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Russell Branyon:

The Mets have called to inquire on free agent Russell Branyan, tweets Yahoo's Tim Brown. Branyan was the subject of a November 2nd discussion post here at MLBTR, where it was noted that the first baseman was productive only for the season's first three months perhaps due to a back injury. At the time, interest in a Mariners reunion was mutual, with readers finding a $3-5MM base salary to be reasonable.- Mlb Trade Rumors

Michel Abreu:

Arecibo Lobos (6-2) - The big Cuban (6′3″, 245″), Michel Abreu, is leading the Lobos offense, hitting .357 with two homeruns and 10 RBIs. He has walked seven times against three strikeouts. He also has six doubles. The ten RBIs and six doubles lead the Puerto Rican League early in this season – (Abreu was released by the Mets during the 2009 season) - My World Of Baseball


The seats are green: I live in Chicago now and have been to my fair share of Cubs games, mostly when the Mets are in town. Guess what color the seats are inside Wrigley Field? Green. Citi Field is supposed to have a throwback feel to it. What better way to do that than make the seats green? Many old stadium had green seats. Fenway Park still has green seats. I shake my head when fans say they want the Mets to paint the seats blue. It’s not necessary. Painting the seats blue cancels out the retro atmosphere Citi Field presents to fans. If you want blue seats, wear blue Mets gear.- Mets Fans Forever

Roberto Alomar:

At one point he was a lock for the Hall of Fame. It was plausible that he was going to be the greatest second baseman of all-time. He hit .336 with 20 and 100 in the pre-steroids 2001. In 2002 he joins the Mets and .266 with 11 home runs. Robby fell so far he wound up on the Long Island Ducks - Mets Police

Jesus Feliciano:

Arecibo Lobos (6-2) - Jesus Feliciano (.324) and Jorge Padilla (.323) are tied for the league lead in runs scored with nine. Neither of them have stolen a base. - My World Of Baseball

Brad Holt:

It seemed like this was a no-brainer pick after his pro debut, but something went awry. The prediction that he'd make it to Double-A worked out, as he was promoted after a 3.12 ERA and .215 batting average against with St. Lucie. But with Binghamton, the right-hander went 3-6 with a 6.21 ERA and .270 BAA. An ankle injury slowed him down somewhat, but it's safe to think the Mets had higher hopes for their 2008 supplemental first-round pick in his first full season. - Jonathan Malo


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