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Ike Davis:

The 2008 first-rounder out of Arizona State University didn't make the best first impression when he hit .256 for Brooklyn in 2008, with a .652 OPS, but he more than made up for it in his first full season. The son of former big league reliever Ron Davis, Ike started the year in the Florida State League and ended it in the Double-A Eastern League before heading to Europe to help Team USA win its second straight World Cup gold medal. Before his travels, he hit .298 with 20 homers and a .524 SLG. -  MLB.com

Jose Guillen:

Jose Guillen would approve a trade to the Mets. Guillen is aware the 2010 season will not be with the Kansas City Royals.

The newspaper goes on to report that Guillen has a limited no-trade clause and quoted the outfielder in Spanish saying: "If trading me would help the Royals, New York would be one of the clubs I would approve. ... I have just started a rigorous program of winter training in order to arrive in the best form possible for spring training. My mind is focused on having a great season next year and until now I believed that would be with the Royals. ... It would be a little unjust if they judge me for the statistics of this year, because the injuries did not allow me to play, but I have shown that when I am healthy I can produce a lot." -  Adam Rubin

Kaz Matsui:

The Yankees have a Matsui, we should get one too! This was the height of the Japanese obsession where the Mets would sign Shinjo and "The Japanese Greg Maddux" rather than get the real guys. - Mets Police 

Angel Pagan:

One thing that people must remember is that Angel Pagan was never considered a top-flight prospect, never hit more than .287 over a full season in the minors, never reached double figures in homeruns in any year, and collected 500+ at-bats only twice in ten professional seasons. Early in his pro career, his main tool was his speed — he was a burner on the basepaths, and used his legs to make up for errors in judgment both between the bases and in the outfield. Now that he’s older, banged up, and lost a step, his poor judgment is exposed — especially at the big league level, where everything moves just a bit faster. His fielding, in fact, is not unlike that of Shawn Green in the twilight of his career, when he, too, lost a step (or three). Like Green in his youth, Pagan used to be able to outrun his mistakes; but now, those mistakes result in flies that fall safely and runners who take extra bases. - Mets Today

Roy Halladay:

In order for the Mets to acquire Halladay by trade, they will be in the position of giving up several top name prospects combined with one or two other players, whether they are position players or pitchers . Matt Holliday will most likely stay in St Louis for another year with the Cardinals, but as a Free Agent, his options are open and the Mets know that an everyday left fielder who is a power hitter is a priority. Holliday’s contract demands may be more than the Mets are willing to spend but the Wilpons have told Omar Minaya that he has the budget that he needs, so it is possible that the Mets can spend the bulk of their winter budget to bring Holliday to New York - Daily Stache


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