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Boston acquired pitcher Graham Godfrey from the Oakland Athletics to complete a Nov. 28 trade and assigned him to Pawtucket (IL).

Yankees avoided arbitration w/ OF Brett Gardner.

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                  Actually, at first glance, I thought the picture of Jordany Valdespin in a Marlins hat was Emilio Bonifacio. Valdespin should obviously be traded because he's not wearing a Met hat off the field, not because of his baseball skills.

                So now ‘Spin’ is tweeting pictures of himself in a Marlins cap. Figures. I stopped following him both on Twiiter and Facebook (he followed me too) a while back because I just got sick and tired of all the pictures of himself that he kept posting. This is one sick conceited dude. The Marlins hat is just another in a series of incidents that highlight the inability of him to adhere to any form of adult discipline. The dude is just a thug and a jerk (a herk?). Dump him.

Yes, it looks like the Mets have run out of outfielders… there’s Duda, Baxter, Nieuwenhuis, Valdespin, and Justin Turner (has played only eight games in the outfield). There are two other outfielders on the 40-man (Cesar Puello, Juan Lagares); however, Puello is coming off injuries and has lost at least a year in development time. I assume there will be other names on this list before the season ends, but we need to take a re-look at Lagares:

Lagares was a big-time international prospect out of the Dominican Republic. Scouts early made comparisons to Jose Reyes and said he was further on at 17 than when Reyes was the same age.

Lagares played two years as a shortstop in the Mets organization, but it was obvious that, if he wanted someday to make it Queens, it would have to be at a new position. Since then, he has played all three outfield positions (LF – 130, CF – 126, RF – 117) which makes him the perfect utility candidate.

The hitting just keeps getting better… 2010 Savannah: .300, 2011 St. Lucie: .338, 2011 B-Mets: .370, 2012 B-Mets: .283. It’s pretty decent when your ‘bad’ year is .289. He was also 9th in the Eastern League last season in stolen bases.

Mack’s Mets welcomes Rey Pierantoni as our lastest writer. Rey is an attorney,  once represented minor league (Mets) players, ran a Roto league for 10 years, played semipro ball, made SJU JV, and wrote Mets articles for NYFansOnly. As you have already seen, he has already posted his first post. Please welcome him aboard.

Ottawa Citizen - A Texas-based businessman, who was considered the front-runner to finance much of the purchase price of the Double-A Eastern League’s Binghamton Mets and provide a majority of the operating capital for the new Ottawa franchise, is believed to have pulled the plug within the last two weeks for undisclosed reasons. The Binghamton team, which has struggled near the bottom of the Eastern League in attendance, had already been earmarked as available for purchase, and the franchise was to relocate to Ottawa and become the Double-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays. It was slated to begin play in 2014 at the refurbished Ottawa Stadium.

                I don’t know what this keeps being written about. I thought this story died a slow death a couple of weeks ago. I’ve read a bunch on this and I do feel sorry for the Canadian fans who seem like a group that would support this team possibly better than the people of Binghamton. It’s no big secret that very few people attend B-Mets home games, but the location of the team works much better, especially if the Mets plan to pipeline their future prospects directly from the AA-level.


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