Mack – Some ‘Minor’ Observations: The Starters


Good morning.

Las Vegas –

Nabil Crismatt

            Friday -                    6-IP, 7-H, 0-R, 4-K, 2-BB, WIN (2-0), 3.27

Wow. Shutout ball at the AAA level. Whodda thunk it? Crismatt now has a 3.55-ERA in 18 starts between Binghamton and Vegas.

Binghamton -         
Harol Gonzalez

Thursday -    Gonzalez was returned to Binghamton after a short visit to AAA-Las Vegas

St. Lucie:

            David Peterson

                        Thursday -                5.1-IP, 11-H, 5-ER, 4-K, 1-BB, LOSS (2-3), 5.93

Sadly, I have dropped Peterson’s chip color to blue and, frankly, if he doesn’t get his act together in the second part of the season, I’ll strip him of that also. This is starting to look like Nathan Vineyard all over again.
            Anthony Kay -  

                        Monday -                 6 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 5 K, 2.70

This is Tony’s second start for Lucy and Tom Brennan was right. This is a much more pitcher friendly league than Sally. ERA is almost in half. Love it.

Joe Cavillaro

           Tuesday -                  6-IP, 2-H, 0-R, 6-K, 1-BB, WIN (1-0), 0.00

This is Cavillaro’s third affiliate this season. He excelled in Columbia (13-G, 8-2, 2.09) before being bumped two levels last week to Binghamton (1-ST, 9.00). The Mets obviously decided to pull back a little and settle with a promotion here in St. Lucie. So far, so good.

Brooklyn –

            Jaison Vilera  
                        Thursday -                7-IP, 3-H, 0-R, 9-K, 1-BB, WIN (2-1), 1.37

Almost a perfect outing for Vlera. He’s 21/yrs. old and has come off a 2017 with one of our DSL teams and a 1.88-ERA in 11-games (8-starts).   

Kingsport –

            Willy Tavares

                        Friday -                      5-IP, 5-H, 1-ER, 4-K, 1-BB, WIN (1-0), 1.80

Willy brought it to the Appy League with his first stellar outing. Folks, this is going to be a real deal prospect and could make it to Queens by 2022.
Joey Butto -

            Wednesday -                       6-IP, 6-H, 1-ER, 8-K, 1-BB, WIN (1-0), 1.25

The 20/yr. old continues to impress in his fourth start this year. He’s now given up only 3-ER in 21.2-IP (with 20-K).

            Willy Tavares -   
                        Thursday  -                           was transferred to Kingsport
            Cesar Loaiza      
                        Monday -                 5-IP, 2-H, 0-ER, 4-K, 2-BB, 0.88, WIN (4-0)

Loaiza keeps racking up one great start after another. This is now three earned runs in 30.2-IP (7-starts). One more and he goes to a ‘blue’ prospect.


Tom Brennan said...

David Peterson: the latest first round head scratcher?

Tom Brennan said...

Crismatt seems the closest to MLB ready at this point.

Mike Freire said...

It is hard to fathom how bad we have been as an organization at drafting players during Sandy's tenure.....especially the higher picks.

Tom Brennan said...

Yep, Mike, and it is also SO important to lose enough to get really high draft picks when you're bad. I read this amazing stat about 2017 #1 overall pick:

Reds prospect Hunter Greene threw 19 pitches 100 MPH+ in the Futures Game. Got up to 103. Since 2008 there's been 4 MLB teams that haven't thrown that many pitches 100 MPH+

Gary Seagren said...

So were ALL looking forward to this new GM with the only problem being who's picking him/her. Aside from Sandy's trade to get Cespedes in 2015 which was pure luck it's been a LONG 8 years but hopefully (and as Met Fans that's all we got) the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train. Now we all know whats coming with YC returning and the pitching staff healthy we'll win enough to not get a top 10 pick.

Michael Freire said...

Agreed......I was thinking the same thing after they showed some spark against the Nats this past weekend.

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