Turkey Links: - Jeff & Fred, Eric Brown, Redding, and Jeff Kent


Tim Redding:

If he hasn't been non-tendered already, it can only be chalked up to Minaya's benevolence. At this point, why ruin Thanksgiving at the Redding home? - Jack Flynn

Jeff Kent.

I'm pulling out of field 6 at Jones Beach and I put on WFAN. The Mets have traded David Cone for Jeff Kent and Ryan Thompson. What??? Thompson was a turkey but didn't play enough to be an all-time turkey. Kent managed to win an MVP (elsewhere) and maybe even accumulate enough stats to make the Hall of Fame, but he'll always be hated around these parts. He didn't like us and we didn't like him. We won't see Jeff at too many Old Timer's Days not that we have those...I mean the team has only been around for 50 years. - Mets Police

Eric Brown:

RHP Eric Brown and C Ralph Henriquez were released a day before Thanksgiving.

Jeff Wilpon:

And so, Fred and Jeff, in the spirit of the holiday season, I send you the following Thanksgiving wishes: I hope you gag on your turkey, spill cranberry sauce on your suits, and get gravy stains on your ties. I hope your wine is corked, your mashed potatoes lumpy, and your pumpkin pie spoiled. I hope your staff quits at the last moment and spends the day peppering you with crank calls from “me, your old pal Bernie Madoff, don’t you remember?” Then I hope you get the runs afterward. The two of you deserve nothing less.-

Tobi Stoner:

Tobi Stoner is turning a bit human giving up three runs in two of his last three starts. At seven starts the Mets will probably soon bring him back home to rest for the regular season. His ERA is currently at 1.94 with a 4-1 record and a .205 opponent average. - MWOB

Jose Lima:

Jose Lima lost his fourth game giving up three runs and six hits in a little over four innings to raise his ERA to 6.07. He’s lost his last four starts to drop to 2-4 and has given up homeruns in his last three games - MWOB

Jenrry Mejia:

According to Baseball America, top five fastballs in the AFL: Stephen Strasburg 100.5... Sergio Santos 98.8... Jenrry Mejia 98.5... Tanner Scheppers 98.2... Phillippe Aumont 97.4 - BA


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