So, Just Where The Heck is the Mets Salary right now?


Below, is a list of the current 40-man roster.

There are 8 firm inked contracts for the 2010 season. They are:

SP Mike Pelfrey $ 500,000

SP Oliver Perez $ 12,000,000 (yeah… I know…)

CL Francisco Rodriguez $ 11.500,000

SP - Johan Santana $ 21,000,000

2B - Luis Castillo $ 6,000,000

SS Jose Reyes $ 9,000,000

3B - David Wright $ 10,000,000

CF - Carlos Beltran $18,500,000

That totals $88,500,000.

The next list is what I project are players that will make it to opening day. Yes, there could be a trade, but I’m operation based on there being none. In my opinion, here are the guys that should remain on the 40-man, regardless where they are playing in April, and the approximate amount they will eventually sign for:

SP Lance Broadway Proj: $ 450,000 AAA

RP Jack Egbert Proj: $ 400,000 AAA

RP Pedro Feliciano Proj: $ 2,000,000

SP John Maine Proj: $ 2,900,000

RP Pat Misch Proj: $ 450,000

SP Jon Niese Proj: $ 450,000 AAA

SP Fernando Nieve Proj: $ 450,000 AAA

RP Bobby Parnell Proj: $ 450,000

RP Brian Stokes Proj: $ 450,000

RP Tobi Stoner Proj: $ 400,000

C Omir Santos Proj: $ 450,000

C Josh Thole Proj: $ 400,000 AAA

3B Shawn Bowman Proj $ 400,000 AAA

SS/2B Anderson Hernandez Prok: $ 450,000

1B Daniel Murphy Proj: $ 450,000

1B/OF Chris Carter Proj: $ 450,000

OF/1B/3B Nick Evans Proj. $ 450,000

RF Jeff Francoeur Proj. $ 3,700,000

LF Fernando Martinez Proj: $ 400,000 AAA

OF Angel Pagaan Proj. $ 650,000

That’s 20 projected players, totaling $15,300,000.

So, the way I look at it, the 2010 Mets current stand at:

28 players

7 of which will play AAA

$ 103,800,000

Leaving 4 openings for the 25-man at the following positions

Catcher – Starting Pitcher – Relief Pitcher – Option

Regarding Left field, if the Mets sign someone, Martinez will play 2010 at AAA, thus, there are still four openings on the 25-man.

Pitching consists of five starters and eight relievers, which could go to nine if you use the option here.

Who’s left on the 40-man?

Nelson Figueroa, Sean Green, Eddie Kunz, Arturo Lopez, Tim Redding, Andy Green, Jeremy Reed, Cory Sullivan

I guess either Green or Lopez could be the eight relief pitcher, but there’s no room for Figueroa Kunz, or Redding. Green, IMO, isn’t an option for any position, and I’ve already got six guys on the 25-man that can play in the outfield, and that’s before finding a stud left fielder.

So… that leaves three slots…catcher, SP, and option, plus a left field upgrade.

Mets want a budget of $135,000,000.

Can you do this with $31,200,000?

1. Your “option” is a utility player, or 9th RP, so that’s in the $500,000 range.

2. Benji Molina got 6.5mil in 2009… so, what’s take? 8mil?

3. Your’e down to 23.2mil for an SP2 and a stud LF upgrade.

You tell me…


GaryG said...

Mack, a SP2 only plays once every 5th day. a stud LF plays every day. So cost-benefit-wise, since they won't do both, we'll get the stud LF and use a SP5 to fill the SP2 role.

Mack Ade said...

And... once again the team will go into the season with pitching questions...

They really need the SP2 first IMO...

Anonymous said...

Why is there "no room"for Figueroa? Is it because, after taking Santana's spot in the rotation in mid-August, in his 8 starts, his ERA was 3.38? Is it because, taking away one bad start in 7 of the 8 games he had a 2.23 ERA? Is it because he was 2-6 but in his 6 losses, the Mets scored a total of 11 runs? Is it because Figueroa was the only Mets pitcher to throw a complete game shut out at Citi Field? Is it because of his age? I'm not comparing him to Petitte and Mariano, except in age: they're each older than Figueroa. Is it because Figgy can pitch, starting and in relief (short & long)? Why is there "no room" for Nelson Figueroa? Jeff Wilpon will not have to spend too much to sign him to a one year contract with, maybe, an option for 2011.

Teddy Dziuba said...

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that just being on the 40-man does not guarantee league minimum...guys like Bowman and Carter won't be making league minimum unless they make the opening day roster. I'd love to see Shawn up there but you would know better than I would who will break with the big league squad. Their is a small bonus involved with being on the 40-man, but its nowhere near league minimum

Mack Ade said...


Sorry to answer a question with a question, but why post anonymously?

Mack Ade said...


I thought that, but to be safe, I just used 400k as a figure.

So, there probably is around 2-3mil more th throw around, but not enoght for a stud LF and an SP2

Teddy Dziuba said...

I think I recall Joe Hietpas mentioning you get somewhere in the neighborhood of $15-$30K for your first year on the 40-man and double that the following year