Q&A - C - Nefli Zapata


I corresponded with Nefli Zapata early this month.

Zapata was a 19th round draft pick is 2009, who was assigned to the GCL Mets. He started off the season like a house on fire, but quietly settled in to a decent first professional season: .261/.341/.370/.711 in 119 at bats.

Zapata is a catcher, but played the DH position for the majority of the season.

He just missed making my Top 100 Keepers list, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a further look in 2010. I hope the Mets let him play defensively so we can find out what the team has here.

Mack: So, what are you doing in the off-season?

Nefli: I’m in my winter assignment in the Dominican Republic participating in Intructional baseball untill November 20
Mack: What was your analysis of your 2009 season?

Nefli: My analysis of my 2009 season was average on everything. I finished strong on my throwing out percentage which was 45%. I planto keep working twice harder.

Mack: What are your hopes and desires for the 2010 season?

Nefli: My hopes and desires for my 2010 is to become stronger on my game ability, get mentally prepare, and have fun, while playing my game. It is a job but don’t take it to deeply and just let the flow go.

Mack: Lastly, anything you want to share with your fans out therin Met-land?

Nefli: I just want to thanks all my fans down in Boston and my family . Keep supporting us because we coming strong for this 2010 season. Thank you, Mack.


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