John Sickles - Top Prospects - Houston Astros


1) Carlos Correa, SS, Grade A-: I'm not worried about the blah performance in rookie ball and I felt he was the best overall position player in the draft. Should hit for power and average, should stick at shortstop (at least in the short and medium run), outstanding makeup, and one of the youngest guys in the class to boot. Getting him to sign below slot was a masterstroke that set up the rest of the draft.

2) Jonathan Singleton, 1B, Grade B+: Impressed with his power and patience, but his defense is deteriorating already and I see him as more of a masher than a complete hitter. Still an elite guy. I think Springer is a more complete player but Singleton is two years younger, which matters.

3) George Springer, OF, Grade B+: Strong, fast, hits for power, steals bases, strong glove, strong makeup. Still working on the strike zone and whiffs a lot, but I love him and I think he has a good chance to adapt. More complete package of tools/skills than Singleton, but two years older.

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