St. Lucie 10 - Clearwater 8


PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. (July 24, 2018) – The St. Lucie Mets put together their biggest comeback win of the season on Tuesday, rallying past the Clearwater Threshers 10-8 at First Data Field.

The Mets trailed 8-2 at the midway point. They would score eight unanswered runs. Mike Paez started the comeback with two-out, two-run homer in the bottom of the fifth. Later in the frame Raphael Gladu ripped a two-run double to cut the deficit to 8-6.

Clearwater reliever Alberto Tirado walked the first three batters of the bottom of the seventh. All three batters ended up scoring. Dan Rizzie hit a game-tying two-run double. Wuilmer Becerra broke the tie with a RBI sac fly to make it 9-8. Luis Carpio added another run with a two-out RBI single to put the Mets up 10-8.

Adam Atkins pitched two scoreless innings to get the win. Stephen Villines got a strikeout and double play in the ninth to end the game and collect his second save.

The Mets received big offensive nights from several players. Carpio went 2 for 5 with a home run and extended his hitting streak to 10 games.

Jeremy Vasquez went 2 for 2 with two walks and was hit by a pitch. He reached base all five trips to the plate and scored three runs.

Rizzie went 2 for 3 with two RBI and two runs scored.

Five Mets had multi-RBI games.


Anonymous said...

Re: Mike Free Ire's posting today...

Overall, a good and interesting read by Mike. NY sports fans (for which I am one) tend to be arduous people to try and figure out. They are loving of their teams beyond reason or necessity, yet impatient as all get out when things go wrong. Dedicated to their teams, yet demanding of all its players to perfection. God forbid if a key player gets hurt or is perceived not to be putting out at a 100% clip, both being totally unacceptable to all us NY fans. And most NY sports fans never took a snap either. But that should not somehow matter, right?

Take the Mets' outfielder Yoenis Cespedes and the Yankees" starting catcher Gary Sanchez as two such examples of the "ire", both of whom have been publicly scrutinized as being basically dogging it. I think that their labeling has been at least somewhat unfair, and will say why now.

Cespedes has basically hit 30+ homeruns per season when healthy for awhile, has like a .289 career BA I believe. Sanchez has been labeled the next star catcher (especially batting wise) by Yankee fans and the media experts in the near recent past. Yankee fans loved Gary. He is a sincere homerun hitting catcher, something not too prevalent in MLB today. But both are out currently on the injury list, and with real injuries I must add in here now.

If you want to blame anyone for these two players' injuries, maybe start with Adam and Eve then to vent your frustration. After all, it was that darn "red fruit" that got us all here injury prone to begin with. Had to listen to that darn snake, didn't you! (Good one)

No one wants to win more than NY fans, I know this because I share this responsibility of being one. That's why if I have any seemingly sound ideas (usually only to me of course I realize) I spray it onto this Mets blog with all its obvious many misspellings and faulty logic. Mack is kind enough to let me because he shares my profound and unrelenting Mets passion.

I think that maybe Yoenis Cespedes was simply wanting this injury not to be so severe, so he could keep on playing even if in some heel pain. He tried to come back and couldn't go with the heels. He was hoping it would just go away so that he could contribute at the rate he always has done here.

In Gary Sanchez' case, he had leg issues of his own to consider. Pain is a good motivator not to try and do something. The same can probably be said for Todd Frazier and Jay Bruce. Injuries happen. It's a sadly very human thing. It's a flaw brought about by that darn "red fruit" back in the Garden. What can I say?

Until all the robots finally get here, human injury will unfortunately go on. But players who would have never gotten a solid chance to play for these NY Mets and NY Yankees so soon and because of these injuries, are grateful.

New Champion players can be born of this way. It sometimes can start with just one injury to someone else. Then that door swings open and someone new walks in.

Darn "red fruit"!

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