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Hot Stove Target – Update:

OF Matt Holliday: - Matt Holliday - Mets. The Mets could grab headlines by signing Holliday to a six or seven-year deal for more than $100MM. - http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2009/11/2010-top-50-free-agents.htm

OF Jason Bay: - Jason Bay - Red Sox. It's been rumored the Red Sox are willing to offer four years and $60MM to Bay. That seems to be a fair opening bid, given his defensive struggles. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2009/11/2010-top-50-free-agents.html

SP John Lackey - John Lackey - Yankees. Last winter's strategy of signing the best two starters and the best hitter available contributed to the Yankees' World Series title. With rotation question marks after C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett, it makes sense that the Yanks will pursue the best available starter in Lackey. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2009/11/2010-top-50-free-agents.html

SP Jason Marquis: - Word on the street is Marquis wants to be a Met but at what price? Marquis made a shade under $10 mil last season, so what would be his price 3yr/$36-$40 mil ? He is a workhorse and he has won 10 or more games the last 6 years with last year and 2004 as 15 game win seasons but is he a number 2 starter ? More of a 3 or 4 if you ask me – http://networkedblogs.com/p17122845

SP Randy Wolf: - The Mets' needs are so many that they cannot establish one course of action. Signing one or two of the primary free agents would make a difference. But if that can't be accomplished, what then? Some possibilities the Mets have discussed follow: Sign Wolf and package a starter on the Mets' roster -- not Johan Santana, of course -- to acquire a No. 2 starter or a slugging outfielder. – http://www.mlb.com/

OF Mike Cameron: -

2B – Orlando Hudson: - Hudson, who lost his second-base job with the Dodgers, is not likely to be pursued by too many clubs. – http://www.mlb.com/

1B - Troy Glaus: - The Mets' needs are so many that they cannot establish one course of action. Signing one or two of the primary free agents would make a difference. But if that can't be accomplished, what then? Some possibilities the Mets have discussed follow: Sign Glaus, a right-handed power hitter, to a conditional contract and have him available to share first base with Murphy and provide power off the bench. That would all but eliminate Delgado from the Mets' thoughts. But for now, the club is considering offering Delgado a conditional contract. – www.mlb.com

C Bengie Molina: -

C Rod Barajas: -

New York Mets

The Mets have dug up some team promotional films -- 16-mm yearbooks, 1962-88 -- and SNY has made half-hour shows from all of them. As period pieces, they're strictly Squaresville, so unsophisticated as to be queer. But that's what makes them fascinating. Produced as annual marketing films -- the earliest were sponsored by Rheingold beer -- they never have been on TV. SNY this offseason will air five -- in order, 1971, 1984, 1975, 1968 and 1963 -- starting this Thursday, at 7:30 p.m. Thursday's 1971 "Mets Yearbook" opens with Lindsey Nelson's narration and footage of Ralph Kiner in the batting cage with second-year Met Ken Singleton at Al Lang Field in Florida. -- NY Post

So let’s see how we can reconstruct the NY Mets to make them a contender in 2010. We all know wear the major work needs to be done starting pitching, left field, catcher, and fortifying the bullpen so today I want to look at candidates for the starting rotation.

As far as I’m concerned there are three spots open in the rotation. Johan Santana is of course the ace and with his pittance of a contract picked up Big Pelf gets a spot as well. So who gets the other three spots? John Maine and Ollie Perez are in the mix if both are still around as the rumblings are that Maine could be non-tendered and maybe Omar can get someone drunk at the winter meetings to take on OP but even with them still on the roster, I say the need to show that they belong. Both pitchers along with Big Pelf, Jon Niese , Fernando Nieve and Nelly Figs should fight for the 4 or 5 spot. Which means the Mets need to bring in two solid big league pitchers, so here are my candidates:

On Friday, veteran sports writer Marty Noble wrote a great column which was featured on mets.com. Noble reveals some of the buzz surrounding the Mets front office, including some potential strategies and even some of the specific players that they may be targeting this offseason.

The Mets have not said publicly which players most interest them, but people within the organization who are familiar with the club’s thinking have mentioned Holliday, Bay, Lackey, Marquis, Wolf, Cameron, Hudson, Glaus and two catchers who are eligible to file — Bengie Molina and Rod Barajas.

Alex Gonzalez was due to make $6M in 2010 if the Red Sox picked up their option, but they instead declined it and paid Gonzalez a $500K buyout. Known for his defense, Gonzalez made just one error in 44 games at shortstop, but also hit a respectable .284, an added bonus for Boston. Formerly thought of as the shortstop of the future in Boston, Jed Lowrie's injury has cast doubt on his ability to handle the role full time and adds the possibility that the Red Sox could look to retain Gonzalez at a lower price.

Similar to the Red Sox, the Phillies have declined a $5.5M option on third baseman Pedro Feliz, but may also look to bring him back for less money. Much like Gonzalez, Feliz also recieved a $500K buyout.

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