The Keepers - #26 - 3B - Jefry Marte

26. Jefry Marte – 3B – A -

Marte was signed as an international free agent in 2007.

In late January 2007, Baseball America listed Marte as the 27th top Mets prospect, saying: “very raw but has big power potential”

In August 2008, ProjectProspect wrote: Overshadowed by organization-mate Wilmer Flores, Marte is another exciting teenage infielder the Mets are developing. Although he isn’t playing in the Appalachian League like Flores, what Marte is doing at such a young age in the GCL should not be overlooked. With a wOBA over .380, he's starting to build up his reputation. Marte has shown good power (.197 IsoP) while striking out in just 16.8% of his at-bats -- impressive for someone his age. Now 143 plate appearances into his pro career, Marte has shown just about everything you can ask for out of a 17-year-old third baseman, and he seems like a strong bet to succeed going forward.

In 2008, Marte played a full season with the GCL Mets, hitting .325/.398/.532/.930 in 154 at bats, which included 14 doubles 3 triples, 4 home runs, 24 RBIs (in 44 games), and 19 errors.
In September 2008, Baseball America listed the top 20 prospects coming out of the GCL league, and Marte was ranked 3rd.. He also won the Sterling Award as the the top Met player for the GCL team.

In September, Toby Hyde wrote: Marte has precocious and precious power for a 17-year old. In the games I saw him play, he showed bat speed, strength and some plate discipline. However, Marte was trying to pull nearly everything. Only when a pitcher got in on his hands and jammed him, did he send a ball (accidentally) to the right side. The Mets were pleased with Marte’s progress at third, although he remains very raw. He has enough arm for the position, but must learn to attack groundballs more aggressively. This, like hitting to the opposite field, will come with time and experience. Marte’s bat makes him one of the Mets better prospects. Projected 2009 Start: Marte will have an opportunity to win a 3B job at Savannah coming out of Spring Training

In March 2009, Rotoworld ranked the Mets Top 10 Prospect: While he was overshadowed by Flores, Marte was another big-time success story last season after being signed as a 16-year-old in 2007. He stood out in the GCL because of his ability to drive the ball the other way. It's likely that he'll keep hitting for strong averages all of the way up the ladder. His power will result in more doubles than homers, but he might have the bat to make it at first if his glove forces him off third. He's not going to be an option at the hot corner in New York anyway.

In March 2009: My World Of Baseball on: Jefry Marte 3B (Mets) - While Wilmer Flores may not be able to stay at short for the Mets, Jefry has the tools for third base. If Wilmer moves to third Jefry has the speed that he can play the outfield, though he may not develop the power to fit at a corner position and his speed is not adequate to cover center. His .325 average his indicative of what he should do, hit for high average with enough power to be a run producer at third base. What he has to be careful of is that he uses the whole field and doesn’t try to force power by pulling the ball, sacrificing his average but not hitting for enough power to make the balance worthwhile. Next year should be his first year in a full season league.

Forecast: Let’s face it, Marte has no future as a Mets’ third baseman, and the sooner they move him to either the outfield or first base, the sooner all of us will be able to start analyzing him at that position. Most minor league organizations don’t like to screw around with someone defensively before they get their act together offensively. Marte did neither in Savannah this year, so expect him back as a Sand Gnat, and still playing third base as a teenager.

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