I was hoping this would be a short series with few volumes.

But there is a strong correlation between losing 8 of 9 and the presence of two inept old guys in the line up. So I am up to Volume 5 of the Old Man Hitting Tracker.

Jose Reyes and Curtis Granderson were two guys having fabulous years in 2011.  But we are in 2017.  How in fact are they doing in 2017, while the Mets as a team are hitting .210.

Oh, I know, the Mets can't be expected to hit against the likes of Max Scherzer and Gio Gonzalez....except the Phil's scored 37 runs in their 6 games with the Nats, so there goes that excuse.

Anyway, Jose Can You See ( your way back to the dugout) and the Grandy Man, which there days only refers to the $100,000 he "earns" each game - how are they doing?

17 for 134 (a scintillating and awe-inspiring .126), 6 extra base hits, 10 runs, 6 RBIs (all of those few by Grandy, meaning Reyes still has no RBIs, the same number as Mack and me).

Somewhere, Ruben Tejada is saying, "I can do a lot better than that, right, Terry?"

But more seriously, somewhere in Vegas, IF Amed Rosario is hitting 300 points higher than Jose at .403.  And yesterday, Michael Conforto proved this is a game for young men.  Bring on some young men to play in Queens.  Two old guys have overstayed their welcomes.

It's too early to panic, folks, so let's wait until at least this afternoon to start panicking.


Thomas Brennan said...

Besides Rosario, Dom Smith is hitting .338 with just 11 Ks in nearly 80 plate appearances.

Really, now: should we cut Reyes AND Grandy and bring these two young fellas up today? Probably premature, but two old guys have cratered prematurely....so why not pull the trigger? Why not?

Richard Jones said...

The Mets do have a way of making just about every starter look like an elite ace. The rest of the leagues pitching can't be that good.

Rosorio would also improve our defense. He has no reason being in Vegas besides finicial reasons. I think I would leave Smith there a little longer. The Duda?Flores platoon looke good before their injuries. Their injuries look minor so far so I would like to ride that a little longer. If their not healthy at the end of the 10 days then go with Smith. Conforto in CF over Granderson is a no brainer. Even when Granderson does seem to hit it rarely is in clutch situations. His RBI per homerun rate is a joke. His batting average is low but his batting average with runners in scoring position is almost none existent. I'm going back to 2016 with these.

Thomas Brennan said...

Richard, when Grandy hit 43 homers in back to back years with the Yanks, he had two things going for him - the porch and his youth.

He is hitting like a washed up hack.

I agree with you on Smith - I think it is premature. But we face the Braves, including Cy Dickey and (sigh) Colon in soggy weather, and then the superior Nats for 3 more. We could be 8-9 games out by next Sunday easily. I do think that benching Grandy as soon as Cespedes can play again is wise, and Jose must go, sadly. .107 and zero RBIs 19 games into a season? Really? Bumgarner hit 2 homers in his first start.

Richard Jones said...

When the Mets are healthy enough to play Cespedes in left and Bruce in Right it is a no brainer Conforto gets CF. When you have players on the DL then Granderson has a spot. Granderson is my third corner outfielder and Largares is my backup Centerfielder. When everyone is healthy Cespedes, Conforto, Bruce.

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