Tony Plate - deGrom pitches well in NL loss at All-Star Game


Even though it was only one inning Jacob deGrom pitched well in the National League’s loss in the 2018 All- Star Game played at Nationals Park in front of over 43,000 fans. deGrom’s pitching performance in 2018 has been the only bright spot in the Met’s season. deGrom came in the third inning of the game and retired Betts who is a candidate to win the 2018 AL MVP award, then he retired current MVP Active. Trout then hit a line drive home run which ended deGrom’s perfect All-Star career. deGrom retired Martinez who leads the AL in HR’s and RBI’s to end the inning. deGrom’s performance gave Met’s fans something to cheer about. If deGrom continues to pitch this well during the second half he could be a candidate for the CY Young Award.

This game which featured a record ten home runs was one of the greatest All-Star Games in history. Bregman who was named MVP of the game and Springer from the Astros homered on consecutive pitches off of Stripling of the Dodgers to begin the tenth inning which enabled the American League to beat the National League 8-6 Tuesday night for its sixth straight win. The same thing occurred when Houston hitters battered Dodger pitching in the 2017 World Series. The others that hit home runs were Judge, Segura, Votto, Contreras, Story, Yelich and Gennett whose tying two run shot sent the game in extra innings. The game was almost a duplicate of the home run hitting contest. In addition to the home runs pitching also dominated the game which resulted in 25 strikeouts overall. The starters Scherzer and Sale were dominant.

The last time Washington fans watched an All-Star game in person was back in 1969. So, 49 years later they were able to see a home run hitting contest won by their favorite Bryce Harper who put together a late surge to come back and win the contest which thrilled National fans. Wilson Ramos returned to Nationals Park as a visiting All-Star and received a good hometown welcome. So, I would say the local Washington fans really will remember this All-Star game for a longtime to come.


Mack Ade said...

The home run derby was the first time Harper reached the second round in anything

Tom Brennan said...

Ha Ha. Good point.

No shame for Jake to give up a HR to the Big Fish Mike Trout. Two greats, one came out ahead.

Tom Brennan said...

Willie Mays and Stan Musial had very good career #'s against Sandy Koufax, when very few others did. So, Trout can hit a HR off Jake.

I also read that former Met superstar (chuckle) Carlos Baerga was 6 for 10 against Nolan Ryan lifetime.

Mike Freire said...

I like home runs, and all......but doesn't it seem like some of the finer details of the game are being lost?

Home runs and strikeouts dominate.....what about small ball, etc?

Reminds me of the NBA where fundamentals are dead and it is all dunks and three pointers dominate.

Met Monkey said...

Mike, we live in a materialist realm where nuance that is less quantifiable is mistrusted and frightening, cuz you can be blamed for liking or disliking a thing that is not a measurable, right? Sorry, this is a tired psychologist's take. Therapy is even discounted cuz of this. Why aren't there other contests in the all-star game: line-drive hitting, pegging the bases, even bunting? I would watch for a change.

Hobie said...

Mythical Pro-Bowl: Every offensive series a 3-and-out with 10 touchdowns scored a punt returns, KO returns & a couple of pick-sixes.

Greatest in history?

BTW, the analogy to any random NBA game is pretty good.

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