Q&A - Josh Satin


I asked Josh Satin a few questions earlier this month. Satin passed the litmus test in Savannah in 2009 and is off to Lucy for the 2010 season:

Mack: So, what are you doing in the off-season?

Josh: I'm spending my off season training at this facility in Santa Barbara, California at a place called Peak Performance Plus, also known as P3.

It's a great group of 15 professional baseball players, half minor leaguers like myself, and half big leaguers. Everyone works on different things and they cater the workouts to what kind of player you are and what you need to work on.

Mack: What was your thoughts on the 2009 season?

Josh: I was pleased with my 2009 season for the most part, but there is plenty i would like to improve on and think i will improve on with the time i put in this off season.

Definitely more consistency offensively because when i was cold it lasted too long and there were too many at bats where I was too worried about my swing and didnt trust myself.

That will change this coming year. Also defensively, I was solid, but need work at second, turning the double play quicker.

Lastly, i will try to turn some of my doubles into home runs this coming year by increasing overall strength. even though i played at a large field in savannah, I think with increased strength i can hit for some more power.

Mack: And your plans for 2010?

Josh: Next year i just hope to stay healthy just as i did this year and be as consistent as possible in all facets of the game and help contribute to whatever team i play for.


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