My Own Mock Draft


Mack’s Own Mock Draft:

As you know, the monthly mock draft I list on my web site is a compilation of all the other mockers out there in web-land. My positional rankings have not included my own thoughts for the past two years I have done this; however, a bunch of you email me and ask me what I think.

One important twist.

This is a RHP talent dominated draft, which means there are only a few top bats available. So, in a strange twist, I expect the handful of every day prospects to go early in the first round because clubs know they will only get one shot at people like Colon, Brentz, etc.

So, the least I could do is put my own thoughts down, right?

Here’s where I stand before the high school/college season starts:

1. RHP Anthony Ranaudo – as many of you know, I’m big on college starters, and the best out there is Ranaudo.

2. SS Christian Colon – yes, he did break his leg a few months ago, but no every day player has the kind of ceiling Colon has and he’s a shortstop to boot.

3. LHP Chris Sale – Sale has come on strong in the “off” season and was voted the top prospect in this year’s Cape Cod League.

4. RHP - Jameson Taillon – my compilation mock has Taillon and Ranaudo neck and neck, but I place him a distant second to the LSU star. Still, he’s the top high school pitcher out there.

5. C – Bryce Harper - I haven’t totally signed off on this kid yet. I live in a small town and watch kids kill bad pitching all the time. Harper won’t prove anything to me playing in the dinky league he’s scheduled to play in this year either. Good player against shity competition, but not worth Strassburg money… yet.

6. RHP Karsten Whitson - a lot of people are jumping on the Whitson bandwagon this month, and so am I.

7. SS Manny Machado – another of those stock rising guys, Machado will easily go in the first 15 picks.

8. RHP Matt Harvey – a weak draft means lots of right hand pitchers taken early and Harvey will be one of the first ones grabbed.

9. LHP Drew Pomeranz – Pomeranz and Sale are the two top left hand pitchers is a draft with very few standouts.

10. OF Brian Brentz – again, I like seasoned college vets over high schoolers and the top outfielder in this draft, IMO, is Brentz.

11. RHP DeAndre Smelter – was a big hit in the AFLAC games which raises his value above many of the kids sitting at home this summer.

12. RHP A. J. Cole – could easily go in the top ten, but in my book, he’s resting at 11.

13. OF/2B Leon Washington – I like Brentz as the top outfielder, but Washington offers experience both in the outfield as well as second base. No one likes wasting a first round pick on a second baseman, but, in this case, you get a decent outfielder with pop as well.

14. RHP Brandon Workman – had a very successful stint in the AFLAC games and is very signeable.

15. RHP Stetson Allie – a fastball that hits 99, and a slider at 92, very few high school closers get picked this high… huge ceiling.

16. RHP Kyle Blair – has the best slider in the draft, and will be conversted to a specialist unless he ups the fastball this season.

17. SS Justin O’Connor – O’Connor’s stock has risen the past few months, especially since his fatball was clocked at 99. Not bad for a shortstop.

18. C Yasmani Grandal – someone has to be the 2nd catching prospect in the “Year Of Harper”, but Grandal can make his own headlines, thank you.

19. RHP Kevin Gausman – another tall (6-4) prep star that many have going straight into the pen when he becomes a pro.

20. RHP Deck McGuire – 2009’s ACC Pitcher of the Year should get lots of press and attention this season.

21. RHP Cameron Bedrosian – everyone loves the pedigree of this prep star… killer fastball.

22. 3B Nick Castellanos – the best of a weak crop of third basemen.

23. C Steven Sabol – Sabol is a 5-tooler prep kid who will be converted to the outfield as soon as he turns pro… a speedster…

24. LHP Sammy Solis – lost some time for a bulging disc, but I look for a big return this season.

25. SS Yorby Cabrera – many of us had him much higher six months ago, but he’s still a first rounder in a weak draft.

26. OF Austin Wilson – Wilson is the top high school outfielder.

27. LHP James Paxson – the last of the top LHPs in this draft.

28. RHP Alex Wimmers – another big school (Ohio State) weekend starter that many teams just love because of they’ve already survived the pressure of big crowds, tough press, and great competition.

29. 1B Kevin Keyes – Keyes would never be a first rounder, but he will move to first base from the outfield this season and his power will easily make him the top prospect at that position. That means more press and higher ranking.

30. SS Garin Cecchini – one of my wild cards, I project him out as a late first rounder. I also like his name.

31. RHP Seth Blair –

32. C Micah Gibbs -


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