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OF Cesar Puello – 0-3, .214
P Armondo Rodriguez – 1.2-IP, 0-R, 2-K, 1-H, 1-BB, 1.64
RF Jordany Valdespin – 2-4, 1-R, 1-K,  .258
C Francisco Pena – 1-2, .258
RF Luis Rivera – 1-3, 1-R, HR, 1-RBI, .326
1B Oswaldo Navarro – 1-3, .186
C Juan Centeno – 1-5, 1-R, .302 (I’m telling ya… remember this name…)
SP Mark Cohoon – 5.0-IP, 1-ER, 2-K, 2-BB, 5-H, 4.07
P Randy Fontanez – 1.0-IP, 1-H, 0-R, 1-K, 5.23

Buster Olney ‏ - @Buster_ESPN - Mets view most likely Dickey trade suitors as TOR, KC, TEX. But after the prices paid out lately, his contract ask must seem more reasonable.

                Sandy Alderson knows what these teams want to trade for Dickey and he also knows what it will take to get this trade done. Frankly, if I was Alderson, I would put this aside for a week and try to accomplish some other goals. Everybody is sort of sick of all of this.

John Harper - NYDN  - There’s a chance the Mets can pry Mike Olt — a 24-year old slugging third baseman they think can play outfield — away from the Rangers if Texas loses out on free-agent pitcher Zack Greinke and trade target James Shields. Scouts say Olt has star potential as a 30-plus home run guy, and would be worth the wait.

                The only thing you’re going to find wrong with Olt is the fact that he has only played in the outfield for, like, eleven seconds. It doesn’t mean he can’t in the outfield, but Daniel Murphy proved every third baseman can’t. Love the bat, hate the uncertainty.

Blake Murphy - BTBS - “With all of that in mind, it’s tough to envision Arencibia ever becoming an everyday catcher, at least one not in the Olivo mold of "yeah but we COULD upgrade." I hope he does, because I'm a big fan of the guy, but the evidence isn't encouraging.”

               A very interesting article on a guy that just doesn't translate as a starter.

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