Mike Freire - MLB Status Check

As of this morning (07-13-18), most of the teams in MLB have played more then 90 games which means that we are approaching the 60% mark for the season (or well over half way).  The Mets are proving to be one of the worst teams in baseball which isn't news at this point.  However, if you take a look at the general standings outside of the sad state of affairs with the "orange and blue", there are some interesting story lines that are developing across the major leagues.

For starters, let's take a look at the playoff picture in both leagues, if the season ended today.  Keep in mind, I put a projected win total next to each team based on their winning percentage to date.

American League

1.  Boston      112-50
2.  Houston    105-57
3.  Cleveland   88-74
4.  New York   107-55
5.  Seattle      100-62

Your (idiotic) one game "wild card" match up would be Seattle at New York, with the winner traveling to Boston for the Divisional Series and Cleveland would travel to Houston for a similar series.  The winners of those two series would meet in the ALCS, as we all know.

If you take a closer look at the projected standings, you could have FOUR American League teams with at least 100 wins, which is crazy!  Furthermore, your "wild card" game would feature a 100 win team and a 107 win team fighting it out for the right to meet a 112 win team in the next round of the playoff picture.  Regardless of how the final standing end up, you have the potential for an amazing set of playoff series in the AL when October rolls around.

National League

1.  Milwaukee      95-67
2.  Philadelphia   92-70
3.  Los Angeles   89-73
4.  Chicago         94-68
5.  Atlanta          91-71

Your one game "wild card" match up would be Atlanta at Chicago, with the winner traveling to Milwaukee for the Divisional Series and Los Angeles would travel to Philadelphia for a similar series.  As stated above, the winners of the two Divisional Series would meet in the NLCS and the winner of that series would likely serve as cannon fodder for whatever powerhouse American League team that emerges from their scrum, in the World Series.

In stark contrast to the AL picture, the NL teams have projected win totals that are more in line with what we have come to expect year in and year out.  Perhaps there is a bit more parity in the NL (possible), OR a lot of the talent in MLB is concentrated in the AL (likely).

Despite the Mets' lack of success this year, there are teams in other areas that are doing well and they make for an interesting set of stories.  Plus, despite the doom and gloom in our corner of MLB, there will still be a playoff season and a World Series at the end of the year (2015 suddenly seems like a long time ago).

Lastly, since the Mets are no where to be found in the playoff picture, let's take a look at a different set of standings and see how they are doing.  The following standings are the BOTTOM five teams in MLB, or in other words, the teams that are racing each other to the gutter (which also comes with a high draft pick in the next
MLB Draft).

The Bottom Five

1.  Baltimore      45-117
2.  Kansas City   46-116
3.  Chicago        55-107
4.  New  York      66-96
5.  Miami           67-95

Interestingly enough, there are THREE teams already on pace to lose well more the 100 games, which is nearly as crazy as the four AL teams on pace to win that many games.  The three worst teams are in the AL, so the disparity in win/loss totals in that league starts to make more sense.

Furthermore, with a bit more "effort", the Mets and the Marlins could also join the "100 loss club", which would be even more amazing and sad.  Let's hope that this is a one year "blip" on the radar and that the Mets can land a good draft pick (currently 4th) for their troubles.


Mack Ade said...

Nice update

At this point, I truly hope we finish last and get at least the 4th pick in the draft

Michael Freire said...

Agreed, Mack......I hate to root for a team to "quit", but if you are going to be bad, you may as well go for it, IMO.

Mack Ade said...

The great thing about getting a pick in the lower 5... your second round pick is like getting a late first round pick.

You are guaranteed to get three great picks... if you know how to do this.

Michael S. said...

I’m hoping for Logan Davidson

Mack Ade said...

Scannell -

Do we really need another shortstop?

Michael S. said...

Mack -

Can never have enough. SS is one position where I’d feel comfortable moving the player from and having them find success. Davidson, Rosario, and Gimenez are all top level SS’s and they could populate 3/4 of the Mets’ entire infield. A shift to 3B or 2B for any of them should be smooth, but I’d guess Davidson would go to 3B and Gimenez to 2B.

I know there’s some resistance to moving players ‘out of pisition’ but we’re not talking about Todd Hundley, Duda, or Murphy. If these kids project as MLB SS’s, I have the confidence that they’d be athletic enough to make the changes.

Additionally, if the Mets did take Davidson and keeping all 3 wasn’t part of the plan, Rosario and/or Gimenez could be very attractive trade chips.

Mack Ade said...

Well Michael,

In the long run, you're get my vote on Davidson.

I'm a big Clemson fan (daughter grad there) and I follow their baseball team for every game