unnamed) with nearly 300 combined at bats that are hitting about .160.  Pat Mazelka after Saturday? .338 with 17 ribbies.

Columbia Fireflies

Anchored by 2 awesome starters (Merandy Gonzalez and Jordan Humphreys) and 3 excellent relievers (Zanghi, Blackham, and McGeorge), the 12-10 Fireflies have a 2.60 ERA and league-best WHIP of 1.05.  After Saturday, Blazing Blackham has 21 Ks in 12 IP.

Hitting-wise, though, just 7 homers in 22 games and a .225 average. Tim Tebow, at .250, is only 16 points behind team leader Luis Carpio.

In some fairness in evaluating the above stats, key hitters Nimmo, McNeil and Alonzo have hardly played, which undoubtedly has affected offensive production.  And a few key pitchers, including Szapucki and Flexen, have missed the entire season so far.

Let's see what May brings.


Thomas Brennan said...

Meanwhile, at the big league level, Conforto is showing that adversity could be somone's big opportunity.

Old man Reyes has awoken with a roar. Granderson is down to .133 and a game away from being benched, if he even plays today.

Robles 4-0? Lewin said he is on a 31 win pace.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

We all know who the Mets prospects are in the pipeline. Some are doing well while others haven't hit their stride yet.

I try and just minor leaguers on their results and color code their names on my excel sheet each week by who is hitting above .300 and who has an ERA under 2.

Right now, the over-producing bats are:

AAA - Rosario, Smith, Josh Rodriguez, Taijeron

AA - Kevin Taylor, Luis Guillorme

A+ - Juan Urena, Anthony Dimino, Patrick Makeika, Jeff McNeil

A - none

This is not enough Tom.

Richard Herr said...

It's always been my contention that the Met front office has to improve their skills at judging position players. Consider the fact that they sent away: Pagan, Murph, Justin Turner, for a few examples. Plus their 1st round draft picks of Nimmo and Cecchini aren't top-100 rated.

May I also reinforce that Omar had this system very well stocked when he left.

Mack Ade said...

Richard, Omar had a very strong commitment to the Latin pipeline as well. Sandy fired Omar's entire Latin scouting team when he arrived and has never committed himself here with the same vigor.

Thomas Brennan said...

It isn't enough, Mack, but Him no and the currently sub-.300 Cecchini help a bit. Still not enough, though. Draft better, folks.

We drafted in the supplemental round(?) and get a Matt Reynolds. Tanks pick around same draft slot and get Aaron Judge. The Tanks get the value of gambling on power.

Andres Giminez might just possibly be a superstar in the making. 18 all season and his first game with Columbia yesterday was a woozy.

Thomas Brennan said...

A doozy, not a woozy. Thank you dear tablet, for your auto incorrect feature.

Montero the Confusing had a terrific game yesterday - 5 no hit innings before he gave up a 2 run shot in the 6th, 9 Ks, giving him 16 in his 10 innings since heading back to Vegas, with great control.

He went 2 for 2 also.

Cats have 9 lives - does Montero?

Thomas Brennan said...

One guy I have criticized a real lot who has had perhaps his best 8 game stretch as a pro is Champ Stuart, 9 for 23, 5 walks, only 6 strikeouts, 7 steals. Make that his new norm, and the super speedster can still have a solid MLB career.

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