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Good morning.

3B Jose Brizuela transferred from short-season A Brooklyn to Columbia. Brizuela was hitting .235 for the Cyclones (102-ABs), which on the surface doesn’t translate enough for a promotion, but my guess is this could mean that Rigoberto Terrazas (.185) is headed to, at best, the bench.

Binghamton INF Nick Sergakis was activated from the Disabled List, and then released. Nick was a 26th round pick in 2016, out of Ohio State, and it never worked out for him. He’s played parts of three seasons for Brooklyn to Binghamton, all in a utility role. His combined three year professional batting average is .239, only because he hit .252 for both Brooklyn (2016) and St. Lucie (2017). This year, in a part time role (61-AB), he hit .164 for Las Vegas and Binghamton. We wish him well.

Binghamton INF Joey Wong was placed on the Disabled List. The 30-year old Wong joined this team year, hitting .000 (8-ABs) for Vegas and .196 (94-ABs) for Binghamton. He is, at best, a AAAA player.

As I’m sure you all know, 2B Jeff McNeil has been (finally) called up by the Mets. This is long due. I assume he will take the 40-man roster slot left empty when Jeurys Familia departed. This also could mean that we are getting closer to trading away 2B Astrubel Cabrera. McNeil is hitting .342 for the combined AA/AAA affiliates.

The Mets followed the McNeil move by calling up fellow infielder Phillip Evans. Interesting. There needs to be two corresponding removals, either through DFAs or DLs. The first was easy… Yoenes Cespedes was placed on the disabled list. I would hope the team would sit down with him and discuss the option of having immediate surgery on his heel and sitting out until opening day 2019. Nothing will be lost here. The fanbase is already all over him and, reading the Kevin Kernan piece today that said the Mets know all about his heel problem before they signed him to that last contract. Well, it just wouldn’t be a good time for him to be hanging out in the clubhouse… The second move was OF/IF Ty Kelly being DFA’d.

Before we move on from McNeil, let’s remember he was a former 12th round draft pick. You just never know what is out there and you just have to keep scouting the kids in hopes of a hidden gem. He hit ,348 in his junior year (2013) for Long Beach State, followed by .329 for Kingsport the same year. He hit .332 for Savannah in 2014, .312 for St. Lucie in 2015. He simply proved from day one as a Met that he was no fluke. All of us on Mack’s Mets wish him well.

Lastly, it was unbelievable last night waiting for the Team Formerly Known As The New York Mets to work out the details on what they were going to say at the Yoenes Cespedes press conference. It was within one hour of game time and there still was no official announcement that Cespedes was on the disabled list, which made Jeff McNeil not officially being added to the 25-man squad. They finally worked it out and McNeil had the opportunity to get a single in his first pro at-bat, but it amazes me how far this team has fallen in execution and operational intelligence.


Jack Flynn said...

Now that the Daily News sports section has been obliterated, what media outlet is going to play house organ for the team?

Mack Ade said...

I have a 14-year old granddaughter.

She called about two weeks ago and asked if I had a newspaper she could have.

She told me that she NEVER have read a newspaper.

"Oh the times they are a changin..."

Tom Brennan said...

Mack, things fell further with Cespedes now expected to be out until mid 2019 and who knows if he will ever be healthy enough to play again.


Tom Brennan said...

Mack and Jack, I think that between ages 12 and 20, I delivered nearly 200,000 Long Island Press newspapers. An early casualty unconnected to electronic media, since PCs had not yet been invented.

Gary Seagren said...

Ahhh the best is yet to come....look who's playing 3rd base today and it ain't McNeil so they must be showcasing Reyes....really????

Bob Gregory said...

Familia trade vs Britton trade:

Ricco should immediately pack his bags and leave the baseball industry.

Mack Ade said...


My route was 112th - 114th street between Atlantic Avenue and 101st Avenue

Mack Ade said...


Their starter was a lefty

It wouldnt be fair 2 start a rookie LHH against a lefty

Mike Freire said...

I am simply baffled by the level of ineptitude in the front office......that HAS to change before next year (right???)

Here's to Jeff McNeil and his work ethic! Nice to see someone that wasn't given much hype, make it to the big leagues and prove everyone wrong (to this point).

Mack Ade said...


I dont know

I just dont know

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