Tom Brennan 

Hitting in the Mets minors remains largely tepid.
And that ain't very cool. 

A real recent pulse detected in Mets catchers, though.

Who's hot (at least relatively) through Wednesday with the lumber?  Who are our Big Bad Ball Busting Bats?


Luis Guillorme heated up mightily to climb to .300/.394/.433.  Reward? A promotion to Queens.

Hearty congratulations, Luis.

Gavin Cecchini missed out to Luis because his bat has cooled a bit and his OBP is just .342.

Ty Kelly, Matt den Dekker, and Bryce Brentz are hitting well recently.  Especially Matt: 13 for his last 30, 6 pops this season.  Matt, for all of you dying to know, is 4 days older than Tim Tebow.

Phillip Evans now has 6 pops, too, but hitting just .243.


Peter Alonso cooled a bit, but is still at .373/.488/.686.  Lava in Hawaii is cooler than Pete.

Jeff McNeil (Robin to Alonso's Batman) sits at .276/.363/.609.

C Pat Mazeika (3 for 13, 4 walks in his last 4 games) is showing glimmers of finally heating up.  After that, homered last night, too.  He always has been the un-Rosario, in that he can draw a walk - and 11 for 28 in throwing dudes out.


C Anthony Dimino went 4 for 4 Wednesday and a hit and 2 strolls on Thursday to climb to .266...reaching .300 should come quickly for the career .317 hitter.

Andres Giminez has been steadily solid and recently cut his Ks (just 4 in the last 9 games). He has 9 of 11 steals and is at .271/.341/.421.  Just 16 errors over 119 games this year and last...a LOT to like from the 19 year old.


While Jeremy Vasquez has quickly cooled to .315, 3B Blake Tiberi sits strong at .311/.444/.400.

C Scott Manea still smacking: .281/.465/.516!  Nice OBP!

C Ali Sanchez (still just 21) has now been in 15 games, so the health is holding up.  Six hits, including a HR, and 2 BBs in his last 3 games is great to see for the defensive whiz.

OF Matt Winaker (last year's 5th rounder) started slow, but 8 hits and 2 walks in his last 3 games? Sweet!



Tim Peterson  had a rough game - who doesn't?   But still is a Vegas Stud.  He'd rather be a Queens Stud, I'm told.

C Colton Plaia is our Shohei Ohtani Lite.  Hitting .191 as a catcher, but he has also pitched in 4 games - 1 earned run in 4 innings.

Jacob Rhame and Jamie Callahan, I am told, aspire to pitch like Mr. Plaia.  Both are not impressing me, and have filed legal papers to change their first names to Colton in hopes of pitching like Colton pitches.


Adonis Uceta, Tyler Bashlor, Austin McGeorge, and Joshua Torres continue to be strong in the pen for the Rumble Ponies.  These Ponies are Stallions.

Let's not forget DA BOOMER, Dave Roseboom: after a tumultuous start to his season in AAA, Dave has tossed 10.2 mighty fine innings in AA and fanned 18, with recently tightened control.   Healthy and lethal again.


Steve Nogosek, Ryder Ryan, Matt Pobereyko, and Matt Blackham continue to excel, but with an AJ Ramos twist: 58 innings, 69 Ks, but a rather high 28 walks.  (Late note: subsequently, Zanghi and Blackham totally kicked butt and took numbers last night, combining for 4 innings, one run, 7 Ks and ZERO WALKS.)

Joe Zanghi allows 16 hits in 17 innings but just 2 walks and one run.  When it comes to control, he walks the walk and talks the talk.


Aaron Ford gets his first mention this year, with 8 strong innings from the lefty.

Carlos Hernandez still sports a 1.17 ERA.  Clearly already better than Hansel Boom Boom Robles.

So, a decent array of Pen Prodigy arms in the 4 pens.  

Keep getting better, boys.  Queens needs ya.

"Catch" you next time, folks.


Thomas Brennan said...

Very nice perspective on Brodey - his average is on the low side and Ks on the high side, but he is really showing power that he didn't show last year.

And Tiberi has been "beri, beri" good indeed. "Bazeball has been beri beri good to me."

Actually have it as Tim Peterson - combine him and dazzling Dave Roseboom and you have David Peterson. David can pitch in my rotation or my pen any time.

Mack Ade said...

Morning Tom -

Quinn Brodey's two doubles last night created runs scored that vaulted him to the league leader in RBI's. I expect him to be moved up around the all-star break.

Another move up then should be the now converted second baseman Blake Tiberi. He has pounded the ball since being converted from a third baseman.

Thomas Brennan said...

In Hansel Robles' case, it is amazing how much bad press he gets, considering he is 19-13 as a Met and averaging 10 Ks per 9 innings in his career.

It shows how toxic giving up homers can be on how you are perceived, with him giving up 15 homers in just 67 innings this year and last.

TexasGusCC said...

I believe the numbers for Robles are 5 HR (he has the appropriate initials, as Josh Lewin pointed out) in 11 innings this year. Last year was a control issue. Always an issue for our ten cent brained reliever.

Alonso has no one in the lineup to protect him and has been seeing nothing but walks.

Looking at the box scores of our affiliates every night makes for a difficult sleep, but afraid of starting my day that way!

Mack Ade said...

Texas -

As you know, I follow every affiliate game every night and post the press releases in the morning of all these games.

I share your pain.

All four full season teams are broken; however, Tom and I try to point out the highlights, per individual players, on each of these teams.

I hope you appreciate that.

TexasGusCC said...

I do and enjoy reading y’all’s opinions. But I still want to see the hard truth for myself.

Thomas Brennan said...

Gus, any hard truth you find, we want to hear!

Adam Smith said...

Great job, as always Tom. I wish I could say the same for our GM. This org looks broken, top to bottom.

Thomas Brennan said...

Adam, it is always darkest just before dawn. I don't think we are just before dawn, though :)

Thomas Brennan said...

Tebow 3 hits Friday nite...up to .261, .280 after his first 4 games. Hmm...

Anthony Dimino...I Sure hope he can catch...his bat is back, getting on base 10 times the past 3 games for the Lucites. We need a catcher who can hit and is versatile and speedy too. Career .319/.406/.384.

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