2018 Draft - This Past Week's Starter Results


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I don't see @ClemsonBaseball every day - far from it - but I've lost track of how many times I've seen Seth Beer hit a game tying or game winning homer late in games. Takes Clayton Kwiatkwoski deep for a game-tying 2-run shot - an oppo laser to left. 4-4 after 7.

Brady Singer – Florida:    
                                   Friday:          7-IP, 8-H, 1-ER, 6-K, 1BB

Jackson Kowar – Florida:         
                                   Saturday:     7-IP, 6-H, 0-ER, 9-K, 10BB, WIN (9-2)

Michael Byrne – Florida -                     
                                   Friday:          1-IP, 0-H, 0-R, 0-K, 1-BB, WIN (2-0)

Chandler Day – Vanderbilt:     
                                   Sunday:        1.1-IP, 1-H, 0-R, 1-K, 1-BB

Bryan Hoeing – Louisville:        
                                   Sunday:        0.2-IP, 4-H, 1-R, 0-K, 0-BB, LOSS (5-2)

                                   Wednesday:   5-IP, 0-H, 0-R, 3-K, 0-BB, WIN

Adam Wolf – Louisville –          
                                   Friday:          6-IP, 4-H, 3-ER, 2-K, 2-BB, WIN (6-2)

Austin Cox – Mercer -                
                                   Sunday:        4.2-IP, 7-H, 5-ER, 6-K, 3-BB  
Austin Bergner – UNC:              
                                    Saturday:    5.2-IP, 9-H, 5-ER, 3-K, 2-BB, LOSS (5-2)

Casey Mise – Auburn:                
                                   Friday:          5-IP, 8-H, 6-ER, 5-K, 1-BB, LOSS (9-3)

Luke Heimlich – Oregon St:      
                                   Friday:          8-IP, 3-H, 2-ER, 14-K, 2-BB, WIN (12-1)

Jason Bilous – C Carolina:        
                                   Friday:          7-IP, 2-H, 0-R, 11-K, 1-BB, WIN (7-2)

Sean Hjelle – Kentucky
                                   Friday:          7-IP, 9-H, 6-ER, 3-K, 5-BB, WIN (7-4)

Colton Eastman – CSF:
                                   Friday:          7-IP, 7-H, 2-ER, 13-K, 0-BB, WIN (8-3)

Logan Gilbert – Stetson:           
                                   Friday:          6.2-IP, 4-H, 2-ER, 13-K, 2-BB, WIN (9-1)

Blaine Knight – Arkansas
                                   Friday:          7-IP, 5-H, 3-ER, 11-K, 0-BB, WIN (8-0)

Isiah Campbell – Arkansas -    
                                   Sunday -       4.1-IP, 8-H, 5-ER, 3-K, 0-BB, LOSS (3-5)  
Tristan Beck – Stanford:      
                                   Friday:          7-IP, 9-H, 4-ER, 5-K, 0-BB, LOSS (7-3) 

Kris Bubic – Stanford:    
                         Saturday:     4.1-IP, 4-H, 5-ER, 5-K, 4-BB, LOSS (7-1)

Konnor Pilkington – Miss St
                         Friday:          4.2-IP, 9-H, 7-ER, 5-K, 4-BB, LOSS (2-6)                                  
Ryan Rolison – Ole Miss:  -       
                                   Thursday:     6.1-IP, 5-H, 2-ER, 5-K, 4-BB, WIN

Dallas Woolfolk – Ole Miss
                                   Sunday:        0.1-IP, 1-H, 0-R, 1-K 0-BB

Brady Feigl – Ole Miss -            
                                   Friday:          8-IP, 9-H, 3-ER, 12-K, 1-BB, WIN (8-4)

Matt Mercer – Oregon –           
                                   Saturday:     7-IP, 5-H, 1-ER, 10-K, 2-BB, WIN (5-5)

Zach Hess – LSU –
                                   Friday:          5-IP, 6-H, 4-ER, 6-K, 4-BB

Adam Hill – South Carolina –  
                                   Saturday:     7-IP, 4-H, 0-ER, 8-K, 2-BB, WIN (6-5)

Hogan Harris – Louisiana –                  
                                   Saturday:     6-IP, 6-H, 1-ER, 3-K, 4-BB

Shawn McClanahan – USF -     
                                   Friday:          3-IP, 6-H, 6-ER, 4-K, 5-BB, LOSS (5-6)


Thomas Brennan said...

If we draft Seth Beer, this organization will somehow turn him into flat beer.

Our prospects don't seem to manage a Reinghold 10 minute head most times.

Heimlich has been very impressive, as has Kowar.

Mack Ade said...

Beer makes Alonso look like a Gold Glove winner at first.

Same in RF.

Thomas Brennan said...

Great. I am all for Beer then - and I am not a beer drinker, full disclosure.

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