Last week, I highlighted Brooklyn Cyclone's team stats, which were pretty darned solid, I have to say, so solid, so solid. 

Yesterday, Kingsport's Mets, one of ten teams in the Appalachian League, got their periodic check up, and got an "A" in the hitting department. 
The GCL Mets?

Lab test results are in (stats through Monday), and the doc likes most of what he sees:
30 games in, the GCL Mets kiddies are solid at 17-13, with a +21 run differential.  Nice.

18 teams in this league! 

The Gulf Mets have scored 146 runs in 30 games (4.85 RPG), which is a big improvement over last year's squad. 

Quite a league range in runs scored, with the Cardinals averaging a robust 6.8 runs per game, while the Orioles sputter at 3.3 runs per contest. 

The team is 6th out of 18 in hitting at .269 (Phillies killing it at .318). 

The Mini-Mets' .386 slugging % is a fine 5th best in the GCL. 

Triples?  First with 19, whereas the triple-starved Twins have just 2.

Homers?  9th out of 20 with 10, with the Tigers tops with 18 and the Phillies, while hitting .318, have a mere 3 dingers.
Steals? 36 of 57, not a great rate, but the 36 steals are good a 7th place slot (Phils have 48, Orioles have just 6, but they have been caught stealing 18 less times than our Metsies, too).
The Mini-Mets' 3.46 ERA  is 5th best out of the 20 teams - pretty impressive.
Its tidy 1.29 WHIP is 2nd best!
It sits at 6th in Ks at 224, but just 8 more would have had them at # 3.
Walks?  4th worst at 107 (league lowest is 78).
I'll save the rookie league individual standouts' update for later this week!  Except to mention that # 2 in RBIs in the entire GCL is 17 year old Ronnie Mauricio, with 23, which should bring a smile to the beleaguered Mets' fan's face.

In conclusion, so far, the 3 Mets rookie league teams are playing much better than in 2017.  And that ain't bad.

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