New Platform For Mack's Mets

Look, it's no big secret that Blogger is the pits when it comes to platforms. I can't get rid of all the spam, it slow as hell with Internet Explorer, and I'm unable to have a subscription section.

Do any of you have the talent and time to build and transfer this site to Word Press or something as friendly?

Can you set this up on site like Go Daddy and also program in a subscription section for homegrown content?

And, here's the tough question... can you do all this for free?

There's no rush. I had a great designer do this for me a few years ago but I decided to take the site down because it was on the platform (am I using the right word?) of the University he worked at and I was afraid that someday the school would remove it and I would lose all my content.

Can this whole process just be done on someplace like Go Daddy? Would Danika Patrick come to my house and show me how to do this?

This site has had its ups and downs and I have lost some great writers, administrators, and programmers...  but I'd like to think that I can learn from these mistakes and rebuild a mega-site all of us would be proud of.

Email me at:  macksmets@gmail.com if you'd like to help.


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