Peter Hyatt - Thoughts on Jose Reyes, Keith Hernandez and Yoenis Cespedes


Jose Reyes is a talented, selfish, and ultimately distracted ball player who was Sandy Alderson's reclamation project.  In fact, he is "perfect" for Alderson's "money ball" mentality. 

Because of this, he is continuing to play in spite of batting less 60% less than what caused JayBay to be flushed out to sea.  

I've discussed in previous articles Alderson's playing of contract over production and with both his and Collins' age, they do not appear interested in player development.  This is likely Collins' last year with the Mets and the trade off is apparent. 

Reyes has recently made headlines regarding child support and court, and in spite of hurting the Mets offensively (the distraction on the base paths and in the field is now apparent) Collins is "standing behind" Reyes. 


Wilmer Flores remains on the bench. 

Alderson says "its open ended" about David Wright's status in which an argument may be made, not only for David's long term health, but for insurance and freeing up big bucks for possible replacement.  Yet, it was announced this week he will begin soft tossing. 

Like Reyes, David's numbers have been in steady decline.  This is for a very different reason but the end is the same.  

We need to move on.  

I believe that another reason Reyes is still playing is because he makes Cespedes happy and Alderson knows his $110 million dollar head case needs to be kept happy if we are going to get those 30 dingers from him.  He, Reyes and Astrubel have their special dugout dance for the camera, and Reyes likes the jewelry, neon, orange hair dye,  and even blackened face (for the sun in night games?) which did not appear to help him with a pop up in the lights.  

I believe this element is more than most fans would be willing to acknowledge.  We have a combination of ego (Alderson) and Collins' submission (he got his contract renewal) coupling with placating Cespedes.  

Did anyone hear Keith Hernandez blame Neil Walker  for Cespedes' refusal to slide the other night?

After almost being picked off twice because he refuses to slide, Cespedes cost us a run by not sliding into home.  Gary began to hold Cespedes accountable but Keith would have none of it, and asked that the camera now focus on him, personally, in the booth, so he could show why Cespedes not sliding into home, (something instinctive for 7 year little leaguers) was someone else's fault. 


Can you imagine Walker defending himself by telling the truth?

"Keith, do you really think Yoenis Cespedes is going to get his pants dirty just because I wave my hands?  Really? Really, Keith? After 6 years of not sliding he is suddenly going to do it for me?"  

Michael Conforto sits on the bench, at age 24, with quite possibly the most talented natural swing since David Wright because of Curtis Granderson's contract.  

If you listen to Grandy speak, he is honest and he is old school.  He knows Conforto should be playing.  

Yet, how much fun is it for the youngster to play next to Cespedes?  Recall 2015 when Cespedes blamed the rookie for Cespedes' own error?  

The Mets may have the most talented starting rotation in baseball.  

Yet, the head-scratching, TV yelling frustration of Met fans continues.  

Wilmer Flores may not be a natural third basemen, but Reyes has been in decline for several years and Flores has pop in his bat.  

Granderson likely has a future with the team, as he is a stand up guy and a good example for young players.  It is time to make room for Conforto, one way or another. 

Jay Bruce seems more content and we may see that the streaky power hitter can hit .260 with 30 home runs and 90 RBIs and hold his own in right field.  

Legaras, another good guy with a terrific glove, does not have the bat we need.  He is a great late innings defensive replacement and fourth outfielder.  

Keep an eye on Amed Rosario in Vegas as he flirts with .400.  

Even with atmospheric influence, he looks like the real thing.  We enjoyed seeing him in Spring training.  

Rosario could be the "excuse" Alderson needs to jay-bay Reyes and keep his ego in tact, telling everyone that it was not Reyes' inability to bat his weight, it was just that Rosario progressed faster than expected.  

I'd rather see TJ Rivera at 3rd over Reyes.  

There was a time when Reyes took himself out of a game, depriving paying fans of his talent, so he could persevere a personal statistic.  It is who he is. 

Perhaps he could take himself out and pretend he is the mentor to Rosario and even Flores, while the Mets look to make a move for a viable third baseman.  


Jack Flynn said...

I like Wilmer Flores as much as the next guy, but he just can't hit righties. He is a terrific bench piece, since he can stand at four different infield positions and can mash southpaws, but he just isn't an everyday player.

The Mets aren't going to cut bait with Reyes until they have a credible alternative at third base. Even then, he is also an excellent bench piece in that he can stand at three different infield positions and threaten to steal a base as a pinch runner. If he and Flores were IF5 and IF6, with a more credible everyday 3B joining Asdrubal, Walker and Duda (and TJ Rivera waiting in the wings at LV), the Mets would have an enviable stable of infielders to choose from.

Thomas Brennan said...

I always forget the rules for another year of control and a delay in the start of arbitration. I think it is late April for the former, mid-June for the latter.

I would promote Rosario in late April unless 1) they keep playing Reyes and 2) suddenly Reyes starts to play like Reyes used to.

My guess? No shake up until after Washington series this weekend. The team would probably see a shake up as a sign of panic to the enemy Nats.

Meanwhile, I did a quick "Old Guys" tracker in a very short noon article today, that dovetails nicely with your article.

Me? I'd have Flores at 3B tonight, except he will probably man 1B for Duda tonight to give Duda's elbow a day off. But I'd sit Grandy and play Conforto.

Zozo said...

Reyes will be fine just give him some extra off days and he will figure this out

bob gregory said...

At this point I would have to support Zozo's sentiments

Thomas Brennan said...

Reyes in 194th out of 196 hitters in baseball with enuf ABs to qualify for the batting title. Hard to imagine a start that bad just as one of those things and not a sign of real slippage.

Richard Jones said...

I watched that game and I had a whole different take on Herdandez' statement. With just about anyone other than Cespedes, Hernandez would have been 100% correct. Walker did not do his job. His head was not in the game. An undeck player needs to become a coach and let the runner know where the ball is coming to. Walker became a spectater.
However if Walker did his job Cespedes likely would have ignored him.
Walker can't assume that. He needs to do his job. Hernandez was right.

I like Cespedes' bat but he is quickly becoming a person I don't like. A bad influence on young players. When I was in St. Lucie. I was there early and saw the players stretching and working out to begin the day. It was always one player who would just stand around and do nothing. Cespedes was that player. It was beneath him to workout with everyone else. Rosorio started hanging around him and did the same.

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