Mack – My Early Prediction for the Mets First Pick in the 2018 Draft


Good morning.       

A few months ago, I posted what I thought would be the top six picks in the upcoming draft.

They were:

1.1      Detroit Tigers         -           RHP    Brady Singer           Univ. of Florida

1.2     San Francisco Giants        RHP    Ethan Hankins        Forsyth Central HS 

1.3      Philadelphia Phillies        SS        Brice Turang           Santiago HS (CA)

1.4      Chicago White Sox          LHP     Shane McClanahan          USF

1.5      Cincinnati Reds               IF         Nolan Gorman       O’Connor HS – AZ

1.6 –   New York Mets                RHP    Jackson Kowar       Florida

A lot has changed since this post.

Auburn’s RHP Casey Mise has become the overall favorite to be the top pick in this draft. I agree with this (even though he lost against Singer last week in a 2-1 squeaker).

Kowar has pitched up to his early projections, the excitement about Turang early off has subsided, and Gorman is now projected as a late top 10 pick.

I believe both Brady Singer and Shane McClanahan will remain in the top five picks, which will leave only two picks left before the Mets would pick at #6.

Oregon State second baseman Nick Madrigal is back from his fractured hand injury and, though he is still shaking off the rust, he is still hitting .455 or the season. There is no power here, but he’s by far the best bat available in the draft and will (IMO) be gone before the Mets would have to decided if they had the guts to draft another middle infielder with their first pick.

This leaves one more pick before the Mets would pick at #6.

The last pick would be Mountain Ridge HS (AZ) RHP Matt Liberatore, who has shot up the mock drafts in the past month and a half. Liberatore can touch 95-96 but sits in the 92-94 range. His best pitch is a 12-6 curve that has been unhittable this season. Currently projected as a future SP2.

So, who would I pick for the Mets.

Well, I could go with RHP Carter Stewart, catcher Joey Bart, or outfielders Jarred Kelenic or Travis Swaggerty, but remember… my job is to pick the ‘best player available’. And, right now, that’s:

Wichita State 3B Alec Bohm.

The 6-5, 220-pound Bohm has been a .300+ hitter since his freshman season; however, his power has increased each year. He hit .303/.346/.489 as a freshman, .305/.385/.519 as a sophomore, and is hitting .327/.431/.556 so far this season. More importantly, he has nine home runs and 40 runs batted in through 42 games. His swing is more compact this year, his choice is more selective, and his power has increased.

Things could change, as they have in the past, but, right now, Bohm would be my pick.


Thomas Brennan said...

No secret that I want a hitter drafted. This organization has spent 75% of its existence in the second half of the league in hitting, and almost in the top 3.

If your pick of Bohm does not strike out excessively, he sounds good to me. Any power guy we draft, I want the ability to consistently, and within a few quick years, see 30/90/.280 as the norm.

How is his speed/fielding?

Mack Ade said...

both speed and sticking at third are in play...

projected to wind up on first base

Mack Ade said...

I know...

Some of you might be saying 'the last thing we need is another first baseman'...

Well, that is not how the draft is suppose to work. You pick the person on the top of your chart that has not been picked by another team.

On 'my chart', Madrigal is best overall bat, but Bohm was the best power bat.

And, by the way... who exactly is the future first baseman on this team?

It could be Smith... or it could be Alonso... or even Vasquez... but, as of right now, none have proven anything at the major league level.

That is why drafting and signing the right kids is so important. You line up layers of prospects.

We all agreed to give Rosario short for the next 10 years... now he may never make it until Gimenez gets his shot.

What was the name of that second base phenom that was suppose to replace Murphy and plant himself at second until 2030? W traded him and what is he doing now?

David Thompson led all D1 schools in ribbys... we are still waiting on him.

If you draft 3-4 great picks every year... and you sign 3-4 great International kids each year... you will have the kind of pipeline the Yankees and other teams have right now.

Thomas Brennan said...

Swarzak as per NY Post on May 1 - not hopeful:

"Anthony Swarzak remains well-removed from the Mets’ radar for a return as he recovers from a strained oblique. The righty reliever, according to Alderson, has a rib injury, adding to his recovery time."

Mack Ade said...


Everydody get hurt

Sign thr LI DUcks to finish the season

Eddie Corona said...

I have been waiting for your post on this... If we can acquire a 6'5 Hitter would be amazing.
Could he be a RFer? why do we not Have players transition to position versatility? Evan a Cant miss prospect like Kris Bryant plays both 3B and RF... But I would like this pick...
No way I sign Madrigal... He could turn out to be better than Altuve and still No... No reason to risk the bust factor on a 5'7 player this early in the draft and with such a poor system.

Mack Ade said...

I have never heard or .
Read if he could be a corner outfielder

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