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Good morning.

You might remember that I was touting Ramon Guzman last year when he was a relief pitcher for the DSL-1 team. He went 1-1, 1.25, 1.02 in 13-games, three of which he started. Well, this year, the 21-year old got off to a rocky start for the DLS-2 team (3-starts, 7.45), but for some reason got an invitation to come to Florida and join the GCL-Mets and, as they say, the rest (so far) is history: 6-G, 4-starts, 5-1, 1.84, 1.19. One was the five scoreless innings he threw yesterday.

By the way, 17-year old 2nd round draft pick Simeon Woods-Richardson threw his professional inning in the same game… no runs, no hits, one strikeout, and one save. How special is that? Clock hit 99 three times.

A KNBR Radio announcer said that the A’s originally offered to the Mets high level prospect, OF Lazero Armentaro, if the Mets would pay some of Familia’s 2018 salary. You may remember this is the same guy we told you that was sat out the day all of this coming down. Minor League Ball had Armentaro as the 9th top prospect (Toffey was 17th), saying “Grade B-: Age 18, signed out of Cuba for $3,000,000; solid debut season with .288/.376/.474 line in rookie ball, four homers, 10 steals, 16 walks, 48 strikeouts in 156 at-bats; 60 speed, 50 or 55 raw power, needs polish with swing mechanics but draws positive reviews for bat speed and overall athleticism; glove needs work as well but could be OK in center with more experience; long way off but I like the upside and have a good intuitive feeling on this one. ETA 2021.

RP Paul Sewald was recalled by the Mets from AAA-Las Vegas. The 28/yr. old has not faired well in Queens this year (28-G, 5.05-ERA) but he has excelled in Vegas since being sent down (7-G, 1.13). Let’s hope he’s worked things out. God knows we could use another reliever.

Real exciting news came out just before 4pm yesterday that 19/yr. old prospect, SS Andres Gimenez, has been promoted to AA-Binghamton. Gimenez has been playing in Florida around two years younger than the average players in that league. He is now one of only three 19/yr. olds in the Eastern League.  Gimenez hit .282/.348/.432 and led the league in stolen bases. It also fast tracks him into being in position to make it to Queens sometimes next season. Exciting stuff.

MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia are all interested in the services of IF Astrubel Cabrera. The question no longer seems to be if the Mets will dangle him to the three teams and offer to pay half of what’s left of his 2018 salary so we could get a decent chip… no, my guess is the prize goes to the team with the most International money left. I may be wrong here, but what if we get all this moolah and we lose out for the Cuban phenom? Doesn’t this money have to be spent this year?

We had our first 14 strikeout pitcher yesterday in Columbia. 24/yr. old ex-free agent pickup, Luc Rennie, had 14 missed bats in 7-IP and lowered his season ERA to 0.83. Is he for real? Well, his age alone warrants at least one bump up to help determine that. His first pro year was 2012 and fell to the Frontier League in 2016 and 2017. The Mets signed him on July 3rd.

From the medical room, SP Noah Syndergaard was placed on the DL for ‘hand, foot, and mouth disease’. Lying John Ricco told reporters that Thor feels he might of caught it when he visited a youth camp last week. I was thinking he might of got it if he was roaming the halls of the executive suites. SP Corey Oswalt, who just was sent down, was recalled to fill Syndergaard’s slot.


Bob Gregory said...

I'm sorry. I just can not get excited about a GCL reliever. No matter how well they perform in a game.

I still see it as much better to draft starting pitchers and then move them to reliever if they fail as a starter when they move up the ranks.

Tom Brennan said...

Guzman rhymes with Koosman, we can only hope.

This team is concerned with 2 things: cash flow and toilet flow.

Why get a superior prospect by spending a few more precious shekels? Birds around Citifield don't go cheep cheep cheep, they go cheap cheap cheap.

Wasn't Rennie in the Day the Earth Stood Still? Hopefully he can continue to make batters stand still like last night.

Gimenez for power needs to add 20 pounds this winter while avoiding stenosis, heel calcification, and hoof and mouth disease. That is a tricky gauntlet to navigate.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

We have done that in the past as well as recently (Peterson, Dunn, Kay).

I try to keep us all stimulated here with some positive news and most of it is coming out of our DSL teams.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

i really hope Gimenez can kick Rosario to either 2B or 3B

Mike Freire said...

The constant poor personnel decisions, public relations gaffes and the overall dysfunction of this team is baffling.

How the hell does anyone in upper management keep their jobs in 2019?

I know the Mets are viewed as a "cash cow" by the Wilpons, but if this continues, that will be impacted as well. It is more then time to clean house and get some fresh ideas on board.

Seriously, you almost have to try to be this bad to have things turn out this way (or maybe I am onto something).

Better days are ahead, hopefully.

Certainly seems that way with the progress some of the kids are showing.

Viper said...

Same BS every year. Ricco says the Mets will pick up money in order to get a better player back. Still waiting because it hasn't happened.

Maybe is me, but I rather get one good prospect back than two that have virtually no chance of making it to the majors.

Lets see what garbage Cabrera brings.

Bob Gregory said...

It is a tough challenge to run a Met based blog.

Mack Ade said...

Mike -

I really don't think it is going to get any better under these guys.

Great potential GMs are never going to interview for a job where they don't get to run the show.

The league needs to step in.

Mack Ade said...

Viper -

through all this static, we just might have a good one in Bobby Wahl

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

Tell me about it...

Anonymous said...

Re-Around The Corn

NY Yankees get their Happ(less). Solid pitcher for 35 year old, a lefty too, not bad. Has solid stats overall, although a little high on the ERA side. But will it give them any advantage over the Red Sox? A: Probably not. Red Sox get Eovaldi, Yankees Happ. Advantage Red Sox.

On Jeff McNeil...

I haven't seen him enough yet at this level. But the two things I really like already about Jeff are: 1. He has a VERY discerning eye at the plate. 2. His attitude is excellent and he will fit in beautifully with my "BAM-BAM Boys" who are all about playing hard, winning games, and great team chemistry. My only question is simply this one, "Why not start him on second base and Cabrera on third?" Maybe Jeff has experience at third base? I just don't know. But Jeff probably has better range now than Asdrubal, and Asdrubal has the perfect third base body for this.

On The Shift

Take an "F" out of the word and you have my opinion on it. I hate the shift and wish it would be disallowed, or just go away entirely. But we are stuck with it for now I suppose. The only way to get it to end (once and for all) may be to teach your entire team how to hit to the opposite field, if it can be done and taught this late and at this MLB level. In the old days batters could do this much more easily, hit the opposite way. But then too the fastballs were slower and pitchers pitched eight or nine innings every time out.

Steven Matz goes tonight. He needs to get the win, or chance being traded to the Cincinatti Redlegs or even worse the NY Jets, a fate no one should have to endure.

On The Umpire Reviews

I think it fair that the umpires should be served some au d'oeuvres (like maybe pigs in a blanket)and Pinot Noir wine while they are waiting MLB in NY for a decision on the last appealed call. It seems only reasonable. Maybe give them a chaise lounge too! Sometimes, it is a wait.

Anonymous said...

On Joey Bats

GM Alderson's best acquisition this year. He just needed to start in a string of consistent games. He amazes me. Has his homerun stroke just about all the way back now too!

Holy Cow Man!

Tom Brennan said...

Anonymous, all presented as interesting points.

McNeil can play 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th, that much I can tell you. Outfield too. Great eye, great teammate, and best of all, hopefully a great player.

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