Saw this on CNN.  

Not really, but why not call these two AA sluggers up?  

A team with 11 losses in 15 games needs HELP!


6 homers and a .662 slug % in 20 AA games for a guy who, prior to his injuries the past two years, hit over .300, got on base a lot, plays solid defense, strikes out little and walks a good amount, and steals more than his share of bases...now he has power, too.  Sounds pretty close to FIVE TOOLS.

We need FIVE TOOLS PLAYERS in Queens, where bandits have stolen all our tools.   

Try Jeff at shortstop...and send Amed Rosario to The Pitch Recognition Institution in Hoboken for remedial work.  

They've done wonders with Little Leaguers...and remember: 

Barry Bonds used to walk more in a weekend than Rosario has in his entire major league career.


He is hitting .241, with a .313 OBP and a .443 slug % in AA. 

Swap him with Conforto until Conforto learns to be Conforto again. 

Check first to see if that is actually Mission Impossible's Tom Cruise wearing a Conforto mask.

OK...time to put CNN back on.  

Slightly better than watching the Mets.

But: before moving on to P.S., because I'm never quite done, who's 1st, 3rd, and 21st in the Eastern League in slugging %?  

Pounding Pete Alonso # 1 at .707

McNeil # 3 at .662 (# 2 guy is .663) 

Tim Tebow is # 21 at .443.  

None of the 20 guys above Tim are just starting their 2nd year.


Mickey Callaway was seen chewing out Steve Matz for 30 minutes after the game for violating Mets Starter Rule 1:



Anonymous said...

This is nonsensical.

Why post?

Mack Ade said...

Mets call up Conlon

Thomas Brennan said...

One man's nonsense is another man's lighthearted attempt to distract readers from the mess that is the Mets. I

'm "another man." But humor is often completely silly without some shred of truth to chew on.

Sure, McNeil is a Dark Horse...but put up another month like this one and he won't be.

Sure, Tebow is a joke to most - but he is 21st out of 12 team's players in slugging %, only one in his second year. Which says something - what? Darned if I know, but it beats being 80th.

Seriously, neither is getting a call up any time soon - we know that - but this is an article to say that nothing is impossible with these two.

Improbable still, yes - but not impossible.

For most players, it is an improbable journey.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, calling up Conlon just made my point above - the improbable (a guy in AAA with a high ERA getting called up) just became reality.

TexasGusCC said...

Tom, McNeil hasn’t even played AAA yet, much les master it. With a Thompson hurt, why didn’t they promote McNeil but rather went outside the organization to sign Cody Ashe?

Mack Ade said...

Bautista to Vegas

Thomas Brennan said...

TexasGus, I think they want McNeil to play every day to make up for lost time - they already had Evans, Guillorme and Cecchini at SS, 2B and 3B in AAA. They want Jeff playing daily, IMO, to see how much he can accelerate. If he played every day in AAA, who sits?

Anonymous said...

A different anonymous thinks post was funny and would welcome the call ups. Go figure.

Thomas Brennan said...

I love almost anyone named anonymous...let the call ups begin. Give me McNeil's number...I will call him...we need a hitter.

Met Monkey said...

i'm serious only when I'm joking, and when i'm joking I'm deadly serious, so excite the troop and bring up mcneil, Alonso, and Oswalt, right now! This is the word of met monkey, and I will deny it.

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