The Dominican Summer League (DSL) is filled with international signees, mostly very young guys hoping to show enough chops to jump further to rookie ball leagues stateside and embark on their quest for a major league career.

It is sub-rookie league baseball in quality – lots of guys who do well enough in the DSL to go to stateside rookie leagues see a real fall off in performance once they get there.  Few are successful enough to make a real surge up the Mets’ organizational ladder.

Hitters who did well in the DSL last year and are still smacking it stateside too include Luis Santana (.359 – Kingsport), Sherveyn Newton (.286 - Kingsport), and Sebastian Espino (.300 – GCL Mets).  Guys struggling who hit well last year include last year’s best DSL hitter Yoel Romero (.364, down to .236 in Kingsport) and Chris Pujols, Jhoander Saez, Dave Lozano, and Jose Peroza.  Former DSL player Kenny Hernandez is hitting just .168/.302/.179 this season for Kingsport.

There are 44 teams in the DSL, of which the Mets have two teams: DSL1 Mets and DSL2Mets.

This year’s teams have not hit well: DSL 1 is hitting .233 in 44 games, while the DSL 2 Mets are hitting a 43rd out of 44 teams .202.   The highest league average is .275, by comparison, and the Cardinals squad has scored 319 runs vs. the Mets 1 team’s 198 runs and the Mets 2 team scoring just 179 runs.

Last year’s successful Mets squads hit .251 (Mets 1) and .277 (Mets 2), so on average, the two 2018 teams are hitting 46 points lower than last year’s squads.

The 2018 teams combined are 47-42 (.528), while last year’s combined were a far better 94-48 (.662).

ERAs for DSL 1 and DSL 2 this year are 2.81 and 4.11, as compared to last year’s 2.42 and 2.74, so like with the hitting, the pitching is below the high standard set by the 2017 teams.

Hitters who are standing out this year on the DSL Mets 1 and 2 squads?

ANDRES REGNAULT – a catcher who hit .270 in the DSL last year, Regnault is smoking it at .326/.410/.600 this season with 11 doubles, 8 homers and 30 RBIs in 38 games, with 26 Ks.  He is a 19 year old big boy at 6’0”, 250, and has made 2 errors while gunning down 33% of runners.

And – hitting-wise – that’s basically it.


I like to look at WHIP, ERA, and K rate.  Those who are making an impression are:

Cesar Loaiza – HAIL, CESAR!!  34.2 IP, 18 hits, 13 walks, 45 Ks, 4-0, 0.78 ERA, 0.89 WHIP.

Nixon (I am not a crook) Silva, also 4-0, 0.59, 0.86 WHIP, 23 hits and 3 walks in 30 IP, 25 
Ks. (I wonder if he ever heard of Richard Nixon?)

Benito Garcia, 18, is 1-3, 4.44, BUT 42 Ks in 26 IP.

Chris Dominguez is 5-1, 1.50, 48 IP, 43 K, 0.98 WHIP.

Jeff Escorcha – 2-3, 1.74 ERA, 0.65 WHIP and 40 Ks in 31 IP, including 10 in a recent perfect 4 inning stint.

There is all you need to know about our DSL Delights.


Mack Ade said...

Tom -


This year's DSL teams are not as exciting as last years.

That being said, we really need to move Regnault to Florida and play for the GCL Mets for the remainder of the season.

He really has earned it and two of the Florida catchers are hitting .133 and .077.

Tom Brennan said...

Regnault deserves the chance this season, indeed...but there is always the example of Vicente Lupo to recall that a DSL hitting star sometimes can't figure out even rookie ball when he comes stateside. Hopefully, Regnault will be the next Luis Santana, and kill rookie ball when he arrives like Luis has.

Tom Brennan said...

Mack, I would like to see Cesar Loiaza and and Jeff Escorcha promoted to stateside as pitchers before the GCL season ends.

Mack Ade said...

both deserve it

Hobie said...

I see Astudillo is now i in the GCL (and struggling a bit at 2/15). Still, ay 18 mor BB than K's agon this year (12/9 in 97 AB's).

Tom Brennan said...

Howie, seeing how guys like Astudillo struggle often when coming stateside is what makes Ronnie Mauricio's great performance at his age while skipping the DSL truly impressive.

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