Top 131 Free Agents - Ranked


Here is the free-agent class of 2009-10, ranked from Nos. 1 to 131. The rankings are based on a number of variables, including each player’s history, age and potential, and are as much about predicted performance as market value, providing a general outline as free agency unfolds between now and spring training.


1. Matt Holliday, LF: So, which player is he: The Oakland disappointment or the St. Louis marvel? Here’s betting on the latter.

2. John Lackey, SP: The next time he yells “This is mine!” at someone, it’s going to be with a big smile and a contract approaching nine figures in his hands.

3. Jason Bay, LF: Tall order for agent Joe Urbon: procure a five-year contract for a defensively limited corner outfielder who turns 32 this year. Of course, the guy can hit, and not many in this class can say that.

4. Aroldis Chapman, SP: Based on potential for greatness, he’s No. 1. Based on potential for calamity, he’s No. 131. Lefties who throw 100 mph don’t grow on trees. In fact, they don’t grow but every 25 years or so, and here is this generation’s.

5. Chone Figgins, 3B: A Gold Glove-caliber third baseman with positional versatility, on-base acuity and true leadoff skills. Yes, please, say a dozen suitors.

6. Randy Wolf, SP: Not as talented as other starters in the class, Wolf has one advantage on them: He’s healthy.

7. Rich Harden SP: The most dominant pitcher in the class, in terms of stuff and disabled list stays. As formidable as the former is, the latter weighs heavier on his standing among teams.

8. Erik Bedard, SP: So, remember when Seattle gave up Adam Jones, Chris Tillman, George Sherrill and two others for him? There’s a word for that. Hahahahaha. And that is your No. 8-ranked free agent.

9. Andy Pettitte, SP: Can sail off into the sunset a champion or wait out the market to see if the Yankees whiff on other pitching possibilities and need him to stabilize their rotation again.

10. Adrian Beltre, 3B: He’ll be lucky to get half of the $64 million he pulled down the last time he hit free agency.



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