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Johan Santana:

The Astros left Koby Clemens and Drew Locke, among others, unprotected in the Rule 5 draft. That seems like a risk to me. Hopefully, Ed Wade is right when he says he put himself in the place of the other GMs and felt that they would not be players who could be kept on a ML roster for a full season. But the Astros reached that same conclusion regarding a young pitcher named Johan Santana and he was selected in the Rule 5 draft. I'm not saying that Clemens or Locke can become franchise type players, like Santana, but it does show that teams can miscalculate when it comes to protecting Rule 5 candidates.  -  Yardbarker

Jason Bay:

Jason Bay reportedly wants a five-year deal worth $17 million annually and supposedly declined a four-year, $60 million proposal on the table from the Red Sox. Now he's waiting to see what kind of dollars and years will be offered by such clubs as the New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals, Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and Seattle Mariners. - (and to think the Mets use to pay this kid a grand a month…)  Yahoo

Tim Redding:

With irrelevancy in New York staring them in the face, the Mets cannot afford to fill their starting pitching needs the way they did last year - with released retreads Livan Hernandez and Tim Redding. Indeed, when you look at the lineup of dreck that started at least one game for the Mets over the last three years - Brian Lawrence, Brandon Knight, Jorge Sosa, Pat Misch, Tony Armas, Jason Vargas, Claudio Vargas, Redding and Hernandez, to name just a few - those two seasons where they missed the postseason by one game and the three straight years watching the playoffs on TV loom even larger, don't they? -  NYDN

Gil Hodges:

First Base VIP will be named after Gil Hodges to honor the manager who led the Mets to their first World Championship in 1969. Third Base VIP will honor Seaver, the Hall of Fame pitcher and Mets leader in wins, earned run average and strikeouts. Left Field VIP will be named after Stengel, the first manager in Mets history. Gil was a first baseman. Casey's Stengelese seemed to come from out of left field. That leaves Seaver for third, and he did briefly lead the National League in triples early in the 1983 season. Whatever the alignment, it's a nice gesture. One hopes there is more. A statue of each man, visible to all — even those on the outside consigned to non-VIP entrances — would be most appropriate. - Faith & Fear

Oliver Perez:

Mack writes (via the wonderful Mack's Mets): Does Ollie really have to come back? Can't the Mets work out some kind of compensation deal with China and just add his cost to the debt already owed them? Call me a sucker for left-handers who can't find the plate (I happen to be one myself!), but I think Ollie might be decent next year. I am really happy about his voluntary off-season regimen at that performance institute in Arizona. If they think of him as an SP4 and act accordingly in the trade/free agent market, the Mets might be pleasantly surprised this year. Is it too late to non-tender John Maine, if the Mets sign, say, Lackey and Marquis? - Jack Flynn

Adam LaRoche:

.933 - That my fellow Met fans is Adam LaRoche's career August and September OPS. When it comes to post All-Star break numbers, you hear lots of talk about the Manny Ramirez's of the league, but Adam LaRoche has a career slugging % of .546, he's well known for tearing apart offenses in the second half and he may well be just the spark plug the Mets need in September to get over their late season hangups. - Global Met


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