Richard Herr - Injuries

I’m sure a lot of you were watching the Mets game on SNY when Yoenis Cespedes pulled his hamstring. Terry Collins and Ray Ramirez went running out to second base to see how he was doing. As they were helping him off the field, SNY showed a video of Cespedes taking batting practice the day before. He hit one ball, and immediately contorted in pain as his hammy acted up. With that one take, I could see that Cespedes should have been on the DL. I didn’t need no steenking medical knowledge to be able to tell that. Whatever Ray Ramirez’s opinion was about whether or not Yoenis should be playing, a rank amateur could tell that he was in no shape to play the game. I might mention that one of the coaches was throwing batting practice and saw Cespedes’ reaction.

What’s the conclusion I’ve drawn? I want to take Ramirez off the list of people I blame for Yoenis re-injuring his hammy. The decision to play him didn’t need any special medicl knowledge to know that he should have been on the DL. This one falls directly on management’s shoulders. They should learn to “not panic.” It’s a 162-game season. If guys are hurt, let them heal.  

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Thomas Brennan said...

Rushing guys back should only happen in the playoffs. He definitely should have been put on DL the first time

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