From The Desk... 7.15


Good morning.

      1.    Roster Moves – catcher Robby Kidwell was promoted from the GCL Mets to Kingsport. Hopefully, the 2-year old will get more bat time on his new team. For the Florida team, he went .077 in 26 at-bats… most pundits expected that Luis Lebron (.346) would get the call to Tennessee. Which just didn’t happen…

      2.    I have no inside information on this subject. Just my own gut feeling after reading things that our manager has said in the past few days. My guess is that 2B Jeff McNeil is going to be promoted to the Mets right after The Future’s Game ends. I figured that the delay here was not based on Jose Reyes remaining on the team. My guess is a future slot was being reserved for T.J. Rivera, who looked ready to come back from his TJS/rehab sessions. Well, that seems to have taken a step back leaving the path clear for McNeil to join the team. What do we do with Astrubel Cabrera? Well, it wouldn’t kill it for his marketability to go play some games on third until some future deal is done for his services.

      3.    C. Trent Rosecrans - @ctrent - Before getting lost in semantics, the basic points:  1. The Reds aren’t making the playoffs this season  2. Matt Harvey is a free agent following the season   3. Scott Boras is Matt Harvey’s agent  4. The Reds traded for Matt Harvey to trade Matt Harvey  5. Matt Harvey will be traded  (last 6 Harvey starts:  4-0, 34-IP, 25-K, 0-HR, 2.38) – Mack – don’t let these kind of numbers bother you Mets fans. Harvey hated pitching here and it obviously became part of his game. There is nothing to do in Cincy but play sports, and he’s been able to clear his head and get his game back together for a decent contract next season. He easily could be moved again this season for a loan.

      4.    To back up what I just said, here’s a story written about Harvey and his teammates in Cincinnati - Link

      5.    Jim Kaat - @KaatJim - The more chatter I read about ‘what’s wrong with ‘the game’, the more I’m convinced the best option is still. 7 inning games, 10 man maximum pitching staffs.. leave the rest alone. want to debate’what about the record book’ Im happy to discuss. It’s been altered since 1961... (John Manuel - @johnmanuelNC - Love ya Jim but I’d start with equipment before fundamental aspects to the game.)  Mack – the thought of seven inning games are dumb. You can’t change the one area where all the statistics of a sport are affected. This would be like playing three quarters for football games. How would you just a rusher, a passer, or anyone’s stats verses their peers over the history of the game? So, how we’re going to beat the home run record with, what, 50? Just stupid.

     6.    Marc Hulet of Fangraphs Link updated the Houston Top 10 prospects (Seth Beer is now ranked 6th on the list). There’s Beer, a first baseman, and eight pitchers. Boy, it’s going to be a long time before this team stinks again.

     7.    Keane - @kranepool - There is more to this than we know I think Callaway is fed up with Smith’s attitude and until he shows he serious about improving he’ll be a bench player notice that Mickey goes out of his way to praise Rosario about his work ethic and willingness to be coached up but not Dom – Mack – my buddy here might of hit on something. The one thing I know about the Mets is it never pays to open your mouth and bad mouth the team. Drew Smith is in Vegas because of it (“I’m in Las Vegas for no apparent reason”) and Smith is riding the bench for his public words. IMO, sending him down doesn’t work right now. There is no one else that can back up Flores on first. Bruce is MIA and Alonso is in Vegas. Let him ride and watch what should have been good times for him.

      8.    Andy Martino reported on SNY that Mickey Callaway is all but certain to finish this season as the Mets manager. He also said that Callaway will manage next year. Lastly, he said that the main choice for a new General Manager will be outside the team, not an insider like John Ricco. As for most things Martino has written in the past, I’m going to have to give this time to see if it rings true.


Hobie said...

& inning games? this is THE Jim Kaat? Geesh.

I'm trying to think of an analogous upheaval: the 3-point shot? Maybe when they removed the horses from water polo.

Mike Freire said...

Adjust the equipment, not the structure of the game (agreed).

Dom is definitely in the "dog house".......it is also self inflicted and you have to wonder where he goes from here?

Oh and Matt Harvey is a selfish p$%ck......good luck getting a long term deal after pulling the stunt(s) you did to get out of NY.

Gary Seagren said...

Wonder what all this means with Harper up for a BIG payday this winter after watching him sleepwalk thru this last series and the Nats surprised me with very lackluster play like they couldn't wait for the A.S. break...very curious.

Mack Ade said...

Gary -

Baseball is like a lot of sports.

Teams sometimes pay the freight only because they are afraid the player unsigned will go on and get the money they wanted from you and come back and bite you in the ass.

Harper, like all of them, will get his contract.

Tom Brennan said...

Smith fits in the dog house? Woof!

Mike Freire said...

I think Bryce will get a monster deal, deserved or not.

He is a very good player, but a bit too streaky to call him great.

Mack Ade said...


The Nats were shit before he and Strass came along.

Check the team W-L since

Mike Freire said...

I agree, Mack......but I wouldn't give him 300 million (plus), which is what is rumored to be on the table.

Mike Trout? Probably, but Bryce is a notch below that number, IMO.

Gary Seagren said...

That's kind of my point he'll get his contract but 300 mil?

Michael Freire said...

That was the rumor I heard/read, that he wanted 10 years and 300 million........crazy talk.

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