FLASH - Toronto Going After RA Dickey


Jim Duquette of MLB.com hears that the Blue Jays are one of the "serious suitors" for R.A. Dickey.
Duquette says that the Jays would send J.P. Arencibia and "others" to the Mets in the deal. Arencibia would make sense given that the Mets need catching help, but they would surely seek a better player as the headliner of a deal if they decide to trade Dickey. The Red Sox are also interested in the knuckleballer, and the Royals have been mentioned as a possible suitor.


Greg b said...

Mack . Do u know if the blue jays have another top hitting prospect because they traded an awful lot to Miami.

Anonymous said...

Of course the Jays and Red Sox would love to get RA Dickey. For the life of me I don't understand why the Mets would give him up for a few middle level players who won't make the Mets a contending team. Most "prospects' never become top rank players. Not to give Dickey a two year extension is based on lowering the budget even further, nothing more. Sell the team, Wilpons.

Anonymous said...

I disagree completely. With Dickey the Mets are still a fourth place team. The mets only strength is in their rotation and their hope is to trade him and get major upgrades in the outfield or catcher. This is only happening if the Mets receive a great offer; they've stated multiple times that they will simply resign Dickey if they don't receive a difference maker.

This is nesessary because the Wilpons have limited fund to improve the team through free agency yes, but this is not in any way a salary dump.

tony said...

No it does make sense to trade dick..ey .there planning on 2014 at that time dickey will be 39 .what's the chance his going to as good as his been. And the prospects there looking at are major league ready players and teams top prospects.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how low the budget is now? NY deserves ownership that can invest in a really good team. The Wilpons knowingly invested in a ponzi scheme. I have no sympathy for their alleged empty purse. Sell the freaking team to someone who will invest in it.

rivera said...

I agree the wilpons should sell the team. I feel the biggest mistake they do is they don't invest enough money in the minors. So now they have to sign free agents and most of them are busts.and that's why under there ownership there only good for a few years. Then there terrible for 5year periods. The braves for example have had a strong farm system. It keeps your major league always competitive.

Mack Ade said...


The key here is something Alderson said today... "it has to be for someone that is ready now.."

their next top hitting prospect is an 18 yr old outfielder, D.J. Davis... so that won't work.

Past that is 24-yr old OF Kevin Pillar who is all defense

Mack Ade said...


You have to get past all this sale talk.

The days of the Wilpons selling the team are past... just enjoy rooting for the team. I's getting better.

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