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            Brennan Malone, RHP, Porter Ridge (N.C.) HS

Considered the best prep player in his home state of North Carolina, Malone has great size at 6-4 and 210 pounds, and the stuff to match it. His fastball sits in the low-90s, but has topped out in the mid-90s, and he compliments the offering with a solid curveball that he’ll occasionally throw with true 12-6 break. Though he has a changeup, it’s inconsistent and below average as it stands now. The thing that entices scouts about Malone is his upside. They believe with time, coaching and weight gain, his repertoire will develop into that a front-of-the-rotation big leaguer. He’s committed to the University of North Carolina and should draw dozens of scouts to each of his outings between now and next June, giving big-league clubs ample opportunity to make a decision on the rising

MLBtr.com’s top list of trade candidates at the All-Star break –

5. Asdrubal Cabrera, MLBTR INF, Mets (LR: NR): The switch-hitting Cabrera has been a consistently strong offensive producer since coming to the Mets. He’s showing more power than ever before at the moment, with 17 home runs and a .215 isolated slugging mark. Cabrera could be tasked with playing at second or third, though metrics have not smiled upon his glovework. With Jed Lowrie set to stay in Oakland, the Mets should receive some added interest in Cabrera.

An Incomplete Portrait of Baseball and America –

   When my brother was 12, the traveling baseball team he played on competed at a tournament in Cooperstown, New York. This place, he and his teammates were told, was baseball mecca—not just the home of Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame, but also the site where the future Union general Abner Doubleday organized the sport’s first-ever game in 1839.

You won’t find any mention of Doubleday at the Library of Congress’s new exhibition, Baseball Americana, for a very simple reason: The story, despite its prominence over the decades, isn’t true. Still, surveying the rich trove of historical documents and artifacts on display, it’s easy to see why organized baseball embraced the myth. Baseball Americana illustrates how the game has benefited from the wealth of storytellers clamoring to burnish its all-American image over the years—even as the exhibit itself presents a polished view of the sport.

Baseball: The Most Dangerous Sport In America? –

   4) In the hundreds of thousands of years of evolution of the shoulder and elbow, nothing prepared the human arm for the ability to throw a ball 100 times a game at high rates of speed. 25% of major league pitchers have undergone Tommy John surgery. Even though starting pitchers pitch fewer innings than they did in the early days of baseball, they also throw at heightened speeds putting extreme pressure on the arm.

New York Excelsior's Saebyeolbe Jong-ryeol throws out first pitch at Mets game –

  To the right of the main entrance to the stadium was Overwatch League player Park "Saebyeolbe" Jong-ryeol, hanging out with his wife and friends and chatting in Korean. Saebyeolbe made his way from Los Angeles to throw out the first pitch for Wednesday's game between the Mets and San Diego Padres. If he had any pre-pitch jitters, he hid it well, despite saying so.


Tom Brennan said...

Brennan Malone? Choice is obvious :)

Tell pitchers today that Warren Spahn missed several years with the war and still won 363 games, without Tommy John Surgery Might be worth figuring out how he actually pulled that off.

Of course, if he got the support Jake deGrom did, he would have won only 120.

Wheeler's big chance to impress the heck out of a club that can score, so he can go somewhere else and actually win, comes today. Game of his life?

Gary Seagren said...

Still trying to get over Callaway's quote about keeping Bautista and Reyes in the rotation with McNeil and Evans...WHY??????????????????

Tom Brennan said...

Gary, there is always the effort to showcase the two - but after the trade deadline goes, so should those two - to the bench or, in Jose's case, off the team. My guess is the team will want to have a Jose and Wright night (or separate nights) to sell tickets and have fans recall headier times in Metsville.

Tom Brennan said...

McNeil on base 8 out of 14 times, BTW.

Alonso heating up, too, in AAA.

Tom Brennan said...

Another puzzler - why do the Mets, the excellent McNeil being the contrary example, have so many hitters called up who do nuthin'?

Matt den Dekker and Ty Kelly go 1 for 29?

Lobaton and Nido go 14 for 90?

Guillorme and a guy who should have been gone long ago, happy Jose, going 37 for 211 (.175)?

To allow Dom Smith, # 1 pick or not, after a weak 2018 AAA performance, to have over 70 plate appearances and just one walk and one RBI and a .216 on base % before being sent down?

That is a whole lot of putrid.

Why does this organization persist in calling up so many gosh-awful performers, or to keeping up the washed up, far too long and not force directional, fundamental changes?

The Bronx Bombers would not put up with such crap, in essentially any season.

A real Bomber hitter may struggle for a while, but the Bombers would not tolerate recycling trash heap crap.

The Mets make it an annual expectation.

Which several cheap bums each year will collectively compile ghastly, gosh-awful offensive output and kill its playoff chances?

Hang out a sign: Only True Major League Hitters Need Apply.

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