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Hot Stove Target – Update:

C - Bengie Molina: - Bengie Molina (Giants) - While his stock appears to be down a bit, Molina still stands out as the top catcher available in free agency and should command a multiyear deal as a result. He's hit between .265 and .295 with 15-20 homers in five straight seasons, and that kind of consistency will be valued, even by the teams that recognize his brutal OBP, not to mention his total lack of speed, makes him a weak option in the middle of the lineup. I count eight teams in the market for a starting catcher: the Astros, Blue Jays, Brewers, Giants, Mariners, Mets, Reds and Royals. Of the group, Seattle and San Francisco are the only clubs at all likely to stay in house. A return to the Giants is likely out for Molina unless a multiyear offer fails to materialize. They're not going to want to block Buster Posey behind 2010. Prediction: Mets - two years, $11 million


Minaya also all but confirmed that the Mets intend to part with free agent Brian Schneider and hope to pair Omir Santos with an established catcher, which would allow Josh Thole to open the season at Triple-A Buffalo. Bengie Molina appears the primary free-agent target.
"It's a situation that we have to address," Minaya said. "Josh Thole is having a good year in winter ball (league-leading .414 average in Venezuela), and he's a fit because he's a lefthanded guy, but I think it's something we have to look at. I mean, Santos did a good job for us. It's fair to say we feel comfortable with Santos being one of the guys. We have to look at who that other guy is going to be."

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/mets/2009/11/12/2009-11-12_luis_castillo.html?r=sports%2Fbaseball%2Fmets#ixzz0WkD5PEQb

Because the Mets, having finished 70-92 this past season, draft seventh overall, their first-round pick is protected. So they would have to give up their second-round pick, and - should they sign additional Type A free agents - their third-round, fourth-round selection and so on.
It's a relevant issue for a club that has a farm system considered to be mediocre at best, and which needs to restock its inventory of young, talented players. The team that drafted seventh last year, the Braves, had the 56th overall selection in last year's second round, once the "sandwich-round picks" were picked between the first and second round. The Dodgers received that pick as compensation for Atlanta's signing of Derek Lowe, who is now on the trading block.


Winter Leagues:

Mayaguez 6, Arecibo 4
Johan Limonta (Mariners) cranked a two-run homer and an RBI single to lead the Indios to victory in the opener. Jesus Feliciano (Mets) scored twice and had an RBI and Jorge Padilla (Nationals) drove in two runs for the Lobos

Caribes 6, Magallanes 4
Jose Coronado (Mets) contributed three hits, an RBI and a run as Anzoategui topped the Navegantes. Andres Blanco (Cubs) hit a two-RBI double and a run-scoring single in the losing effort



And Luis Castillo? Luis Castillo??? You’ve got to be kidding. Do people–and supposed ‘fans’- really believe that Luis Castillo is what’s wrong with this team? We’ve had better. We’ve had worse. An upgrade at 2nd would be nice. But when I look at this team, I see many more pressing issues then getting rid of Luis Castillo. We have a huge hole at 1b. We don’t have any solid catching. Our bullpen needs some work and lets face facts: After Johan, our pitching stinks. Does anyone really believe that Mike (he has potential) Pelfrey, John ( 5 1/3 IP) Maine and Ollie (which Ollie will show up today) Perez really instill fear in Rollins, Utley and the rest of the National League Champions?


Mets Alumni:

Good Morning America scored the big “get” in the Steve Phillips saga by landing the first interview with “mistress” Brooke Hundley—an interview that wants to be sympathetic, but mostly focuses in on the pathetic.

Hundley went on TV this morning—you can watch the whole thing here—to defend herself against charges that she’s some kind of crazy lunatic, because she’s totally not. In a lengthy interview, filled with many softly lit questions, she claims that she was not stalking anyone and that Phillips was the one who threatened her, saying he could get her fired if she spilled the beans about their sexcapades. Hundley says that she never meant to hurt anyone, “I simply wanted somebody to get upset enough to have an impact, to get me out of this horrific situation.” A situation she helped create, but still ... not a picnic.

Hundley also says that she and Phillips have “resolved their issues,” but still hopes that he “would grow up and take responsibility for his own actions.” (That’s kind of how most Mets fans feel too.) But in an all-time “where do you get off?” moment, she sorta apologizes to Marni Phillips, but does so by saying that now that she’s been humiliated in public, Hundley “understands her pain.” You know, the pain caused by knowing another woman slept with your husband.



What exactly is a "Super 2?" Players with three years of major league service are eligible for a salary arbitration through six years of major league service when they are granted free agency if they have not agreed to a long-term deal. However, every year there are a number of players with less than three years, but more than two years of major league service who also quality for arbitration. These players are known as "Super 2s".

Under the 1990 labor agreement between owners and players, the top 17 percent of players (by service time) with at least two and less than three years of service time are eligible for arbitration - along with players with at least three years but less than six.



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