Mets Minor Stats



OF       Jacob Zanon  (DL)             Col.                 .500
SS        Andres Gimenez                Col.                 .500
2B       Jeff McNeil                          St.L                 .500
C-1B   Anthony Dimino                Col/St.L           .435
SS        Amed Rosario                    LV                   .407
IF         Josh Rodriguez                   LV                   .381
C-1B   Patrick Mazeika                St.L                   .361
1B       Dominic Smith                    LV                   .352
3B       Jhoan Urena                        St.L                 .329
OF       Kevin Taylor                        Bing               .327
SS        Luis Guillorme                    Bing               .310
OF       Travis Taijeron                   LV                   .304


SP       Merandy Gonzalez           Col.                    0.00
SP       Tyler Pill                               Bing/LV        0.00
RP       Adam Atkins                       St.L                 0.00
RP       Anthony Dimino                St.L                 0.00
RP       Jeff Diehl                              St.L               0.00
RP       Albert Baldonado             Bing                  0.00
RP       Tim Peterson                      Bing                0.00
RP       Cory Burns                           Bing               0.00
RP       Kyle Regnault                     Bing               0.00
SP       Jordan Humphreys            Col.                 1.42
RP       Matt Blackham                  Col.                 1.50
RP       Scarlyn Reyes                     Bing               1.50
RP       Austin McGeorge              Col.                 1.54
RP       Kelly Secrest                       Bing               1.69
SP       Rafael Montero                 LV                   1.74
RP       Adonis Uceta                      Col.                 1.80
SP       Mickey Jannis                     Bing               1.93

RP       Justin Brantley                   St.L                 1.98


Hobie said...

So Anthony Dimino has the 2nd highest BA and lowest ERA on the Mets farm.

Who needs that Japanese guy?

Thomas Brennan said...

Hobie, Anthony Dimino is the new Mets Minors legend!

Gary Seagren said...
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Mack Ade said...

Gary - I thought I clicked on your comment here and instead clicked on the delete. My bad.

You asked if Dimino, Mazeika and Jannis was for real.

1. It is too early to call on Dimino but he does not seem capable of hitting badly. Sort of a T.J. Rivera find but maybe behind the plate.

2. Mazeika comes with cred but, like Dimino, is too early to determine. Could have problems sticking behind the plate which would make him a blocked 1B in our system.

3. Yes, I believe Jannis is sneaky good and has major league potential

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